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    Hello, everyone.

    It’s Elric.

    Grand Mage, age unknown since surpassing 200, the magnificent me who can manipulate karma has transmigrated into the novel <Your Hero is Here>.

    The body I’ve transmigrated into belongs to a guy named Yoo Hwa-shin, who I didn’t even know the name of before. He’s a newbie civil servant who’s been at his job for a month, and he’s even a lowly E-rank hero, so he’s just been processing documents at the Association.

    That’s right. I’m currently playing hooky and scribbling this down in Word.

    You’re probably surprised by how well I’m adapting, but when you’ve lived for over 200 years and been through all sorts of things, you just come to accept it all. (If you wanna pick a fight, try living 200 years first^^). Plus, with Hwa-shin’s memories flowing into me, it was easy to adapt to the culture and environment here. Of course, some things are still confusing, but I’ll gradually get used to it.

    How did I end up transmigrating into a novel, you ask?

    When a dragon of dimensions dies, it returns to another dimension. It seems like Dragon sent me to this world then.

    It’s not that I dislike the transmigration Dragon arranged for me. I was bored of living so long anyway, so I didn’t have any lingering attachments to that world. To put it in this world’s terms, I’m quite happy to be here where my ‘most beloved’ lives. I get to see Cha Jaeha in person, and Cha Jaeha’s colleagues too.

    ……Well, it would be nice if it was all good things like that, but the problem is that this world is destined to be destroyed in the end. On top of that, my most beloved, Cha Jaeha, dies in order to prevent that destruction.

    He dies.

    Does he really die?

    Yep, he really dies.

    <Your Hero is Here> is the kind of hero novel where the protagonist Cha Jaeha dies, his colleagues die, and the world is destroyed.

    So now that I’ve even transmigrated, I’m going to stick by my most beloved’s side and try to prevent the death of my baby. If my most beloved dies, there’s no meaning in this world existing. Well, I suppose there might be. But it’s still better to live together with my most beloved, right?

    Anyway, to do that, I need to join the SH1 Unit that the protagonist will enter. There are things I need to do once I get in there too. At the very least, it seems like it’ll be more fun than the civil service department here.


    Through Hwa-shin’s memories, Elric was able to quickly learn about the Republic of Korea, the world he had transmigrated into.

    After a hectic week of working, what he realized was:

    ‘Being an office worker is more boring than being a mage.’

    Yawning as he scribbled down the story so far in Word, a man spoke from over Hwa-shin’s shoulder.

    “Mr. Hwa-shin, shall we go have lunch now?”

    “Ah, yes, Section Chief.”

    Hwa-shin followed his senior to the cafeteria. The ‘Gate Safety Management Department’, commonly known as the Hero Association, that had been established about 5 years ago was using a newly constructed glass-walled building separately. Although it was a government agency, due to the nature of gates, it was convenient in many ways for it to be located in the middle of the city.

    The place Hwa-shin was assigned to was the lowest of the low, the Civil Service Department. It seemed Hwa-shin originally wanted to enter the Hero Management Department, not the Civil Service Department, but there was no way an E-rank would be able to join the Management Department.

    In the first place, Yoo Hwa-shin was an extra who was supposed to die in the tragic incident he experienced a week ago. And the accident he went through was the ‘Hongdae Gate Incident’ that would serve as the catalyst for creating the SH (Special Hero) Unit that the protagonist would join.

    “Whoa, but I’m glad Mr. Hwa-shin seems to be doing better than I thought.”

    Hwa-shin’s senior playfully poked his arm.

    “I heard monsters poured out in droves from the gate. The gate tracking system is new, so they said they’re just starting to set the coordinates. It’s been ages since a gate emerged in the city too. A ton of civilians got caught up in it, and it was on the news all day long, an absolute mess, right?”

    “Haha, that’s right. I was super startled too. I really thought I was going to die.”

    Thought he was going to die? He really did die.

    Hwa-shin deliberately grabbed his neck and pretended to choke to death. His junior’s playful response seemed to please him, and he laughed heartily.

    “Yes! It’s great when young people are this mentally resilient. Because of this incident, it seems they’re creating a new hero unit that can respond immediately too. What do you think, Mr. Hwa-shin? Even though you’re E-rank, you’re interested in that, right?”

    “Ah, of course.”

    The Hero SH Unit was originally planned to be composed only of S-rank or A-rank heroes from the start. No wonder they called it the S of the S-ranks.

    Lower-ranked heroes could submit applications too, of course, but that was probably just a formality to round things out.

    <Your Hero is Here>, abbreviated as <YoHero>, begins with the story after the SH Unit is formed. So at this point, before the unit is created. Cha Jaeha in the book was a government-affiliated hero working solo.

    To think I could join the SH Unit together with the protagonist from the very beginning. That means I’d be with Cha Jaeha from his freshly born days. My heart fluttered. To calm my heart that was swelling with anticipation, I shifted my gaze to my boss’s face.

    Good. I calmed down instantly.

    Anyway, that question about applying to the SH Unit posed to a newbie E-rank was, to some extent, close to mockery.

    That senior probably knew the record of how Yoo Hwa-shin had originally applied to the Management Department, not the Civil Service Department.

    Hwa-shin shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth.

    “Well, even if senior and I were to die and be reborn, we wouldn’t be able to get in. But I’m still young, so I’m going to try challenging it.”

