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    Rinda was currently sitting on the bed in Cain’s room. The conversation had turned to where and how to provide Rinda with vital energy when Cain mentioned, “My bed is the biggest.”

    “What should I do, then?”

    Indeed, Cain’s bed was large, big enough for three adults to fit comfortably. However, Rinda wanted to ask why it was necessary to be on the bed. If it was just about giving vital energy, it would be fine even sitting on the sofa in the living room. Just touching hands and transferring the energy that way would suffice. But after Cain’s comment, even Fang agreed, saying, “That’s right,” leaving Rinda unable to voice his doubts. And so, he was lifted onto the bed, not knowing what to do next.

    “So, you just need to release your vital energy, right?”

    Cain’s words made Rinda realize. Yes, before receiving any vital energy, he had to release the accumulated energy from Ralyza.

    (Release… you mean)

    He would have to ejaculate. Facing the gaze of Cain in front of him and Fang sitting on the bed looking at him, Rinda’s face turned bright red.

    “Um, in that case… I’ll, I’ll just go to my room and do it.”

    As Rinda tried to slip past Cain and get off the bed, a smooth arm reached out and grabbed his waist.


    Of course, it was Fang. Rinda was rolled onto the bed.

    “It’s inefficient. It’s better to release and provide energy at the same time.”

    Fang said calmly, looking down at Rinda, who was flipping over and blinking in surprise.

    “Hurry up, or everyone will be back.”


    Rinda frantically looked for the clock in the room. The time shown on the wall clock was indeed nearing evening. If all the magical beasts had been driven away, the evacuees would start returning soon. Rinda groaned softly, rubbed his knees together, and then sat up, saying, “Okay, I understand.”

    “But, um… For now, I’ll do it myself a few times. Like, as practice. So, please, don’t look too much…”

    Rinda pleaded while looking down, avoiding the gaze of both Cain and Fang. After exchanging glances, Cain and Fang both agreed, “Alright,” and looked away.

    Rinda, confirming that they were looking elsewhere, slowly bent his knees. Then, after shedding the school uniform Cain had lent him, he peered down at his groin.

    “Hm…? What…?”

    He parted the hair at his groin, resembling women’s underwear, and touched the penis. However, Rinda was puzzled by the sensation and touched it again to be sure, realizing the truth and crying out in shock.

    “Wait, what? Why?”

    He hadn’t noticed when Ralyza had touched him earlier. He hadn’t touched himself, nor had he looked closely, so he hadn’t realized.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Startled, Rinda honestly responded to Fang’s inquiry.

    “My… my dick… it’s gotten smaller.”


    Cain, who had been facing the wall, bent forward as if to cough. Without the luxury to care about him, Rinda spread his legs even wider in panic, “Why? Why?” and peered down at his groin again. He knew his body was changing, but he never imagined that the male symbol, “his dick,” would shrink.

    “I’m going to look.”

    Fang confirmed calmly. Rinda, shocked, forgot his plea of “don’t look” and looked up at Fang with tearful eyes, his legs still spread.


    In a pose that seemed to flaunt his genitalia, parting the pubic hair with his fingers and spreading his legs, even Fang paused for a moment. And Cain, who had also turned back, froze like a stone upon seeing the sight, uttering only an “Oh…”

    “What should I do… This doesn’t feel like I’m a man anymore…”

    Hearing Rinda’s tearful voice, Fang shook his head slightly and climbed onto the bed, saying, “Show me.” He then parted Rinda’s hair firmly with both hands, exposing it.

    “Uh, uh…”

    Indeed, Rinda’s penis had shrunk to the size of a boy’s. However, the testicles below were of a considerable size and firm, indicating they were full. The small penis, in contrast to the relatively large testicles, made Rinda’s groin look oddly erotic and vulnerable.

    “Uh… what’s this… seriously sexy.”

    Cain’s unabashed comment as he peered at the groin made Rinda let out a sorrowful “eek.” Fang saw this and reprimanded Cain with a slightly stern voice, “Cain.”

    “Oops, sorry.”

    Rinda was utterly dejected. He had never imagined his penis could look so pitiful. Even with the transformation into a incubus, this was too much to bear.

    “It’s okay, Rinda.”

    Fang spoke gently to Rinda.

    “Even if you were an incubus, a succubus doesn’t need a penis. It probably shrank during the transformation into a demon. Once the transformation reverses, you should return to your usual form.”


    “Yes. So let’s quickly release all the demonic energy.”


    Rinda sniffled and then forced a smile. As Cain muttered “After all,” while gazing blankly at Rinda’s shy yet happy smile.

    “If you want to release it quickly, you should leave it to me… no, to us.”

    Fang didn’t say anything but didn’t deny Cain’s words either. He probably thought the same. Rinda opened and closed his mouth several times before slumping in resignation.

    “Okay, I understand.”

    As he said this, Rinda slowly closed his legs, trying not to look at Fang and Cain’s faces.

