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    Chapter 89***

    The finger that touched my lips moved to my eyelid. Slowly and gently, Felix touched the area where tears had fallen earlier.

    “Even so, why would you say something like that…!”

    “Ahh, Felix…!”

    With his other hand, Felix began hastily unbuttoning my shirt. One button was forcefully removed and flew onto the bed.

    At this point, I finally realized something was off with Felix, but it was probably too late. Grabbing my shoulders, he pushed me onto the bed and kissed me.


    His tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth, tracing my teeth and the underside of my jaw. Shivers ran down my spine.


    Along with the kiss, Felix’s hand started to undress me, touching my bare skin.

    The slightly cold fingers touched my sides and belly. I trembled slightly at the sensation of the cool air and cold fingers caressing my soft skin.

    Felix smirked a little at the corner of his lips.

    But he didn’t stop. Rather, the angle of his kiss deepened, and his roaming fingers moved upward. Because of the angle, Felix’s saliva followed his tongue into my mouth, mixing with mine and spilling out, dripping down onto the sheets.

    “Mmm, ah…!”

    Before I knew it, Felix’s fingertips had moved to my chest.

    He pinched the part that had started to stiffen from exposure to the air, kneading it gently with the pad of his fingers.

    I hastily turned my face away, forcibly ending our kiss.

    “Wha-! Felix, what are you touching…!”

    “Oh? You don’t dislike being touched here, do you?”

    Felix chuckled with a teasing smile.

    “Look, you seem so happy here, don’t you? Even Takumi can tell how hard you’ve become in my hand, right?”

    “F-Felix… ah!”

    My desperate protests were in vain as Felix didn’t stop playing with my nipples.

    Instead, he continued to squeeze my right nipple with his fingertip and used his nails to scratch the left one.

    “Ah, Felix… please stop…”

    “Fufu, Takumi, you make cute sounds when I caress you in different ways simultaneously.”

    Felix smiled happily, but I was far from okay.

    I hurriedly told Felix to stop with teary eyes, but for some reason, he swallowed his saliva and intensified his caresses.

    “Ah, Felix… I told you to stop there…”

    Without responding to my words, Felix’s tongue started to explore. It was just moments ago that he was teasing me with his supple fingers, and now his wet tongue was entwined around my left nipple.

    “T-Takumi… why there… ah!”

    “Of course, you’re cute when you get embarrassed. Besides…”

    Felix sat up, grinned mischievously, and inserted his legs between mine.

    Then, he pressed my crotch with his knees.


    “And you’re quite sensitive down here, aren’t you? To get hard just from playing with your chest, you really are like a girl.”

    “No, stop it, Felix…”

    Ignoring my protests and shaking my head, Felix’s smile grew deeper, and he pressed his knees against me even harder through my pants.

    “Ah, hiaah, ngh, ah…”

    At the same time, he continued to assault my erect nipples. He gently traced the areola with the pad of his finger, then used his fingertips to scratch it, and finally, he pinched it and pulled it up and down.

    Unintentionally, high-pitched moans escaped my lips. I had completely lost my strength due to the stimulation, and I couldn’t escape from the bed. Yet, Felix showed no mercy.

    Before I knew it, Felix had stripped off all my clothes. He had also discarded his cardigan and completely unbuttoned his shirt.

    As he threw his shirt onto the floor, Felix wore a dreamy smile and brought his face close to my chest again.

    “Ah, Felix…”

    With a sound, his red lips attached to my chest, leaving marks behind.

    But it didn’t stop at one kiss; Felix left several marks all over my body.

    On my chest, right above my heart. On my neck, just below the collarbone, on my navel, and on my sides.

    With each love bite left on me, my shoulders twitched with a tingling sensation.

    Seeing me like that, Felix narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

    “Takumi, you’ve always had a sensitive body since the first touch… But lately, it’s become even more sensitive,” he said with a chuckle.

    I turned my face away in embarrassment.

    Then, as if reprimanding me, Felix pushed up against my groin with his knee once again.

    “Ah, Felix…!” I exclaimed.

    However, ignoring my protests, Felix pressed his cheek against my chest again and took my stiff, red-nippled like a sharp gummy into his mouth.

    “I-it… Felix…!” I moaned.

    He sensually licked my hardened nipple with his entire tongue, gently pulling it with his teeth.

    At the same time, he continued to press my groin with his knee, causing my erect member to throb shamelessly and release transparent precum each time.

