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    After uttering those words with a contemptuous smirk, Yuichiro noticed Temeraire’s gradual approach. Soon after, the man in front of him delicately brushed his palm against his cheek, paying no mind to his defensive stance. The tender touch of Temeraire’s fingertips grazing against his cheek sent a tingling sensation down his earlobe.

    Frustrated by the tantalizing sensation, Yuichiro’s lips twitched, and Temeraire quietly murmured: “Did you know this? When (your) pleasure deepens, your earlobe turns shifts into a burning crimson, as if it’s on fire.”

    Yuichiro was utterly astonished, his mouth agape in disbelief. Instantly, his cheek flushed with warmth, as he instinctively brushed away Temeraire’s hand. However, Temeraire had firmly gripped his inner thigh. The sensation of the man’s fingers sinking into his inner thigh caused his throat to involuntarily tremble.

    “I know that you don’t mind being held and spread apart until your legs ache. Every time I grasp your inner thigh, your throat always trembles.”

    Yuichiro was fully aware of Temeraire’s declaration, and the embarrassment within him grew even stronger. The thought of his own lustful behavior being exposed was unbearable. Adding to that, Temeraire positioned one of his knees on the edge of the bed and pressed down on his lower abdomen with his palm.

    “You like being pressed down on while being deeply penetrated, don’t you? It’s because your sensitive spots here were being stimulated.”

    As if to remind him of their previous passionate moment, Temeraire forcefully pressed down on his lower abdomen. The oppressive feeling suddenly brought back memories of the previous nights. The pleasure of him engulfing Noah’s and Temeraire’s with his very being, that caused his entire field of vision to turn pure white.

    As soon as he remembered this, Yuichiro felt a throbbing deep in his lower abdomen. His exhaled breath trembled faintly, and the blood throughout his body heated up as if it had turned into boiling water. It felt as if an intense desire had overflowed from the depths of his being.

    Attempting to avert his gaze and conceal his moistened eyes, Yuichiro suddenly felt small hands grasping his cheeks. While maintaining their hold on his cheeks, this time, Noah whispered with a delighted voice. “You know, Yuichiro looks incredible cute when he’s embarrassed.”

    Despite wanting to retort angrily at Noah’s triumphant voice, Yuichiro’s words got stuck in his throat, refusing to come out. As he glared at Noah with frustration, he was suddenly embraced from behind. Temeraire, who had climbed onto the bed, held him tightly from behind.

    As for Noah, he stood in front of him, peering into his eyes while whispering in a coaxing manner, “Hey, Yuichiro. Can I have my reward?”

    The delivered whimsical words carried a significant weight. Surrounded by men who displayed beautiful and adorable smiles, Yuichiro’s mouth involuntarily twitched.

    Despite feeling dreadful, his body temperature continued to rise incessantly. The dissonance between his heart and body should have been unpleasant, yet the sensation was so pleasurable he couldn’t endure it. These conflicting feelings left his mind and body in disarray.

    “Haaa, ha, ah…!”

    As Temeraire’s fingertips made contact with his sensitive glans, a sweet moan escaped his lips. With each upward and downward movement of the hand gripping his penis, pre-cum oozed from the urethral opening, making a lewd squelching sound.

    “Has it been a while since you’ve experienced pleasure like this?” A voice mixed with laughter came from behind.

    Yuichiro twisted his neck to glare at the person behind him, and Temeraire, who was still tightly pressed against his back, deepened his smile.

    Yuichiro’s palm soon overlapped with Temeraire’s hand, which was gripping his penis. He could see his own pre-cum clinging thickly to Temeraire’s beautiful fingertips, causing his face to flush instantly.

    “Come on, move your hand properly.”

    As soon as those words were whispered in his ear, Temeraire firmly grasped Yuichiro’s hand and guided it up and down. Instantly, his erect penis, rock hard, was being rubbed by his own palm, causing his toes to curl.

    “Ahh, nngh… s-stop…!”

    Despite his voice trembling with pleasure, Yuichiro shook his head from side to side, and a voice tinged with exasperation reached his ears.

    “Because you said you didn’t want to do it alone, I am helping you, you see?”

    The deliberately polite tone coming from Temeraire was irritating. The man behind him was even more malicious than Yuichiro had imagined.

    In the end, after that, Yuichiro, who had refused to do it alone, was persuaded by both Temeraire and Noah in undressing one piece of his own clothing at a time.

