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    I should be wary of what that wicked fellow might be up to, coming here again, but I didn’t have the strength for that. Blinking my eyes and mouth, I observed him. The hazily visible man reached out his hand. His graceful fingers brushed over my head. It was a gentle yet willful gesture.

    “You seem to be in a lot of pain. Is it because of me?”

    The moment he mumbled to himself, my room door opened violently without a knock. It was a room with only a small bedside lamp lit, allowing the moonlight to pour in directly. As the door opened, the bright and warm lights from the corridor flooded into the room. Amidst the bright light, a pitch-black shadow settled.

    “Get away from him immediately.”

    Karhan’s warning message, fierce but with forcibly suppressed ferocity, rang out. The voice, containing something tightly restrained, informed me that he was extremely enraged.

    The platinum-haired man, who had been messing up my hair, turned his back to me and faced Karhan. Although I couldn’t properly examine his face due to the bright light reflecting from the corridor, I could somewhat imagine what kind of expression Karhan might have.

    Karhan, who had been standing at the boundary between the room and the corridor, took a step into the room. As the door closed, the light gradually narrowed, and with a click of the lock, darkness returned once more. Now, the only light sources in the room were the blue moonlight coming through the window and the bedside lamp.

    Despite the surrounding darkness, Karhan’s silver-gray eyes shone piercingly.

    “Hello. It’s our first time meeting in person.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, Karhan strode over with large steps. The sound of his footsteps was louder and more ferocious than usual. In just a few strides, he reached the bedside and immediately stretched out his hand, fiercely grabbing the man’s collar. The sound of taut threads being pulled taut and snapping could be heard.

    “Why are you here?”

    “Hmm? Ah, I came because I wanted to see this.”

    But could you let go of this? The man, who had been limply lowering his arm, raised it to grasp Karhan’s hand that was clutching his collar. Despite the sudden situation of having his collar grabbed, there was no displeasure in his voice. Always smiling, he seemed to find even this situation amusing.

    I held a tremendous grudge against that wretched man for referring to me as “this.” With eyes full of fighting spirit, I glared at the slick fingers stretched out in front of me. I should have bitten those fingers hard instead of grabbing his hair earlier.

    “Kar, cough!”

    I opened my mouth to call his name, but due to my parched throat, as if a drought had hit, the words remained incomplete. Upon hearing my hoarse voice, Karhan forcefully flung the man’s collar aside, pushing him away from me as if discarding a piece of luggage.

    As the man was shoved aside, I could finally see Karhan’s face clearly. His expression as he approached was one of furrowed brows, but rather than anger, it showed concern for me.

    “Where does it hurt?”

    With someone worrying about me like this, as the one in pain, I started bawling my eyes out. Wailing like a child, I blubbered incoherently. In response, Karhan, uncharacteristically flustered, reached out his hand and began hastily wiping away the tears streaming down my face.

    It had been a long time since someone had shown such concern for me when I was sick, easily triggering my tear glands.

    “I’ll call a physician, so don’t worry…”

    “A physician won’t be able to help, right?”

    In the meantime, the man who had been treated like air abruptly interjected. His voice carried a hint of a smug chuckle.

    “It’s the beginning of Athlena’s 3 Days. The reasons for falling ill during this time are extremely limited.”

    The man who had been pushed aside slowly approached me, and Karhan remained cautious of him.

    “You’ll have to seek somewhere else, not a physician.”

    He slowly raised his hand and placed it on Karhan’s shoulder, who had been blocking me. Lightly grasping it, he pressed down firmly with his thumb. Then, he pulled strongly, causing Karhan’s upper body to lean forward, bringing the distance between the two close enough to touch if they extended their lips.

    Oh. I’m dying from pain, but the atmosphere is getting weird.

    Groaning, I clenched my small hand into a tight fist. You can’t! Only Doel can! Unaware of my anxious heart, the man slightly tilted his head and pressed his lips to Karhan’s ear. What in the world is happening? My eyes, adapted to the darkness, began capturing their appearance in unnecessary detail. I felt the urge to cover my eyes with both hands.

    The man slightly parted his lips and whispered intimately in a voice audible only to Karhan. I couldn’t hear it as I lay on the bed with my senses dulled, already in a state of delirium. It must have been a short message, as he pulled away in less than a few seconds.

    As if he had finished saying his piece, the man loosened his grip on Karhan’s shoulder. Ignoring Karhan, who stood still, the man approached me. Then, with his signature gentle smile, he spoke to me.

    “My name is Asmil.”

    Even though I remained tight-lipped without responding, he continued speaking, unfazed.

    “The next time we meet, call me Asmil.”

    See you later. He waved his hand slightly and opened the window, jumping out. It seemed he had entered my room through that window as well. I wondered how he had managed to enter, as it was a room at a height impossible to enter with just his body. After Asmil’s exit, the room was filled with the sound of my heavy breathing.


