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    Several days have passed since I was invited to the castle. Lately, I’ve been wanting to take a bath more than anything else. I want to become a full-fledged adventurer soon, earn money, and build a house with a bath. Well, it’s still too early to think about the house, but I have to start making money on my own soon. Datz-san and the others say they don’t mind, but I feel bad staying here for free forever.

    So, after my daily training, I asked Guldo-san if there was any job to earn money. He asked me to organize the guild warehouse again. There appeared to be numerous warehouses in the basement of the adventurer’s guild that needed to be organized. When I asked why there were so many rooms, he explained that it was due to a rare magic known as “spatial magic.”

    However, because there were so many rooms available, guild members often neglected to organize the materials. It was no surprise that they couldn’t remember which materials were stored in which warehouse due to their actions of throwing the materials haphazardly into the rooms. That was apparently also the reason they occasionally asked novice adventurers to organize the warehouse.

    Guldo-san then discussed the reward after he had explained everything. “As I mentioned before, the standard payment for arranging a warehouse is around ten silver coins per room. Usually, ten people would do it, so each would get one silver coin. But if it’s you, Lark, you’ll be able to cash in big time.

    “Please allow me to do it!” I responded right away.

    Guldo-san chuckled in response, possibly because of the way I spoke. Then Guldo-san and I went to the guild master’s room and explained that we wanted to work to Fia-san. Fia-san allowed us to do so, but only on the condition that we limit ourselves to no more than three rooms per day.

    If I did too much alone, there would be no work for other novice adventurers. Naturally, I agreed not to cause any problems for the guild. After finishing my studies, I decided to organize the warehouse. Guldo-san spoke to me on the way to the cafeteria after leaving the guild master’s room.

    “By the way, Lark, your dagger skills have greatly improved recently. What is your current skill level?”

    “Oh, I haven’t checked my status in a while. Please wait a moment while I use my “Appraisal” skill to confirm it.”


    [Name] Lark

    [Age] 10

    [Race] Human

    [Gender] Male

    [Status] Healthy

    [Level] 1

    [SP] 0

    [Strength] 142 (+39)

    [Mana] 109

    [Dexterity] 124 (+24)

    [Agility] 100

    [Luck] 51

    [Skills] Cooking: 3, Useful Box: 1, Daily Life Magic: 1, Appraising Eye: 1, Short Sword Technique: 2, Mana Control: 1, Poison Resistance: 1, Mental Resistance: 3, Hunger Resistance: 1, Fire Magic: 2, Wind Magic: 1, Water Magic: 1, Earth Magic: 1, Light Magic: 1 , Dark Magic: 1, Thunder Magic: 1, Ice Magic: 1, Holy Magic: 1 , Null Magic: 1

    [Special Abilities] Enhanced Memory Capacity, World Language, EXP Amplification: 10x, God’s Veil

    [Blessings] Samadyla’s Protection, Magilt’s Protection

    [Title] The Reincarnated, The God’s Host, The Blessed, The Abandoned Child

    “Um… my Short Sword Technique” has been upgraded to level 2.”

    I had the impression that I was getting used to it recently, but that was only because my skill level had increased, right?

    “What happens when your level increases?”

    “The benefits are different, like making it easier to use weapons and making techniques stronger. By the way, the highest skill level is 5, but very few people ever reach that level.

    “I see… Does Guldo-san have any skills that have risen to the level of 5?”

    “Me? Yeah… Swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat are both at 5, but they’re now useless due to this leg…” Guldo-san looked downcast as he examined the prosthetic leg.

    ‘If I had chosen “an All Cure Healing Magic” as my first skill, I might have been able to heal Guldo-leg… san’s But with my current abilities, it’s impossible.’

    After saying goodbye to Guldo-san, I ate lunch in the cafeteria as usual, despite feeling a pang of sadness that I tried to hide behind a poker face before heading to Fia-san’s room.

    “Excuse me,” I said as I entered the room. Ars-san, in addition to Fia-san and Lala-san, was also present in the room.

