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    Cain hurriedly sat down to meet his gaze.

    “I’m okay. Just felt a bit weak at the knees…”

    Rinda forced a smile, and Cain gently stroked his head.

    “Man, what a mess.”

    Looking around the room at Cain’s remark, it was in complete disarray. The door was completely destroyed, and there were holes in the floor and walls. Parts of the room were also waterlogged and scorched.

    “What are we going to do with this room?”

    Rinda looked hopelessly from right to left. The room was a mess everywhere he looked. Finding an unscathed spot was more difficult. The small beds of Guile and Shan were completely destroyed, reduced to mere wood debris.

    “Guile! Shan!”

    Rinda remembered his brothers. They must be worried about his. he needed to pick them up and reassure them soon. Cain spoke to the pale Rinda.

    “Calm down, they’re safe. I’ve left them at the headquarters of the Holy Knights. There’s no safer place than that. I’ve asked that they can meet us once Philly’s mission is over.”

    “But, the magical beasts… Oh, right, the beasts?”

    Remembering the terrible situation that had befallen the town, Rinda panicked. The events that had occurred to him were so shocking that he had completely forgotten about the existence of the magical beasts. Fang was the one who answered Rinda’s words.

    “Don’t worry. By the time I arrived in town, all the magical beasts that had appeared were already driven off by the Holy Knights.”

    “And the damage?”

    The appearance of the magical beasts was Ralyza’s fault, aiming to capture Rinda, which made him feel unavoidably responsible.

    “No deaths. Only a few injuries, mostly knights and Holy Knights at that. The evacuation of the residents went smoothly, more so than expected, thanks to recent precautions against magical beasts.”

    “So, that’s… good.”

    Rinda slowly let out the breath he had been holding.

    “While there’s significant damage to buildings, in cases of magical beast attacks, the country sends mages to prioritize repairs. It won’t take long for recovery.”

    Rinda felt a deep sense of relief at Fang’s words. Then, a thought struck him.

    “This room wouldn’t be considered… damage from magical beasts, would it?”

    Technically, it was damage from a demon, which falls under magical beast attacks, but he had no idea how to explain that to anyone. It seemed they would have to deal with it themselves. Rinda looked around the devastated room again and let out a dry laugh.

    “Maybe it’s time for a rebuild.”

    To this, an unexpected response came. Rinda turned towards the speaker in surprise. Of course, it was Fang, the head of the household, who had suggested it.


    “Everyone is growing up. We’ll run out of room eventually.”

    “Eh, what?”

    “I’ve been thinking of coming back to this home eventually. So, why not rebuild it completely?”

    “Wait, wait.”

    “Brother, save that talk for later. Rinda’s head is about to explode from overload.”

    Rinda was dizzy with confusion at the unexpected discussion of altering the house. Watching him in pity, Cain offered a helping hand. Fang crossed his arms, pondering, then declared, “Let’s postpone this discussion.” He seemed to have no intention of abandoning the renovation.

    Rinda sighed, a different kind from the relief he had felt earlier, wondering what would become of their home and the residents of the Azrael household.

    “By the way, uh… what about that?”

    Cain awkwardly pointed to Rinda with his chin, then, as if to deflect, brought his hand to his head.

    “That… ah.”

    Rinda tilted his head, then remembered his current state of dress, flushing red. He was practically naked with just a jacket on. his tail seemed to be peeking out as if to say, “Is it okay now?” Rinda held it back with his hand, stammering, “Um…”

    “This is, you know… Cain, I, I, actually…”

    “Not really siblings, right?”

    “That’s right… And my mother is a demon, and… wait, what?”

    “Oh, so your mother was a succubus.”

    Cain nodded in understanding, causing Rinda to facepalm.

    “Wait, wait a minute! Why are you so calm about this?!”

    He wasn’t expecting him to cry out in disbelief, but his lack of reaction was unsettling. Surely, he was too quick to accept this.

    Even Fang seemed surprised and asked Cain, “Did you know?”

    Cain nodded simply.

    “Yeah, I knew we weren’t real siblings.”


    Rinda reeled back in shock, his tail springing up in surprise as well.

