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    “Mm, mm.”

    Cain’s lips were pressed against Rinda’s. They were licked and sucked repeatedly until Rinda’s lips felt swollen and his tongue tingled as if it were numb.

    “Don’t suck yet, … not yet.”

    “Nn, Cai—n.”

    Cain’s tongue, caressing Rinda’s upper jaw, was entwined with sticky vitality. Rinda couldn’t help but want to suck on it, but he managed to resist at the last moment.

    It felt like being told “Don’t lick” when presented with the finest honey. Rinda, panting heavily, fought desperately against his desire.

    “…Ff, ngh.”

    As his tongue was sucked, Rinda inadvertently wrapped his arms around Cain’s back. He then brought his hand up to the head, ran his fingers through the hair, messed it up, and exerted force as if to say, “Come to me”…


    Rinda somehow managed to lower his arms and grab his own hand.

    “Mm… You’ve become quite obedient.”

    Cain, who had released his mouth, laughed as he rubbed his wet lips with his thumb.

    “Before, you’d eagerly suck and cling on, not letting go.”

    “Haa…, Ha…”

    “Clinging on and saying ‘Don’t let go, give me more.’ It was cute.”

    With his head petted like a pet, Rinda breathed heavily with his hands on the bed. Then, he rubbed his knees together and somehow managed to shake his head, saying, “I, I won’t do it anymore.”

    To stabilize Rinda’s vitality, Fang and Cain had been alternately supplying him with vitality. This was because Rinda had fallen into a state of vitality depletion in just a few weeks, likely due to years of suppressing his succubus powers. The two of them, each taking turns (unknown to Rinda), had been inviting him to the bedroom every few days.

    The reason for the bedroom was that it was more convenient. After all, the most efficient way to ingest vitality is through mucous membranes or skin absorption. This means that contact with the mouth, genitals, etc., is necessary. It would be absolutely impossible to kiss or even touch skin in a place where anyone of the brothers might see.

    Moreover, when Rinda absorbs vitality, he is prone to “vitality intoxication”. He becomes like a person drunk on alcohol, and beyond that, he becomes a completely different person with a lascivious personality. Perhaps his true nature as a succubus would be revealed.

    After over half a year of regular vitality injections, Rinda was finally freed from intermittent “hunger”.

    “All right! I don’t need to get vitality from Nii-san and Cain anymore,” he rejoiced, but it was short-lived. Immediately, Fang and Cain calmly asserted, “That’s not possible.”

    What Rinda had been doing was merely relieving years of hunger, nothing more. In other words, yes, Rinda had only just reached the starting line. Fang taught him that further training would be necessary to manipulate magic as an incubus.

    Above all, Rinda, who had always been given vitality, now needed to “endure” it. This was to prevent the succubus power from running amok in the presence of vitality.

    Despite being half incubus, Rinda was still weak to vitality. If it was poured in front of him, he couldn’t help but be distracted. It was like having his favorite food placed in front of him. His mouth would water.

    Although Fang and Cain had been giving vitality to Rinda all along, now they were saying, “You must not absorb it.” It was training not to absorb vitality. The succubus inside Rinda would grumble, “Can’t you give me vitality without being mean?” But Rinda managed to silence it every time.

    ――Even now, Rinda was in the midst of training by Cain. While vitality was being directly injected into his soft mucous membranes, he was still being told not to absorb it. It was almost like torture, but Rinda had to endure it. Like a dog forced to wait for its food in front of it, Rinda’s nose snorted as he called out to Cain for salvation.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Cain, in a good mood, stroked Rinda’s hair. He was sitting cross-legged with Rinda facing him on his lap.

    Rinda pressed his thumb against Cain’s moist lips. When he pushed his finger down as if to lower his lower lip, Cain promptly opened his mouth. There was a sense of vitality dripping from the pointed tip of his tongue. Unconsciously, Rinda’s throat made a noise, and then he shook his hips.

    (That looks delicious. Delicious, indeed)

    Cain’s essence was so deliciously enticing. Rinda, with a wet breath, gazed at Cain with fervent eyes. His buttocks were itching uncontrollably.


