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    When the prolonged climax finally ended, his head spun from oxygen deprivation. With the still slightly firm penis pulled from his lips, a shuddered exhale escaped his lips.

    “Did you swallow it?”

    He couldn’t reply to the inquiring voice. Pressing his cheek against the sheet, Yuichiro repeated shallow breaths.

    “Hey, that’s not fair. I haven’t even been swallowed properly yet.”

    Noah complained while pulling his penis out of Yuichiro’s insides with a dissatisfied expression. As the thick object slid out from within him, his hips collapsed onto the bed. He could feel the viscous, lukewarm liquid oozing out from his still partially open rear passage.

    “Ugh… your… yours… earlier… tease… I’m sure…”

    Due to his earlier moaning, his lower jaw was numb. Uttering incoherent words, Noah pouted in annoyance. His childlike expression of jealousy was cute, and Yuichiro wanted to be even more mischievous. He pressed his lips towards the still partially erect tip of Temeraire’s penis as if to show it off.

    “Wait, Yuichiro-sama…”

    Ignoring Temeraire’s surprised voice, he pressed his lips against the tip. It was still warm and wet. Covering the throbbing glans with his lips, he sucked with a squelching sound, and a small amount of thick semen that remained in the urethra flowed into his mouth. He stuck out his slightly white-tinted tongue while tasting the pungent and distinctive flavor.


    The moment he called out the name with his stained tongue, Temeraire’s cheeks flushed red. He was forcefully pushed onto his back. Without the opportunity to even voice a cry, his still relaxed rear passage was met with Temeraire’s semi-erect member.

    “Aah, aahh!”

    Temeraire’s cock went into him with a squelching sound. As the substantial member entered, the semen that had been poured in by Noah spilled out from his rear passage with a wet sound.

    “Ha, aahh…”

    He involuntarily let out a satisfied sound. Stretching out his arms and clinging to Temeraire’s back, the intense rhythm began.

    “Unn, aahh, nnaa, aah, Te-me-raire!!”

    Untangling the entwined tongues, their gaze shifted towards the lower half of their bodies. Temeraire, who had scooped up the semen splattered on the abdomen with his fingertips, was now pushing a second finger into the rear passage. As he inserted his finger, Yuichiro’s partially erect genitals grew harder and larger inside, an irresistible sensation. The semen from earlier, mixed with Noah’s, created a squelching sound resembling someone stomping on water-filled boots, resonating from within his body. With each thrust of Temeraire’s long member into the depths, Yuichiro felt the mucous membranes clamp tightly around it.

    “Say you like it.”

    Amidst his own moans, Temeraire’s pleading voice reached Yuichiro’s ears. Without much thought, his lips moved on their own.

    “Li-like… I… like, Te… meraire’s…!”

    As Temeraire scratched Yuichiro’s back with his fingertips, he responded in a daze. Suddenly, Temeraire’s lips pressed forcefully against his own. His tongue was captured powerfully, and the tip of his penis sunk deep as their tongues wrestled.

    “Guuh, uuugh…”

    The fear of being exposed deep inside made Yuichiro’s splayed toes twitch rapidly. Temeraire pulled back slightly, then thrust his hips forward, making the tip of his penis sink even more profound.

    “Ah, guh!”

    Amidst a terrible scream, a transparent liquid burst forth from his penis due to the impact.

    “Yuichiro, you’re leaking again.”

    Noah’s teasing laughter echoed. But there was no room to retort now. With each thrust from Temeraire, semen gushed from the tip of his penis like a broken fountain.

    “Ah, aaah, sto-op!”

    Desperate to halt the flowing liquid, Yuichiro extended both hands toward his lower abdomen. He grasped the base of his penis, but as Temeraire thrust in and out with a squelching sound, the tip spouted fluid like a broken fountain.

    “Ha, ha, just like a baby.”

    Whispering teasingly, Noah brought his lips to the corner of Yuichiro’s mouth. As he licked away the drool like a baby, Noah’s tongue slipped into his mouth. The sensation of his hot tongue exploring his mouth brought an oddly comforting sense of relief, allowing a sigh to escape.

    “Mmm, mmh, mmm…”

    While slowly licking back against Noah’s tongue, Yuichiro’s body trembled with pleasure from the thrusts deep into his abdomen. He no longer felt sensation in his lower half; there was only a burning heat.

    Grasping Yuichiro’s kneecaps and spreading them wide, Temeraire let out rough breaths. And then, as the tip of Temeraire’s penis thrust deeply within, a burst of heat erupted in his lower abdomen.