    “I can’t… Felix, I’m…” I started to say, tears forming at the corners of my eyes.

    But before I could ask him to stop, Felix bit down on my nipple with his front teeth.

    I couldn’t help but cry out as a rush of white fluid erupted from my throbbing manhood.

    Yet, I didn’t have time to be embarrassed about it. While my arousal continued to flow from me, Felix kept my nipple in his mouth, using his lips and teeth to continue teasing it.

    I was consumed by even greater pleasure, and sweet moans escaped from me continuously.

    “Felix…! I’m… I’m coming, so please let go…!” I pleaded.

    In the end, Felix didn’t release my nipple while I ejaculated. My rationality shattered, and I writhed in ecstasy, tears streaming down my face as I covered it with both arms. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Felix for a while, overwhelmed by shame.

    “…I’m sorry. I went too far again,” Felix said with a wry smile mixed with regret.

    I slowly lowered my arms that had been hiding my face. Felix looked down at me with a somewhat lonely expression.

    Oh, that’s not fair… I’m weak when Felix looks at me like that… I can’t get angry with that kind of expression…

    I knew it was just my imagination, but I could see golden retriever-like dog ears hanging down above Felix’s head…

    As I struggled to find words, Felix lowered his eyes sadly.

    “…I really do understand. No matter how much I pleasure your body or leave marks… or even if I buy a luxurious mansion and forcibly create a place for you… I can’t truly keep you tied to me.”


    So he really does… like Gazelle, he doesn’t want me to return to my original world.

    I had heard Gazelle’s thoughts clearly the last time, but I hadn’t had a chance to talk with Felix about it. So, I’m happy to hear Felix’s feelings.

    I was about to express my feelings, but before I could speak, Felix continued. 

    “Takumi, you must have realized the truth about the return ceremony, haven’t you? Commander Gazelle and I haven’t just neglected to investigate the return ceremony; we’ve deliberately kept information about it away from you.”

    Huh!!! Wait, what? Is that true?

    It’s the first time I’ve heard of this!

    “I had no idea at all. I’m quite surprised now.”

    Wait, really?

    So, Gazelle and Felix were concealing information about the return ritual from me because they didn’t want me to go back to my original world? Seriously?

    Come to think of it, Gazelle and Felix did say, “It might be difficult, but we’ll look into it,” and then they never mentioned anything about the investigation afterward.

    Objectively speaking, they may have seemed normal on the surface, but their reactions were quite passive, now that I think about it.

    Staring intently at Felix in disbelief at his unexpected words, he gave a bitter smile.

    “Hehe, you’re not very good at lying, are you? Takumi, you’ve never asked Gazelle, the commander, or me about the progress of the return ritual investigation, have you? You knew about us from the beginning, didn’t you?”

    Well, uh, I really didn’t know, and I genuinely didn’t notice…

    I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that there was no follow-up to the conversation, thinking, “Gazelle and Felix must be busy.” What did he interpret my awkward silence as? Felix lifted me up, embracing my upper body and holding me tightly with both arms behind my back.


    “Please, stay by my side in this world, Takumi.”


    “I understand that your choice means taking away your homeland and family from you forever. However, I don’t want to lose you. I want to live with you…”

    Felix’s voice trembled.

    In his clinging, painful voice, I looked up at Felix in astonishment. Our eyes met, filled with a poignant light. For a moment, I thought Felix was crying, but there were no tears. However, his expression seemed on the verge of tears.

    “If there is anything that would hurt you, I will keep it all away from you. If there is anything you desire, I will give it to you. So please, I beg you… What should I do?”

    Felix’s arms holding me grew stronger.

    Lost in thought, I couldn’t decide how to respond to the strength of his arms and Felix’s pitiful voice.


    I recalled Gazelle’s words from the other day.

    And I pondered the meaning of the words Felix had just spoken.

    It seems that all this time, Gazelle and Felix wanted me to stay in this world more than I had thought. Enough to lie to me about it.

    …Is it okay for me to stay?

    I suddenly found myself living in this world one day. I had thought there was no way to return to my original world, so I hadn’t harbored such a hope.

    However, because the Demon King transferred his magical power to me, the hope of returning to the original world arose, as long as I could arrange the return ritual.

    Yet, despite having such hope, the desire to return to the original world never once welled up within me. I’ve vaguely thought that I should return to the original world, but it was more like a duty without a true heartfelt wish.



    “…If I were to decide to stay in this world… no matter what happens, will you stay with me forever?”

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