    “Help me… with the release.”

    Seeing Rinda’s tear-filled eyes, Fang and Cain quickly exchanged glances and silently nodded to each other.

    “Leave it to us.”

    “We’ll make sure every last drop is released.”

    As they spoke, Fang lifted Rinda up while Cain moved in front of him. Then, Fang forcefully spread Rinda’s thighs, with a smoothness as if they had rehearsed it.

    “What? What’s happening?”

    Rinda, with his face flushed, tried to close his legs, but Fang wouldn’t allow it. Cain reached into Rinda’s groin, placed his hand on the small penis, and made a ring with his thumb and index finger, rubbing it up and down a few times.


    The moment Cain stroked him, a tingling pleasure shot up Rinda’s back, making him involuntarily arch his back. Rinda’s body was easily supported by Fang, his head rubbing against his chest.

    “Whoa, what’s this? The power of an incubus?”

    Cain exclaimed excitedly. At his voice, Rinda, who had closed his eyes, squinted open. Then, he followed Cain’s gaze.

    “Uh, uhh… what?”

    With just a few strokes, Rinda’s groin was dripping wet. The childlike penis exposed its pink glans, coated in a volume of fluid as if he had ejaculated.

    “Pre-cum? But there’s too much of it, and it smells sweet, like honey…”

    Cain sniffed and leaned his face closer to Rinda’s groin. Rinda couldn’t discern the scent himself. He thought it might be a joke, but since Fang, who was holding him, also agreed with “Indeed,” it was probably just him who couldn’t tell.

    “Definitely an indescribable scent. It’s probably the power of an incubus, seducing males with even its scent to consume their vital energy.”

    Hearing this, Rinda blushed, realizing his body was currently seducing the two men in front of him.


    Cain responded as if impressed, then scooped up some of the fluid and licked it off his finger, as if to flaunt it to Rinda.

    “Stop it, will you?”

    Rinda tried to stop Cain in disbelief, but it was in vain as Fang turned his chin towards him. He lightly pressed his lips against hers, touching his with the tip of his tongue. Then, pulling away from Rinda, who had melted into a daze with a “Fang-nii…?” he began to kiss his earlobes and neck gently, as if to soothe him.

    “Ah… ah.”

    “Ah… Brother, this is bad.”

    Cain warned Fang, who had started to tease Rinda from behind.

    “Aphrodisiac effect. Seriously powerful.”

    Cain glanced at his own groin, which was impressively straining against the fabric of his holy knight uniform, rigid with arousal.

    “Ah… the saliva must be the same.”

    Just a brief kiss with Rinda seemed to have aroused Fang as well. After inserting his finger into Rinda’s panting mouth and stirring around, he pulled it out and spoke. The fluid that moistened Fang’s finger, though just saliva, exuded a strange allure that made one unable to resist licking it off.

    “Why… why am I feeling this way…?”

    Touched only slightly on his penis and kissed, Rinda felt his strength drain away and looked down at his body in wonder.

    “When Ralyza touched me earlier, I didn’t feel like this…”

    At those words, both Fang and Cain momentarily paused in their actions. Unaware, Rinda touched his penis with his fingertips. His tail, emerging from behind him, also caressed the penis as if to check.

    “Is it because of Brother and Cain? Is that why I’m feeling this way?”

    The tail rubbed up and down the penis as if flaunting, wetting itself with the pre-cum-like fluid and gradually making it glisten darkly.

    “Is it because it’s the two of you? Is that why I’m feeling so erotic?”

    Rinda began to lose track of what he was saying, words flowing out as if feverish. This was bad. The human Rinda tried to stop speaking, but the succubus within him resisted.

    “Ah, this is bad…”

    Rinda’s consciousness was tinting pink earlier than usual, a strange sensation of both separation and unity between mind and body.

    “Hey, I won’t say stop anymore.”

    Rinda caressed Cain’s cheek with his wet tail and wrapped his arms around Fang’s neck, arching his body into his embrace.

    “Get rid of Ralyza’s energy quickly, fill me up with nii-san and Cain’s energy…” (Of course, that’s a joke! Let’s all calm down for a moment!)

    Rinda proposed in vain inside his mind, but Fang and Cain couldn’t hear his thoughts. They exchanged glances with gleaming eyes and tightened their grip on Rinda.

    “You said it, right?”

    “Don’t expect us to stop halfway. Be prepared.”

    Fang shed his tattered holy knight jacket and tossed it under the bed. Cain, likely feeling tight in the front, discarded his holy knight trousers as well.

    “Even if I cry, scream, or faint from too much pleasure… don’t stop.” (Stop it! Definitely stop before fainting! …And, no, you two don’t need to strip!)

    Rinda screamed in fear, but only in his mind, as the two men showed a sudden surge of enthusiasm.


    Their voices calling his name, from both front and back, entangled Rinda. He helplessly accepted their embrace.

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