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    “Ah, so am I an abandoned child? Like I was ultimately abandoned due to bad luck?” I proceeded reading the second letter, speculating. In the end, the god who had played pranks on me was said to have been eliminated by Samady-san. To compensate for the damage caused by the adverse consequences, additional abilities were given, but it was written that one of them was a bit problematic.

    “…Hm? What do you mean by problematic?” Feeling a sense of unease, I continued reading.

    In this world, there is a ceremony called the Appraisal Ceremony that everyone undergoes when they turn 10 years old to determine what skills or special abilities a child has. The reason why the ceremony isn’t performed at a younger age is because skills and special abilities in this world aren’t displayed in the status until one reaches 10 years old.

    Normally, every child should have two or three skills displayed in their status, but due to the effect of the “God’s Veil,” which hides your status, none of your skills were displayed, and were deemed as having no ability. This was the deciding factor that led to you being kicked out of your home.

    “No, being kicked out wasn’t just due to bad luck, it’s Samady-san’s fault!” I couldn’t help but interject into the letter. “Well, I don’t think it was intentional, but… it doesn’t quite add up…”

    I was exhausted from being surprised by everything. I had only wanted to confirm my own abilities… However, I still hadn’t fully grasped the current situation.

    “Oh, right. If I trace my memories from the past ten years since my reincarnation, I might be able to find some clues.”

    Thinking that way, I immediately closed my eyes and began to recall past events. After about ten minutes, I was able to remember almost everything, but as Samady had said, the memories that resurfaced were all unpleasant.

    “Mmm, I should have left it forgotten after all.”

    I recalled my father, who seemed disinterested in me, my stepmother, who didn’t bother to hide her disgust for me, my step-siblings, who looked at me like I was trash, and the maids who harassed me at every opportunity.

    The only one who had been kind to me was my biological mother, who died when I was still very young. I had been practically confined to my home from the time I learned to speak until I was ten years old.

    They were going to keep me at home if I had any rare ability that could be used during the appraisal ceremony, but as soon as they found out I was incompetent, they kicked me out of the house and even erased my name from their records. Until I regained my memories from my past life, I had thought of myself as useless, so I left without a word.

    After being expelled, I wandered aimlessly without anywhere to go. I only had the directions my real mother had taught me on how to get to the capital city, and while walking there, I collapsed from exhaustion.

    “I don’t remember that part very well. Maybe because I was too tired and was unstable both physically and mentally?”

    Nevertheless, I tried to remember the events that I faintly recalled. I remember a person suddenly appearing in a black coat and carrying me. I couldn’t make out his face because he was wearing a hood, but I was impressed by his silver hair… Oh, I also remembered him wearing a necklace with a silver plate on it. I tried to remember more about that person, but I couldn’t recall anything else.

    “Well, let’s put that aside for now. After I was rescued, I think I was put in a carriage.”

    Yup, the next thing I remembered was being in a carriage. It seemed to be heading towards the capital, and the driver said that the fare had already been paid by the silver-haired person. When we were stopped at a checkpoint in the capital, I was able to pass through by paying a toll with the money I had in a leather bag I had with me. I think the silver-haired person had given it to me.

    “And then when I tried to stay at an inn in the capital, I was turned away at the gate and had to find a place to camp out in the rain. I remember how I got here now, but I still can’t remember the face of the person who helped me… Oh, wait. I left the leather bag lying around.”

    I picked up the leather bag that I had been using as a pillow and checked its contents just to be sure. Inside the bag were three silver coins and ten copper coins. I remembered something from the past, but since I was never taught the value of money, I never knew how much they’re worth. When I paid the toll, the coachman did it for me. I took out all the money and turned the bag upside down to see if there was anything else inside. Then, a piece of paper fluttered down. I picked it up and there was something written on it.

    “Is this a letter? What is this…”

    —’Go to the Adventurer’s Guild and hand this paper to the receptionist with a scar on their face’—?

    This must be from the silver-haired person who helped me… Alright, I’ll go to this Adventurer’s Guild before the sun sets. I’m curious about this ‘adventurer’ thing anyway. I haven’t decided what to do in the future, so if my benefactor says to go, I should probably go.

    I put the letter and coins in a bag and stumbled out of the back alley. On the way, I asked an old lady who was shopping for directions to the Adventurer’s Guild, and she kindly showed me the way. Thanking the old lady, I walked along the road she had directed me to and found a slightly intimidating building. A sign hung on the wall of the building read,

    [Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters of Recommetys, Royal Capital of Kingdom Recommetys]

    “I think I’m in the right place. Alright, time to go in.” Taking a deep breath, I opened the door.

    Inside the guild, there were a lot of people bustling around. They all looked like they had stepped out of a fantasy, from people with swords at their hips to women wearing robes and large men carrying broadswords. As I looked closer, I noticed various races present, including elves and beastmen.

    As I searched for the reception counter, I saw a long line of adventurers standing at the counter. I guess that’s where I need to line up. Just as I was thinking this, I noticed a single spot that was conspicuously empty.

    When I approached out of curiosity, I saw an extremely scary-looking man with bright red hair sitting behind the reception counter. He had a deep vertical wrinkle between his eyebrows and was glaring forward with eyes that looked as if they were seeking revenge on his parents’ killer. It was frightening enough, but the terrible scar on his right eye made him even more fearsome. He was probably in his late 20s. There was no doubt that he was the person written on the paper.

    I walked towards the reception counter where the man with a scar on his face was sitting.

    “Excuse me, is this the reception?”

    When I spoke, the man looked very surprised for some reason. “Huh? Oh, yeah… but aren’t you afraid of me, kid?”

    Despite his scary appearance, the man’s voice was surprisingly gentle. “Well, honestly, I thought you were a little scary, but not enough to avoid you. More importantly, I wanted to give you a letter.”

    “A letter? What are you talking about?”

    I took out the letter from my leather bag and handed it to the man, who looked puzzled. After he opened and read the letter, he seemed to understand. “I see, it’s him…”


    “Never mind. Kid, what do you want? You’re not here to request something from me, are you?”

    Oh, I hadn’t thought about anything after giving him the letter. Hmm, I can use magic, so maybe I should become an adventurer.

    “Um, I want to become an adventurer… Is there an age limit or anything?”

    “There’s no particular limit, but there is a small test you have to take. And you need money to take the test. It’s one silver coin. Do you have it?”

    “Is this enough?”

    I took out a silver coin from my leather bag. The man took it and handed me a piece of paper from a drawer in the shelf behind the reception counter.

    “Kid, take this and come with me.”


    After taking the paper, the man got up and walked out of a door beside the reception counter. “Over here,” with those words, he strode forward, and I hurried to keep up with him from behind.

    As we descended the stairs behind the guild, a man turned around and spoke to me, “I’m Guldo. What’s your name?”

    As I tried to reply, I suddenly remembered that I had no name. What should I do? A fantasy name would be better than my real name… Ah, that’s right. In my past life, I often named the hero in games “Lark[1],” which was a play on my real name “Raku.” I quite liked it. That’ll do.

    “I’m Lark.”

    “Hmm, that’s a good name,” Guldo said before turning back and continuing on his way.


    [1] I’ve decided to not retain the name used in the manga. I just feel the name Lark makes more sense really.

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