    “Ah, ah, aah, ahh…!”

    His mind blanked out, and a voice like that of a child who had made a mistake escaped his lips. Simultaneously, a viscous liquid spurted from the tip of his penis, which had been tightly gripped at the base.

    “It’s like a baby.”

    Whispering with a taunting tone, Noah brought his lips close to Yuichiro’s mouth. As he licked the corner of Yuichiro’s mouth, now drooling like a baby’s, Noah’s tongue slipped into his mouth. The sensation of his warm tongue exploring his mouth brought a strange sense of comfort, and Yuichiro released a relieved breath.

    “Mmm, mmh, mmm…”

    Responding with a slow and deliberate lick against Noah’s tongue, Yuichiro’s entire body quivered with pleasure from the thrusts deep inside him. He no longer felt any sensations in his lower half. Only a burning heat remained.

    Temeraire held onto Yuichiro’s kneecaps, keeping them spread wide, while he exhaled roughly. And as the tip of Temeraire’s penis thrust all the way in, a burst of heat exploded in his lower abdomen.

    “Ah, aaah, aaah…!”

    His mind went blank, and a voice like that of a child who had made a mistake escaped his lips. Simultaneously, a milky fluid spurted from the tip of his penis, which had been gripped tightly at the base. Though the force wasn’t great, the volume was substantial, and the opaque liquid was released in intermittent spurts from the tip, dirtying his navel. At the same time, his body arched, his spine contorted, and he experienced convulsions throughout. As if tightened from within, Temeraire moaned softly. After being thrust several times without restraint, he was finally released deep inside. The sensation of the hot substance spreading within him made his inner thighs quiver.

    “Ah, aah…”

    Temeraire moved his back up and down, exhaling heavily. The climax didn’t end quickly; he continued to feel spasms inside for a while. Finally, when the orgasm subsided, his penis was pulled out from his rear passage. Just as the sensation of it exiting his body made his skin tremble, a large amount of semen overflowed from the gaping opening.

    Lying on his back on the bed, still breathing heavily, Yuichiro saw Noah peering down at him.

    “Yuichiro, are you thirsty?”

    Unable to respond to the question, he nodded weakly. Instantly, Noah’s expression brightened.

    “Just wait a moment.”

    As Noah left with a careless gesture, throwing on his clothes and hurrying out of the room, Yuichiro absentmindedly gazed at his departing figure while thinking he looked pretty youthful.

    Finally calming his breathing, Temeraire wrapped his arms around Yuichiro’s back and helped him sit up. Without delay, Temeraire reached his hand towards the rear opening, which was overflowing with semen.

    “I’ll help you remove what’s inside.”

    “I’ll do it myself.”

    “Since we didn’t use Shagrila fruit today, we need to remove it quickly, or you’ll get stomach discomfort.”

    Listening to the instructive words, Yuichiro vaguely remembered something Temeraire had explained. He felt like Temeraire had mentioned that Shagrila’s components create a temporary womb inside the body, but his consciousness had almost faded after the intimate act, so he hardly remembered anything.

    Even though he half-glared at him, there was no sign that Temeraire was backing down.

    “Please lift your knees.”

    Without waiting for a response, a cloth was placed under Yuichiro’s buttocks. After pouting at Temeraire for a while, Yuichiro silently raised his knees. Temeraire inserted his finger into the rear passage and began removing the semen from within. The sensation of the warm, viscous liquid oozing out made Yuichiro’s spine quiver faintly. After mainly removing what was inside his abdomen, Temeraire carefully began wiping Yuichiro’s body with a wet towel.

    Once Yuichiro’s body was cleaned, Temeraire slowly opened the closed curtains. Suddenly, a bright light flooded into the room. Squinting as he blinked, Yuichiro saw Noah returning to the room. He was holding a tray with a large deep dish on it. Sitting on the bed, Noah lifted the deep dish from the tray that he had placed on the side table.

    “Yuichiro, here’s what I’ve promised.”

    Noah said something halting, like “Promise,” and offered the dish. The dish contained fluffy clusters of what looked like snow. On top, a pale syrup of beige and pink intermediate colors was drizzled.

    “You promised that we would eat snow syrup-covered together.”

    “It was quite a challenge to get it without melting,” Noah laughed. When Yuichiro saw the snow piled up in the transparent container, he felt warmth filling his chest.

    “Did you really prepare this?”

    “Well, if I break the promise, I’ll have to swallow a thousand needles, won’t I?”

    Noah’s playful words made a chuckle escape Yuichiro’s lips involuntarily. As he laughed, his throat trembled, and Noah scooped up some snow with a spoon and offered it to Yuichiro’s mouth.