    Of course, he resisted, but every time he did, Noah would give him a pouty expression, saying, “I managed to endure it even though I was embarrassed. Is Yuichiro breaking his promise?”

    Unable to escape the strange guilt, he couldn’t bring himself to resist anymore. As a result, he was the only one stripped naked and forced into masturbation by Temeraire’s hand.

    “Ah, ah…!”

    The frenulum and engorged veins on his penis were being stimulated, causing a tingling sensation to crawl up the back of his neck. In addition, Temeraire would occasionally and mischievously use his index finger to flick his glans, making it even more unbearable.

    “No, ahh…!”

    As his penis was rubbed and his sensitive glans teased, Yuichiro’s body jerked as if an electric current had passed through him. His entire body was flushed, and even his own legs on the bed were turning red, wrinkling the sheets.

    “Oh, Yuichiro, you’re so cute…”

    A dreamy voice reached his ears, and when he looked toward the direction of the voice, he could see Noah’s smiling face in the midst of his blurred vision.

    Noah, still dressed in a dress and wearing a wig, appeared just like a young girl. However, the crossdressing boy’s eyes contained an unmistakably feverish gaze as he stared at Yuichiro’s ugly state, oozing desire of a real man. In Yuichiro’s mind, Noah who looked like a beautiful girl, gave off a sense of immorality as if engaging in perverted play.

    “Shut up…!”

    Even though Yuichiro shouted in a hoarse voice, Noah didn’t avert his eyes from him. On the contrary, the boy grabbed his inner thighs and spread them apart, while murmuring something as he gazed at the gap between his buttocks.

    “Even this place is cute, twitching all that.”

    Upon hearing Noah’s delighted observation, Yuichiro felt pitiful and almost on the verge of tears. It was unbearable to have his own debauchery pointed out by a young boy.

    While staring at the twitching gap between the buttocks, Noah reached out his fingers. He spread the pre-cum that had dripped down along the scrotum and gently kneaded the edge of the opening.

    “Mmh, mmnnh…”

    Unconsciously, Yuichiro’s hips moved in response to the frustrating sensation. Seeing Yuichiro’s actions, both Noah and Temeraire chuckled together.

    “Since you can’t be satisfied with just the front anymore, shall we play with the back as well?”

    Upon hearing Temeraire’s voice, filled with amusement, anger momentarily heated up in Yuichiro’s head. “Tch… Don’t mess around.” Although he retorted intermittently, Yuichiro couldn’t outright deny Temeraire’s words.

    In reality, the feeling of his own penis being fondled felt pleasurable, but there was a strange sense of frustration. Something was missing, and Yuichiro’s anus throbbed as if it longed to be filled with a hot lump pushed deep into his abdomen. Clearly, it was the fault of the men in front of him.

    “It’s all your fault!”

    Yuichiro raised his voice as he scolded them, causing Noah and Temeraire to exchange glances before breaking into broad smiles.

    “Yes, it is. It’s our fault.”

    “That’s why we’ll take responsibility properly.”

    Yuichiro glared at the men, who spoke in unison, with teary eyes. However, the next moment, two fingers were suddenly thrust into his hole, causing him to let out a hiccup-like sound.

    “Ah, ahh!”

    Noah’s two fingers sank deeply into his abdomen. Despite being penetrated by two fingers at once, there was no pain; instead, his inner membrane squeezed tightly around Noah’s fingers, as if welcoming them.

    “Yuichiro’s insides are so hot.”

    With a sigh, Noah exhaled a heated breath and moved his two fingers back and forth. However, there was still a slight broken sensation, as if the mucous membrane was slightly spasming, seemingly lacking the right sliminess.

    “Noah-sama, here,” Temeraire handed a bottle containing Shagrila to Noah.

    Whether they brought it along on their journey or it was provided in this room, Yuichiro didn’t know, but either way, he found that the level of preparation by them was excessively astounding.

    Noah accepted the bottle and unhesitatingly poured the viscous, lukewarm liquid onto Yuichiro’s groin. As the thick, warm liquid trickled down his penis, a short gasp escaped Yuichiro’s lips.

    “It’s easier to rub when it’s wet, don’t you think?” Noah spoke, as if he had done something merciful.

    Before Yuichiro could retort to Noah’s triumphant voice, the Shagrila fruit was pushed into his body along with the boy’s finger.

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