    When Ars-san saw me, he smiled. “Lark-kun, long time no see.”

    “Ars-san, what brings you to the guild?”

    “You know, just hanging out. But, Lark-kun, could you please solve this problem for me?” Ars-san said this while handing me a piece of paper with an arithmetic word problem written on it.

    I placed the paper on the desk and gave it some thought. It had a slightly difficult element to it, but it wasn’t particularly difficult, so I quickly wrote down the answer and returned it to Ars-san.

    Ars-san took a look at the answer and slowly nodded. “… That’s correct. I have a favor to ask of you, Lark-kun. “Will you listen to me?”

    “A favor?”

    “You see, I believe you’ve recently met my daughter, Roselia, but could you be her tutor?”


    Ars-san, to my surprise, went into great detail about the situation. Besides Rio-kun, there were two other children at dinner when we stayed at the castle, one of whom was a girl named Roselia-san. Roselia-san had recently expressed concern about her studies, and it appeared that Ars-san had hired several tutors for her. However, because Roselia-san is shy around unfamiliar adults, she was unable to communicate effectively with them, and her results were disappointing. So, when Ars-san asked Fia-san for suggestions, it was suggested that I lend a hand.

    “As a result, I’d like Lark-kun to use the time he’s spent studying up to this point to tutor others. Lark-kun is the same age as Ria and would be a perfect fit,” Ars-san asked.

    I understood the situation, but ‘I am not in a position to teach others…,’ I thought and decided to refuse.

    “But I’m still learning from Fia-san, so it’s impossible,” I replied.

    Fia-san then shook her head. “…Lark-kun, actually, I have already taught you everything that is taught in the school,” she remarked.


    “Lark-kun has a good memory, and we have run out of teaching materials that we have prepared. I’ve recently been teaching you detailed historical stories that even the most knowledgeable elves are unaware of.”

    “Really?” Fia-words san’s surprised me. I had borrowed books from her to study on my own after class, but I didn’t realize how far I had come. “Oh, by the way, wasn’t I supposed to start studying magic first?” I wondered. “Why did I continue to study after I had learned everything?”

    “It was fun to teach you all kinds of things, Lark-kun, because you remembered everything so quickly. Sorry about that. “Let’s finish your studies today,” Fia-san joked.

    Fia-san’s reasoning was that she enjoyed teaching me new things because I picked them up so quickly. So, we had recently been studying thick history books, but it didn’t matter because it was fun anyway.

    “Lark-kun, after you finish teaching Roselia about magic, I will teach you,” Ars-san added to our conversation. “I can use many types of magic and after all, I am the guild master’s most illustrious pupil.”

    ‘That’s nice, but I was supposed to learn from Fia-san, but is this really okay?’

    “I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to teach you magic,” Fia-san apologized as she opened her mouth. “However, I believe this is good news for you, Lark-kun, who is currently looking for work. Being a royal family tutor pays more than organizing warehouses.”

    As I mumbled to Ars-san, “It certainly sounds attractive, but I’m worried if I’m really capable of being a tutor,” he paused for a moment of reflection before responding, “It’s understandable that Lark-kun is worried. Why not try it out for a month? Even if things don’t work out, I’ll pay you for the month.”

    “Oh, okay. I’m not sure if I can do it, but I’ll give it my all.”

    Ars-san smiled and said he’d tell me more later before departing with teleportation magic. I studied in the guild master’s room after Ars-san had left. I knew it was unnecessary, but I enjoyed learning new things, and it was a shame that this period was coming to an end.

    As I was about to leave, Fia-san pulled the thickest book I’d ever seen from the bookshelf and offered it to me. “This is a book that chronicles the Elf tribe’s history from ancient times to the present. It’s not something that many elves have, and it’s not always useful in everyday life, but would you like to have it?”

    “Of course, thank you.”

    I thanked her and placed the book in the “Useful Box” before exiting the guild master’s office.


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