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    Early chapters of this series is currently being re-translated and proofread. So there may be discrepancies regarding character names, titles used, location names.

    Current re-translation status: Chp.1-25.

    “Next on the agenda. I heard there is only one candidate who put their name forward for the next Minister of Magic.”

    In the grand council chamber where the prime minister and ministers of each department gathered, the sound of papers being flipped was heard simultaneously. There were plenty of letters of support for Ian from the mages, and just as many requests urging them to hurry for the stabilization of the Ministry of Magic. The prime minister lightly grasped his staff and looked around.

    “Additionally, there is a report that Viscount Ian Hielo’s tribute has been paid in full.”

    “There seems to be no issue with his qualifications.”

    “Let’s just hear the two opinions, for and against.”

    “Is there anything to oppose? We can’t keep the minister position vacant, and above all, the support from the mages is also outstanding.”

    Ahem, the ministers cleared their throats and studied each other’s reactions. In a situation where Mariv and Gale’s forces were intertwined, both sides wanted Ian’s inauguration. They couldn’t reveal their true feelings, so they just watched. A very small minority, but Dilaina’s close associates also added their tacit agreement through silence.

    Tap tap!

    “Alright. If so, let’s proceed right away. Those in favor of Viscount Ian Hielo’s inauguration as Minister of Magic, please raise your hands.”


    Hands slowly going up. The prime minister frowned with a slightly surprised look. Regardless of this side or that side, didn’t everyone cast a vote in favor? Mariv’s side and Gale’s side looked at each other suspiciously and remained silent.

    “No opposing votes?”

    “…It seems there are none.”

    “This is unprecedented. Passing the grand council without a single opposing vote. Is this really correct? If anyone made a mistake, please speak up now.”

    However, everyone maintained their stance in silence. They believed that they supported Ian becoming the Minister of Magic, and if so, it would undoubtedly help the lord they served.

    The prime minister let out a short exclamation, “Huh,” and tapped his staff.

    Tap tap tap!

    “I will pass the agenda for Viscount Ian Hielo’s inauguration as Minister of Magic. It will be delivered to His Majesty the Emperor in the afternoon, and considering the gravity of the matter, we will proceed to announce it as quickly as possible.”


    “No objections.”

    The ministers united their intentions with one heart. The more they mulled over it, the more remarkable it was, wasn’t it?

    It was none other than the position of minister. No matter how much the Ministry of Magic was a department focused on ability, it hadn’t been long since Ian entered the palace through the New Year’s party. It was just the time when the snow was about to melt and spring was coming…

    ‘Most of the ministers here have been serving for 10 years, no. Nearly 20 years.’

    In many ways, he was writing a new history. Following the first noble mage, the youngest minister, and now the first unanimous inauguration without opposition.

    The ministers unknowingly shook their heads and lowered their gazes to the documents. It was clear that a truly formidable rising star was appearing in the Imperial Palace.



    Ian, who was filling out documents, flinched. Beric, who was lying on the sofa, poked his head out, and at the same time, the members of the Mana Operations Department also stopped what they were doing and turned around.

    Tommy, panting with an excited expression at the door.

    Everyone sensibly understood the meaning and slowly stood up.

    “…Is it here?”

    “It, it’s here! No, it has arrived! The golden carriage!”

    “Yes! This is it! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the higher-ups work so quickly. Good, good. Congratulations, Minister Ian.”

    Nakina clenched her fists and shouted with joy. Beric also danced merrily with an unknown dance behind Ian, and Hale replaced his greeting with a handshake.


    “It’s all thanks to everyone. Thank you all.”

    As Ian went outside, mages who had heard the news had already gathered in small groups. They expressed their respect with silent bows and parted ways for Ian as if the sea was splitting.

    “Viscount Ian Hielo, kneel before the words of His Majesty the Emperor.”

    It was Chielonia, an imperial administrator. The old man who had come to deliver the lord’s appointment letter to him when he was at the frontier, and Molin’s colleague. She had an expression that she couldn’t understand this absurd situation. How long had it been since he became a lord, and now he was a minister? And of the Ministry of Magic, which held the fate of the empire in its hands?