    “When did you know? And who told you? Not nii-san, right?”

    He pressed Cain for answers, leaning forward. It seemed unlikely that Fang had told him, so who did?

    “Dad told me. When was it, back in school… around eleven or twelve years old. I was the one who asked him if Rinda and I weren’t really twins.”

    “What! You figured it out yourself? Why, how?!”

    Rinda was incredulous, demanding to know how Cain had come to suspect their sibling relationship.

    In his shock, Rinda grabbed Cain’s shoulders and shook them. He had never doubted their sibling bond until now, yet Cain had realized something was amiss around the age of ten. Confused about how he came to such a conclusion, Rinda gave Cain a look of astonishment.

    “Why… I mean…”

    Cain cut off, looking at Rinda, then quickly averted his gaze.

    “It doesn’t matter. It was because we looked nothing alike.”

    Cain, with his cheeks slightly flushed, turned away, causing Rinda to pout.

    “What’s that supposed to mean… So, I was the only one in the dark about my own situation? Not knowing I wasn’t a real sibling?”

    Hearing Rinda’s words, Cain looked towards Fang.

    “Brother, did you know too? That we weren’t real siblings and that I’m a half-demon?”


    Fang answered Cain’s question briefly. Cain fell silent for a moment before muttering, “I see,” and said no more.

    “Aren’t you surprised about the half-demon part?”

    Rinda, puzzled by Cain’s lack of reaction, pressed him. But Cain responded with an indifferent look.

    “Didn’t you appear in my dream the other day?”


    At Cain’s words, Rinda made a strangled sound, frozen in place.


    Hearing Fang’s single muttered word, Rinda stiffened, too terrified to turn around.

    “It was definitely a weird dream. Even though it was just a dream, I sensed a distinct demonic presence. So, I started to wonder… if you might actually be a real incubus.”


    Rinda felt a pang of guilt at the confirmation of his fears, his reaction betraying his inner turmoil.

    The chilling aura exuded by Fang, different from the magical frost cast by Ralyza, brushed against Rinda’s skin with a deep coldness. Undoubtedly, Fang must have realized that the person Rinda had seen in his dream “that day” was Cain.

    “Well, that’s why I wasn’t so surprised.”

    Cain, seemingly oblivious to the gravity of the situation, casually remarked and comforted his tail, which had crept up to him as if frightened.


    At the sound of Fang’s voice, Rinda’s shoulders flinched. He turned around apprehensively to find Fang crossing his arms, looking down at him and Cain. his tail, previously cozying up to Cain, now prodded Fang as if seeking approval, causing Rinda almost to facepalm at its audacity.

    “Did you receive demonic energy?”

    “Ah, yes. That’s why I ended up like this.”

    Rinda pulled his tail back to his side while touching one of his horns with his free hand.

    “You’re quite the incubus now, more so than in the dream.”

    Cain, arms crossed, surveyed Rinda from head to toe.

    “Yeah. My body has changed too. And there’s hair.”

    Rinda slightly loosened Cain’s uniform, peeking inside. It was unclear whether to consider him nearly naked or just barely dressed.

    “Brother, can anything be done about this? I can’t meet Guile and Shan like this…”

    Rinda looked up at Fang, hands still on the floor. Despite the recent scare, he knew that when it came down to it, Fang, the knowledgeable eldest brother, was the most reliable.

    Fang gazed down at his, then closed his eyes as if deep in thought.

    “If you became like this by acquiring demonic energy, the fastest solution would be to expel it from your body.”

    “Expel it?”


    If his current form was due to Ralyza’s demonic energy, then losing it should revert him to normal. The logic seemed sound upon consideration.

    “However, if you expel all the demonic energy, you’ll be completely drained.”

    Fang’s words made Rinda blink rapidly, imagining a desiccated version of himself. Without the succubus’s source of power, the demonic energy, would he end up wilted like a dried twig?

    “That would be problematic.”

    “So, I’ll replenish the energy you lose.”

    “Oh, I see… wait, what?”

    Rinda was about to nod at Fang, but then he realized what he meant and choked on his words.

    “Is there a problem?”

