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    “Ah, ah, aah…”

    Together with Temeraire’s cock, Yuichiro felt Noah’s semen being pushed deep into him, making squelching sounds. As the tip of the sinking penis kissed his deepest end, a strong tremor resonated in his lower abdomen, like a mild electric current.

    “Tem… raire… there… stop…”

    Temeraire, who had grasped his sensitive spot, continued to relentlessly torturing his deepest parts. Afterward, Yuichiro sensed Temeraire’s glans pressing deeper against him while moving circular motion, which made it even more unbearable.

    “Aah, aaah!”

    Overwhelmed with excessive pleasure, Yuichiro’s innermost being was soon overwhelmed by a violent sensation, and flashes of light flickered inside his mind.

    Temeraire’s member rhythmically surged in and out within his body, caressing his engorged prostate with its voluminous head. The persistent stimulation of Yuichiro’s prostate by the pronounced ridge triggered an inevitable response. His previously dilated opening started to tighten further, gripping more firmly around Temeraire’s manhood.

    “Let’s make it more intense now,” a voice whispered in Yuichiro’s ear as his waist was firmly gripped from behind.

    Temeraire’s penis was withdrawn to its tip and forcefully thrust back in with a sharp sound, reaching all the way to the base. As a result of this impact, a forceful release of semen erupted from the tip of the penis once more.

    “Ah, aaah!”

    The relentless thrusting continues with wet, squelching sounds. With each impactful collision, Yuichiro’s deepest depths seemed to open up, as if attempting to draw in Temeraire’s tip.

    In response to Yuichiro’s internal response, almost pleading for release, Temeraire emitted a sweet sigh. “You’re tightening inside,” he whispered while gripping Yuichiro’s waist tightly from behind.

    Despite wanting to shout and say, “Don’t say things like that,” only sweet moans overflowed from his lips, “Ah, mmnh, mmngh…!”

    The combination of Shagrila’s fluid, Noah’s seminal fluid, and Temeraire’s pre-ejaculate produced wet, sticky noises as it mingled within the muddy cavity. Although his genitals were not erect, a sense of pleasure enveloped him, resulting in a significant release of seminal fluid from the tip.

    “Ah, Yuichiro, you’re leaking so much,” Noah said in a tone reminiscent of a child reporting to a teacher. His attention fixated on the point where Temeraire and Yuichiro were connected.

    Yuichiro, engulfed by an overwhelming sense of disgrace, could not bear the boy’s pleasure derived from witnessing his own indecent condition, leading tears of self-pity to fill his eyes.

    Seeing Yuichiro weeping uncontrollably, Noah’s smile deepened even further before saying, “I love Yuichiro when he’s crying.”

    These words sent a chilling sensation down Yuichiro’s back. Noah tenderly cupped Yuichiro’s face in his hands and reassured him, saying, “You have nothing to fear. I’ll be there to protect you.”

    Simultaneously, gentle kisses were placed on Yuichiro’s lips, followed by the intimate touch of Noah’s moist and lingering tongue.


    His tongue became entangled in slimy saliva of considerable thickness. Despite enduring Noah’s persistent kisses, Yuichiro suddenly felt his lower jaw being seized from behind. His face was forcibly turned to the side, and Temeraire’s thin lips forcefully met his own.

    “Ah, Temeraire, that’s not fair.”

    In response to Noah’s reproachful voice, Temeraire seemed to smile faintly. His overlapping lips trembled faintly with an obscene laughter.

    In an instant, Yuichiro experienced the delightful sensation of Temeraire’s tongue playfully caressing his own, resulting in an unexpected moan that escaped through his nose. Eventually, all of them had their tongues intertwined in a messy manner, accompanied by Noah’s lips pressing against the corner of his mouth.

    Three tongues of varying thickness and size tangled chaotically within each of their mouths, which were filled with saliva. The arousing sensation left Yuichiro feeling incredibly dizzy.

    As their lips were locked, the gentle thrusts gradually grew more intense. “Mmmnnh, ah, nngh!”

    The forceful assault on his innermost being left Yuichiro gasping for air. Every breath became a struggle as the two men passionately claimed his lips, denying him even a moment to inhale. Desperate for relief, he clutched onto Noah’s arms, silently pleading for assistance. In response, Noah broke their lip-lock, gracing him with a smile.

    “Focus on me,” Noah commanded.

    Those words instantly triggered a flood of memories from the day Yuichiro arrived in this unfamiliar realm. It was during that night, when he first entwined his body with Temeraire and Noah, that Noah uttered similar words to him.

    Despite the tears clouding his vision, he kept his gaze fixed on Noah, captivated by the mesmerizing depth of his beautiful blue eyes. In that very moment, a wet squelching sound resonated as Temeraire’s tip entered him, causing Yuichiro to cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

    “Ah, aaahhh!!!”

    A surge of electric shock coursed through Yuichiro’s entire being as Temeraire’s glans penetrated him deeply. He instantly realized that Temeraire’s seed was forcefully filling him, bringing a searing heat that spread throughout his innermost parts, released in a series of intense spurts akin to a pumping motion.

    Later, Yuichiro observed his own erect member, drenched and oozing, expelling a small amount of milky fluid. His ejaculation lacked vigor, as the semen sluggishly trailed down his shaft.

    Trembling with an intense climax pulsating within him, Yuichiro then witnessed Temeraire retracting his genitals. Physically drained of any strength, Yuichiro collapsed onto the bed, completely spent.

    Noah and Temeraire gazed down at the breathless Yuichiro, concerned. “Are you alright, Yuichiro?”

    ‘I couldn’t possibly be alright!,’ he wanted to scream in response, but he lacked both the energy and the strength to do so.

    Temeraire softly murmured, “Allow me to fetch some water for you. Please wait,” while delicately brushing aside the stray bangs on Yuichiro’s forehead. Subsequently, he made his way towards the table nestled in the room’s corner, appearing to retrieve a jug of water.

    As Yuichiro observed Temeraire’s movements solely with his eyes, Noah’s hand stealthily traveled towards his lower abdomen. It caressed that area, as if providing warmth to something destined to be born there, eliciting a shiver that traversed his skin.

    “I hope Yuichiro and I can have a child soon,” Noah expressed with hopeful words.

    Yuichiro’s gaze however, turned absentmindedly in response.

    Noah then continued, a tender smile gracing his face as he squinted his eyes. “Let’s decide on a name together once our child arrives, alright?”

    In a raspy voice, Yuichiro quietly muttered in response to Noah’s prematurely spoken words, “What a nonsense.”

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