    Whenever he transformed into his succubus form, his tail always seemed to demand attention, clamoring, “Let me out, let me out.” While struggling to restrain it, Rinda shook his head.

    “It’s okay. I’m fine.”

    “Oh, okay.”

    With those words, Cain rolled Rinda onto the bed. Sitting with his legs straddling Cain, they naturally parted as he rolled over. Seizing the opportunity, Cain slipped in and pressed against him. The bulge in Cain’s groin pushed against Rinda’s manhood through the fabric.

    “Don’t you want it? To become an incubus?”


    Rinda weakly pushed against Cain’s sturdy chest, but there was hardly any strength in his hands. As his legs relaxed from being spread apart, honey began to overflow. The succubus instinct whispered, urging for penetration, friction, and an infusion of essence.

    (I want to become an incubus. Spread my wings, unfurl my tail… Mix it all up until it’s messy, release it all. And then, and then…)

    Desire surged endlessly. Sensing this, Cain lifted Rinda’s legs, bending them upwards. With his buttocks now facing upward, Cain rubbed his member forcefully against the fabric.


    The friction against his hole through the clothes made Rinda widen his eyes. The honey leaked, sticking his underwear to his skin. Embarrassing sounds filled the air, and Rinda’s cheeks flushed hot.

    “…I-I’m not sucking your essence. I’m not even becoming an incubus. It’s… fine.”

    While contemplating that he would need to change his underwear later, Rinda averted his gaze from Cain, asserting himself. He had been enduring for over an hour without succumbing to the offered essence. Compared to when he first started this training, where he would immediately sprout horns, wings, and a tail and eagerly suck on Cain’s member, he had come a long way.

    “Yeah, you’ve become quite resilient,” Cain nodded with an exaggerated smile. When he wore this expression, he usually wasn’t up to anything good… Rinda’s thoughts went on alert. At that moment, Cain’s fingers extended towards Rinda’s crotch.

    “Even if I were to pour my essence into you…”

    Rinda gasped as Cain’s rough yet supple fingers stroked the fabric-covered flesh of his buttocks. Despite the wet sounds, Cain ignored them, pressing the edge of Rinda’s opening with his thumb.

    “You won’t suck it, won’t become an incubus, huh?”

    “Mm, no, Cain, stop…”

    As he started to protest, he realized his words were coming out too childishly, so he pursed his lips. For now, he wordlessly tapped Cain’s chest a few times before pouting, “I won’t.”

    Cain sighed, furrowing his brow. “That’s not incubus power?”

    “Huh? I-I’m not using it…”

    Before he could finish, his words were interrupted by Cain’s hand slipping in through the gap in his underwear.


    “Training’s over for today. Just release it once.”

    With a whisper in his ear reminding him of his limits, Rinda glanced around before nodding.

    “I’ll make sure to ‘put it in’ properly.”

    While it was forbidden to suck essence during training, once it was over, Cain would provide Rinda with as much essence as he desired. It was an utterly sweet and luxurious experience. Rinda couldn’t help but swallow audibly before shifting his hand from pushing against Cain’s chest to resting on his shoulder.

    Without realizing Cain’s glance as he saw Rinda subtly parting his legs, Rinda diverted his gaze downwards.

    “C-Cain… I… need you to release it.”

    If he didn’t ask directly, his mischievous brother might say, “Well, if you don’t mind, we can keep going?” Training wasn’t off the table, but today, with all the moving and the housewarming, he was exhausted. He couldn’t handle any more.

    “C-Cain… please.”

    Calling his name with a hint of urgency, Rinda saw Cain’s slight smile as he gently grasped Rinda’s manhood.

    “Leave it to me. I’ll take care of everything.”

    With a light kiss on his cheek, Cain lifted Rinda’s hips. Rinda lay back, legs spreading obediently, letting out a soft “Ah.” As he released his essence generously, he received even more essence in return. Finally, Rinda was liberated from his hunger.


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