    When I called out softly, Karhan, who had been glaring at the window with a somber face, turned to me. Then, he strode over, tightly wrapping my body in the blanket, and swiftly lifted me up. Suddenly finding myself in midair, I grabbed Karhan’s collar with both hands, seeking stability.

    “There’s a way, so endure it a little longer.”

    His face, looking down at me, was etched with deeper concern than before.


    “Master. Is it to your liking?”

    The pleasing, clean ivory-colored walls were adorned with luxurious golden patterns here and there. On one side of the wall, an arched window was draped with deep green curtains, captivating the eyes in a non-monotonous way. A mirror large enough to fully reflect the room’s appearance reflected the two people seated at the table.

    Asmil, who had been rolling the round fruit in front of him back and forth, cracked a small smile.

    “I like it. Both the Zoin clan and the Arma half-blood.”

    He plucked the fruit with his thumb and index finger and popped it into his mouth in one bite. Enjoying the popping sound, he chewed and swallowed, then took out a fist-sized fruit from the bowl and placed it on the table.

    Picking up the fork beside him, he stabbed the fruit and let go of his hand. After the fruit wobbled for a moment and stopped, he straightened his index finger and tapped the fork standing like a bobblehead. The fruit with the fork stuck in it repeatedly tilted to the side and returned to its original position.

    As Asmil played with one hand, he could feel the intense gaze directed at him. Without stopping the busy movement of his fingers, he spoke.

    “If you have something to say, say it, Asdion.”

    “…No, I don’t.”

    It was an answer with a long hesitation, enough to determine it was a lie. Chuckling lightly, he pulled the fork out of the fruit. Then, he stabbed it deeply again. Fruit juice dripped onto the floor.

    After repeating the same action a few times, Asmil narrowed his eyes and slightly tilted his head to the side, gazing at Asdion. His soft, platinum-blonde hair flowed to the side.

    “Do you want to do it today?”

    He asked while gently caressing the fork stuck in the fruit with his fingers. Asdion, seated across from him, remained silent with his back straight. Asmil, seeing his usual taciturn demeanor, slowly and slyly uncrossed his knees under the table and made contact with Asdion’s leg with his shoe-clad foot.

    Smiling with crescent-shaped eyes, he moved his foot. Asmil’s leg slowly and persistently climbed from Asdion’s ankle, past his calf, to his knee, and soon teased his thigh. The sound of fabric rustling as it moved filled the room where only the two of them were present, tickling their ears.

    Asdion’s shoulder twitched. Seeing that, Asmil mischievously curled the corners of his mouth and spoke.

    “I want to do it.”

    As soon as those words ended, Asdion, who had been enduring the temptation, stood up from his seat. He appeared slightly rushed and tense, but his tightly closed lips revealed his effort to maintain composure. His hand, clenched with immense force, had veins bulging prominently. He went in front of Asmil, knelt down, and slightly lowered his head, resting it on Asmil’s thigh.

    Smiling at Asdion, who had diligently come to sit between his legs, Asmil extended his hand and gently caressed his hair, as if rewarding an animal. The red hair flowed between his pale fingers. Slowly lowering the hand that had been freely stroking the hair, he caressed Asdion’s cheek and brushed his chin.

    Asdion’s yellow eyes, gazing at him, flickered with desire. Grasping a handful of long hair, Asmil tugged and pressed his lips against it. As if inhaling a fragrance, he took a deep breath and exhaled.

    Asmil placed his foot on the thigh of Asdion, who was kneeling between his legs. Even though he was wearing shoes, which might have been bothersome, his expression remained unchanged. Neither Asmil nor Asdion paid any attention to it. They only focused on this precarious atmosphere.

    He moved his foot, which had been stepping on Asdion’s thigh, to the center, dragging it slowly. Then, applying pressure with his toes, he rubbed up and down leisurely, and soon, a hard object, filled with heat, could be felt through the shoe’s sole.

    “If you’re tired, should we do it later?”

    “Whenever you desire, Master, it’s fine with me.”

    Answering thus, Asdion gazed at Asmil with sincere eyes devoid of falsehood. Satisfied with the sight of the large, well-built man devotedly serving beneath him, Asmil once again alluringly curved his eyes.

    Removing the foot that had been stimulating Asdion’s center, he straightened his knee and wrapped his leg around Asdion’s waist, pulling him forward. With his upper body fully drawn in, Asmil’s still relatively unchanged part was placed right in front of Asdion’s nose.

    Although contact was hindered by the trousers, Asdion didn’t mind and opened his mouth like a dog licking, exhaling hot breaths as he pressed his face against it. It was a clear movement intended to arouse excitement.

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