    “No, it’s not that I’m dissatisfied, it’s just…”

    As a succubus or incubus, running out of demonic energy could lead to overwhelming hunger, or worse, death. While receiving energy was welcome, the situation was making Rinda sweat profusely as he glanced at Cain, who seemed annoyed by Fang’s suggestion.

    “What do you mean you’ll give him energy?”

    “Well, you know, I’m an incubus… well, half.”

    Rinda mumbled, and Cain responded with clear irritation.

    “You’re not suggesting you’ll do what we did in the dream, with Fang?”

    “Dream? Ah, no, that’s not what I—”

    Rinda recoiled at the mention of the dream, trying to calm Cain, who leaned in aggressively, by spreading his hands in a placating gesture.

    “I’ve always provided Rinda with energy directly through skin and mucous membranes. There’s never been an issue.”

    But then, from behind him, Fang dropped a bombshell that made Rinda lurch forward.

    “No! I mean, you can’t just take energy from anyone, right? So, with you, Fang, it’s like, you’re my brother, and you’re offering to—”

    “Since when have you been doing this? Don’t tell me since the day you came back in the morning…”

    “I’ve been providing energy since we were children.”

    “Wait! That’s true, but it’s not what you think!”

    Rinda tried to clarify, caught in a storm of misunderstandings and accusations.

    Rinda, caught between Fang’s nonchalant statements and Cain’s increasingly stern expression, couldn’t help but interject, feeling the absurdity of having to mediate between the two.

    “Why do I have to make excuses between you two!”

    Though he understood the unfairness of the situation, being caught between an increasingly irritable Fang and Cain made excuses slip out unintentionally.

    “Are you seriously doing that kind of energy exchange? Every time?”

    “No, no, no, we’ve never used… those parts, I mean…”

    “…And which parts would those be?”

    Fang’s icy voice descended upon him, causing Rinda’s tail to stand on end as if electrified.

    “Well, um… Wait a minute! Both of you, calm down, something’s off here!”

    “It’s not off.”

    “There’s nothing off.”

    Rinda’s attempt to calm the situation was met with simultaneous denials, making him shrink further.

    “So, Rinda has been receiving energy from you, Fang, all this time.”

    “I don’t remember anything from when we were little. It’s only since we became adults and found out I’m an incubus, recently… right?”

    Cain’s words made Rinda glance up at Fang, who nodded while keeping his arms crossed.

    “And now you’re going to replenish his energy again?”


    Rinda hesitated, glanced at Cain, then at Fang, and finally gave a small nod, his face turning increasingly red, lips pursed as if in shame. Cain, observing his expression, narrowed his eyes and murmured after a moment of silence.

    “…I’ll do it too.”

    Rinda’s head snapped up at this unexpected statement.

    “What? Wh-why?!”

    Flustered, Rinda received a matter-of-fact response from Cain.

    “If running out of energy is dangerous, then having more is better, right?”

    “Yeah, that makes sense, but I’m your brother…”

    “We’re not real siblings, right? And if we’re talking about that, Fang isn’t any different.”

    Rinda choked on his words at Cain’s response, turning desperately to Fang, who remained silent.

    “Right, Fang? You’re not going to say it should be ‘just you’ because we’re not lovers or anything, right?”

    Cain challenged Fang with a look. Fang sighed lightly and said, “It’s up to Rinda.”

    “I’m just offering my help.”


    When Rinda called out to Fang, Cain firmly grabbed his shoulder and turned his body towards him.

    “Rinda, I’ll give you energy too. As much as you need… okay?”

    Facing Cain’s intense gaze at such a close distance, Rinda felt overwhelmed by his determination and could only nod in agreement.

    “Okay… I guess?”

    Despite Rinda’s uncertain response, Cain seemed satisfied, lifting one side of his mouth in a half-smile. He pulled Rinda to his feet, and Fang also stood close by his side. Sandwiched between the two towering figures, Rinda twisted his neck in bewilderment.

    (How did it come to this?)

    Thus, Rinda found himself in the position of receiving “assistance” and “help” from Fang and Cain in order to revert to his human form.



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