    “Here, ahh.”

    It felt somewhat patronizing, like how one treats a child. However, strangely, Yuichiro didn’t feel upset. He obediently opened his mouth, and the spoon was gently inserted. The snow melted in his mouth, spreading the sweet and sour taste of the syrup.

    “It’s delicious.”

    Uttering those words softly, Yuichiro’s eyes sparkled, and Noah smiled happily, squinting his eyes. Scooping up another spoonful, he playfully tossed the snow into his mouth. With the spoon still in his mouth, Noah’s cheeks loosened into a grin.

    “It’s cold.”

    As he said that, he offered a spoonful of snow to Temeraire.

    “Here, Temeraire.”

    Temeraire blinked in black and white for a moment, then hesitantly took a bite of the snow on the spoon. Surprised by the cold, he blinked rapidly. However, his expression quickly melted into happiness.

    “It’s cold and delicious.”

    Whispering those soft words, a sense of happiness filled Yuichiro’s heart, making it beat happily.

    “One more.”

    When Yuichiro opened his mouth at the call, the spoon was offered to him as if feeding a baby bird. In the warm room illuminated by the sunlight, they took turns feeding each other the cold spoonfuls of snow, and Noah smiled ecstatically.

    “Should we let Ichiya have some later?”

    “That’s something for when he’s a little older.”

    Temeraire responded with a laugh. Noah and Temeraire exchanged glances and let out suppressed laughter. Listening to their laughter, Yuichiro suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to embrace the men before him.

    “Noah, Temeraire.”

    Upon hearing that call, the faces of Noah and Temeraire turned towards Yuichiro. Both of their faces held gentle smiles. As Yuichiro gazed at those faces, he felt overwhelmed.

    “I love you.”

    Noah and Temeraire opened their eyes slightly and then deepened their smiles. Their expressions were filled with happiness and joy.

    “Yeah, I know.”

    “But please say it another tens of thousands of times.”

    Laughter welled up in response to the playful answer. While laughing, Yuichiro pulled the two men closer with his arms. Suddenly, cold lips pressed against his left and right cheeks.


    The day of the coronation was blessed with magnificent clear weather. Looking up at the endless expanse of the white and silver sky.

    Tens of thousands of people could be seen below the castle walls. Everyone was cheering with excitement, celebrating the birth of the rightful king.


    Turning his gaze towards the calling voice, Noah stood there dressed in a lavish white suit. Behind him stood Temeraire, holding Ichya and smiling, and Keiland and Goet, along with other squad leaders, lined up nervously.

    Treading on the blue carpet, Noah approached with deliberate steps. The gentle breeze blew, causing the white and black capes to flutter silently. When he stopped before Yuichiro, Noah whispered with a prayerful tone.

    “My goddess.”

    At those words, a smile involuntarily appeared. Seeing Yuichiro’s wry smile, Noah chuckled lightly and shook his shoulders. Unlike the timid child he had been at first, he now had a confident expression beyond imagination.

    After intently looking up at Yuichiro, Noah kneeled quietly in that spot. With trembling hands, he held a crown over Yuichiro’s head. It was a heavy crown. Yet surely, the man before his eyes would not be crushed by its weight. He was worthy of this crown and more—a name to be remembered in history.

    With that thought, the trembling ceased. The crown was gently lowered onto Noah’s head. Immediately, the crowd that had fallen silent erupted into a loud cheer.

    “King Noah!”


    Voices rang out one after another. With the crown on Noah’s head, he looked up at Yuichiro and smiled. When he shifted his gaze, he saw Temeraire with tears in his eyes. Smiling all the while, he continued to gaze straight at Yuichiro.

    Standing up, Noah slowly extended his hand toward the city below. Simultaneously, thousands of golden ribbons flowed into the sky from the top of the castle. Caught by the wind, these ribbons of gold flew off, carrying prayers and wishes to honor those who had fallen in battle. It was as if they were being reborn in a new world as new souls. Watching the golden ribbons swim through the silver sky, he suddenly thought, “How beautiful.” Of course, there was ugliness, too. Still, in its immense beauty and loveliness, it was a world beyond compare.



    Voices from Noah and Temeraire could be heard. Turning his gaze, Yuichiro saw Ichya, who had caught one of the golden ribbons that fell from the sky, laughing cheerfully. Beside him, Noah and Temeraire smiled.

    Watching the golden ribbons fly towards the horizon, Yuichiro ran towards his family.

    He would live here forever. With his beloved family.

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