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    Yuichiro looked away from the startled eyes and mumbled, “If I am such a pain in the ass, you might as well have gone to Aoi’s place.”

    As he said them, a wave of unfathomable guilt and loathing swept through him. He was mortified that he had tested Temeraire by making a remark that made him sound like a difficult woman.

    Témeraire froze and made no attempt to communicate. Nothing but silence could be heard. Yuichiro, unable to keep quiet any longer, spoke up. “If it were Aoi, she would not have hurt you or tortured you.” His throat churned in an uncomfortable manner, as if he had ingested something extremely sticky. “What was cast on you might have been a blessing rather than a curse if I hadn’t been the one—”

    “—Please look at me.”

    He was abruptly cut off by a very serious voice. He turned around to find Temeraire staring at him intently.

    “Do you really want to know how I feel?”

    His breath was temporarily halted by Temeraire’s inquiry. At the same time, a very slight twitch appeared at the corners of his mouth. Temeraire, however, maintained his expression.

    “That girl certainly did tell me to run away from the male goddess and become her servant instead.” Temeraire cast a somewhat chilly glance at Yuichiro. “She thought that I was beaten by you. She also said that if it was her, she would take good care of me. So, she urged me to choose her. Moreover, she seemed to like my face. She also told me that she fell in love with me at first sight and that she absolutely wanted to make me hers,” Temeraire snickered and went on, “I would have been seen as a mere ‘towering stick’[1] if she had been the goddess instead of you..”

    Hearing the sarcasm in his voice, Yuichiro was at a loss for words. Temeraire reached out with his other hand and gently patted Yuichiro on the cheek. A slight tremor ran through his body at the sensation of his palm lightly caressing his cheek.

    “I love you.”

    Yuichiro again found himself unable to breathe upon hearing these words. While forgetting to breathe, he gazed at Temeraire.

    “To think of you is a blessing, even if this is a curse. I am glad you are my goddess. I am glad to have met you.”

    The palm of Temeraire’s hand, which had been resting on his cheek, was now descending his neck.

    “You are my everything.”

    Yuichiro’s impulse to flee was sparked by the whispered words. As he tried to retreat, Temeraire grabbed his arms and held him in place. Temeraire sat on one knee on the bed, towering over him.

    Temeraire’s voice sounded like he was speaking to a child as he pleaded with him, “Don’t run away,” Hatred[2] that sounded almost vain emanated from within him. Temeraire, seeing Yuichiro’s stern expression, spoke softly, “You kept running away and have already come this far. Stop trying to escape.”

    The fear that Yuichiro felt at that instant was palpable. It was terrifying, like peering into the depths of his own heart where darkness lurked. His throat choked, unable to utter a single word.

    Temeraire’s eyes met Yuichiro’s with an agonizing expression. “I’m not asking you to love me. Please, let me love you. Just allow me to do just this.”

    Yuichiro felt a nebulous emotion rise up from the pit of his stomach at the sound of the pleading voice. He was not someone who deserved the affection of the handsome man standing before him. Rather, he was a crass, crude person who deserved to be treated with contempt. Yuichiro’s sarcastic laughter erupted as soon as he had this thought.

    Temeraire’s teary expression was prompted by Yuichiro’s outburst: “It is absurd to love someone who does not even love you.”

    “I agree,” Temeraire nodded and smiled as he gave his approval. In a slightly lowered voice, Temeraire continued, “Still, I cannot help but love you. A look of agony spread across his face.

    Something inside Yuichiro exploded when he saw Temeraire’s childlike, on-the-verge-of-crying expression, which was so out of place with his beautiful face. All of his thoughts, feelings, and emotions seemed to flood to the surface at once, as if a switch had been flipped. Unconsciously, Yuichiro’s arms wrapped around Temeraire’s neck, drawing the man closer. Temeraire’s eyes widened as he tenderly brushed his lips against his. Their lips touched in a kiss, and then, like in a child’s play, they gently parted.

    “You…” Temeraire’s lips emitted a shaky sound.

    But their lips touched again before the next words could be spoken. Yuichiro put his tongue in this time. He scraped the buildup of saliva from the underside of Temeraire’s lukewarm tongue with his tongue.