    The senior who had been watching him answer with a smirk made a peculiar expression, but quickly returned to normal.

    “Okay, I’ll cheer you on! But don’t get your hopes up too much, our E-rank newbie.”

    “Hahaha, yes. Thank you for your support, senior. I’ll definitely escape the Civil Service Department.”

    Hwa-shin assumed an innocent expression and struck a fighting pose.

    “…Right, right. This Civil Service Department newbie is overflowing with spirit.”

    The senior thought, what a crazy bastard entered as a newbie, and turned his gaze to the menu.


    After finishing his afternoon work, Hwa-shin immediately headed to the Hero Management Department in charge of recruiting for the SH Unit. Located on the 3rd floor, the Management Department was a sleek, modern place with a clean, white-toned interior that suited it well.

    “Hello. I’m Yoo Hwa-shin from the Gate Civil Service Department.”

    “Yes, how may I assist you?”

    The counter employee’s eyes instantly focused on Hwa-shin’s employee ID. All individuals working in hero-related departments had to list their hero rank below their employee ID. Upon confirming that Hwa-shin was E-rank, the employee’s expression turned sullen in a flash.

    “Just to let you know, matters that come to the Civil Service Department, we at the Management Department-“

    “It’s not that, I’m here to apply for the SH Unit.”

    Hwa-shin waved the application form he had brought. The employee’s glasses gleamed. With an expression as if he thought he had seen wrong, he pushed up his glasses and checked Hwa-shin’s employee ID once more.

    …He was indeed E-rank. But the SH Unit?

    He asked back.


    “The SH Unit.”




    “Yes, not that side, this side.”

    The employee furrowed his brows at the lighthearted tone.

    What is this guy up to?

    An E-rank, grinning and declaring in a breezy tone that he would apply to the SH Unit. It was rationally hard to accept. The employee, barely stifling a fake cough, continued.

    “Of course, we are accepting applications from E-rank heroes for the unit as well. …Did you perhaps have a rank change recently? If there was a change after checking your status window, you need to report it to us first.”

    Hwa-shin shook his head.

    “Ah. No change. I’m E-rank.”

    In truth, Hwa-shin had no way to confirm whether he was still E-rank or had risen to S-rank. In the first place, the status window itself was neither visible nor accessible to him.

    Status window and hero rank.

    To manage the heroes who defeated monsters emerging from gates and protected their countries, the world established official criteria. And through an artificial intelligence program, a comprehensive value was measured according to those criteria, and ranks were assigned based on the results.

    The status window was what allowed one to accurately check that rank and abilities.

    But unfortunately, the status window was not visible to Yoo Hwa-shin. It was likely because the ability Elric’s soul was using did not originally belong to this world.

    When entering Hwa-shin’s body, he had already confirmed that it was possible to manipulate karma to use Decrees while restoring the damaged body. He planned to find out the detailed aspects, such as the scope and conditions of use, later.

    At Hwa-shin’s words that there was no change, the employee asked again.

    “And you’re still applying to the SH Unit?”


    At that innocent smile and response, the employee let out a deep sigh.

    A troublesome guy had come. He must be some guy who read too many comics and got obsessed with playing hero, immersed in the fantasy of “I’ll protect the world!”

    The employee, who had said ‘just a moment’, made a call to somewhere. After hearing a few explanations, he spoke to Hwa-shin once more.

    “According to the recruitment regulations of the SH Unit, we are supposed to accept all applicants, but this is the first time for us to have an E-rank applicant. Since there could be issues later on if you register falsely, would it be alright to measure your stats one more time and proceed with the registration?”

    “Of course. Fine by me.”

    It’s a win anyway since I couldn’t even check. As Hwa-shin readily agreed, the man frowned deeply and gathered a few documents from under the desk.

    If he had been promoted by any chance, the civil servant himself would have to go through the meaningless paperwork and approval process. Where did this annoyingly cute bastard pop up from?

    “Then let’s go to the measurement room.”

    The expression on his face as he said to go to the measurement room was similar to the enraged state of the monsters that had charged at him to die. He should do what he has to do with a smile, it would be better.


    Hwa-shin tapped the man’s shoulder and bowed his waist. As the employee turned around, their eyes met at a distance of about a span between Hwa-shin and the employee.

    The employee furrowed his brows, displeased by the excessive proximity.

    “…What is it?”

    Hwa-shin’s eyes fell downward, drawing an arc.

    “Are you always this brusque?”


    “Just curious.”

    “…There’s no need to smile meaninglessly while working.”

    The flow of karma rippled before his eyes.

    Following Hwa-shin’s voice, that flow changed, confirming the amount of karma needed.

    “「It seems like your facial features would look much brighter if you smiled. Come on, smiiile until we reach the measurement room. Okay?」”

    Hwa-shin made a gesture of raising the corners of his mouth with his index fingers. As soon as his words ended, the man’s mouth began to slowly curve upward.

    ‘What, what is this. Why is this happening?’

    Even if he was startled, he couldn’t make a startled expression. Questions simply swirled in his mind.

    Hwa-shin lightly draped his arm over the man’s shoulder. Mm. Now you’ve finally changed to a pleasant-looking expression. Hwa-shin grinned brightly along with him.

    “Alright! Shall we head to the measurement room then?”

    Amidst the friendly atmosphere, their footsteps were light. At least, that’s what Hwa-shin thought.

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