    “…Tongue..” Temeraire’s brows furrowed at Yuichiro’s pleading whispers in between their passionate kisses.

    Temeraire grabbed him by the shoulders and flung him down onto the bed in an instant. Just like that, Temeraire’s body extended on top of him. Soon after, passionate kissing broke out between the two of them.

    Temeraire’s tongue moved around inside his mouth, making gummy noises as it teased his own tongue. The flame of pleasure was kindled as their tongues rubbed together. Yuichiro opened his legs widely and rubbed his crotch against Temeraire’s stomach without realizing it. The shame he would previously feel for acting femininely had long since faded away. Right now, all he cared about was getting his hands on the man in front of him.

    Temeraire continued to kiss Yuichiro while wrapping both hands around his waist. He started rocking his hips back and forth against Yuichiro. A frustrated pleasure caused Yuichiro to let out a nasally voice as Temeraire’s crotch rubbed against him through their clothes.

    “Ha… ha… ha…”

    In the same way that he did when he accepted Temeraire, he opened both of his legs wide. While they were kissing, a string of ragged breaths came out of both of them. After a short while, Yuichiro felt a prickling sensation in his stomach.

    [I want it inside of me. I want my insides to be filled to the brim as soon as possible.]

    Yuichiro immediately placed his hand on Temeraire’s underwear. He then slipped his hand through the opening and grasped Temeraire’s penis directly. Temeraire’s manhood was already hard and erect. Intense satisfaction welled up in Yuichiro as he felt the hard, hot surface beneath his fingers.

    “It’s h-hard…” The void between his lips glowed with a smile.

    Temeraire’s lips closed over his so tightly that it seemed they would swallow his laughter whole. In exchange, Yuichiro enjoyed Temeraire’s passionate kisses while he touched Temeraire’s penis. As Temeraire’s cock began to overflow with pre-cum, obscene sounds of wetness began to reverberate from its tip. During their passionate embrace, Yuichiro could feel Temeraire’s breath becoming more and more ragged.

    Shortly after, Temeraire’s hands came around his ass. He felt Temeraire’s fingers over his cloth press into the tightness of his own as the man placed both hands on his hips. There were two index fingers spreading his hole left and right while they were digging inside him. Despite the fingers coming inside him through the fabric, Yuichiro’s hips almost bounce at the sensation of the fingers entering him through the fabric. Suddenly, Temeraire’s lips parted from him.

    Temeraire heaved a ragged sigh, his eyes shining like those of a wolf that had just been offered a gourmet feast. Yuichiro stared at Temeraire who was looking down at him with the savagery of a man, despite the latter’s usual air of sophistication as if lacking sexual desire. Currently, he could see the insatiably euphoric.gaze in Temeraire’s eyes.

    Temeraire forcefully pulled off Yuichiro’s hand, which was holding his penis, and removed Yuichiro’s underwear immediately and threw it under the bed. In a flash, a bottle of Shagrila was retrieved from the sideboard. The liquid was said to create a “temporary womb” in the body after being ingested. Temeraire poured the peach-colored liquid into his palm until it spilled, then he made a sudden, impulsive motion toward Yuichiro’s rear hole. His fingertips dug into Yuichiro’s flesh, making squelching noises.

    Yuichiro on the other hand felt the inside of his stomach squeezing, welcoming Temeraire’s fingers as they sank deeper inside him.

    “Ah… More…”

    Yuichiro’s hips writhed in apparent dissatisfaction; clearly wanting more.

    “Wait. Not yet.” The excited tone in Temeraire’s voice betrayed his impatience.

    Then, Temeraire’s second finger and the Shagrila fruit were pushed deep inside of him. The touch of Temeraire’s fingertips on his prostate gland caused him to bounce his hips wildly.

    “Ah, ah… That’s enough, do it already!”

    His body was begging for more. His own cock already hard and erect with precum overflowing from his tip that ran to his testicles, wetting them. Yuichiro then pushed down on Temeraire’s chest with both hands.

    [1] A living dildo for those who didn’t know.

    [2] Its not that Temeraire hates Yuichiro or anything, it’s just that he hated the fact Yuichiro seems to be always running from him, and not acknowledging his own feelings toward him.


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