    “It’s been a while. Administrator. Every time I see you, you bring me good news. It’s an honor.”

    As Ian knelt on one knee, the mages also prostrated themselves following him. The woman swallowed an embarrassed sigh and maintained a dignified voice.

    “It is truly lamentable that the position of the current Minister of Magic is vacant due to an unseemly situation. Therefore, to resolve this, I, as the Emperor of Bariel, command. Viscount Ian Hielo. Based on the support of the Ministry of Magic and the unanimous approval of the General Council, I appoint you as the new Minister of Magic.”

    ‘What did she just say? Unanimous approval?’

    ‘Unanimous approval from the General Council?’

    ‘What on earth has he been doing behind the scenes? That Ian.’

    ‘It’s absurd. There’s no faction to keep the Ministry of Magic in check.’

    The mages flinched, wondering if they had misheard. Didn’t it mean that he had garnered support by uniting all of Mariv, Gale, and even the third force? It also signified that the prestige of the Ministry of Magic, which had been shaken by the Wesleigh incident, was still intact.

    ‘No. Rather, it could be seen as more than that.’

    Previously, there was at least Mariv’s check, but now? Perhaps it would be difficult to get such a result even in an agenda brought up before His Majesty the Emperor.

    The mages marveled, constantly glancing at the golden hair fluttering in the wind. So this was the ability of someone who had crossed the Great Desert alone and survived.

    “Above is the message from His Majesty the Emperor. Viscount Ian Hielo is now the 18th Minister of Magic and has inherited its authority. Dedicate yourself to the Bariel Empire and His Majesty.”

    “How could there be any objections.”

    “Congratulations. Hmm, then I’ll take my leave.”

    Ian bowed his head as he received the letter of appointment handed down by Chielonia, and she left the Ministry of Magic’s garden without hesitation, riding the carriage. The mages approached Ian one by one and offered their congratulations.

    “Congratulations. Minister Ian.”

    “Congratulations. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

    “Yes. Thank you. Everyone, return to your posts and finish your work.”

    Ian smiled lightly and encouraged the mages. Normally, there should have been an inauguration ceremony and a befitting party, but given the circumstances, he ended up being buried in paperwork to enjoy the honor.


    “Ian, congrats congrats! Should I tell Viviana to throw a party today? The beef is so cheap these days!”

    “Beric, beef is still too early for you.”

    “Why? I’m guarding you, Master, 24/7.”

    “Oh, really? I thought you were here because there were no people at the training ground and the mansion was uncomfortable with the Astanians.”

    Well, it was a bit similar. He was chased out by the manager at the training ground for emptying the food container alone, and the amount of meat at the mansion decreased as more guests came. Mini even put a lock on the warehouse.


    Ian threw a stack of documents at Beric and nodded. As if telling him to use some strength instead of lying around idly.

    “We’re moving to the Minister’s Office. All the luggage here.”

    “Minister’s Office! Is the sofa there even softer?”

    “If Wesleigh’s taste was high-end.”

    “Let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go!”

    Beric showed enthusiasm, easily lifting a heavy box. Although he kept going back and forth in the corridor because he didn’t know the way.

    “And I have a request for the Mana Operations Department.”

    “Please speak comfortably, Minister.”

    “…Thank you. Go to the archive and bring out all the level 1 classified documents that were inaccessible. Whether it’s forbidden magic or necromancy, it’s fine. Bring everything with access restrictions to the Minister’s Office without discrimination.”

    “Shall we bring them in document form?”

    “Yes. And allow the chiefs of each department to access non-level 1 classified documents.”

    “Yes. Understood.”

    The Minister’s first directive. And access to classified documents. This would breathe new life into the stalled investigation of the <Wesleigh Incident>.

    “Also, I know the department closest to the Minister’s Office is the Magic Support Department.”

    “That’s correct.”

    “Change offices with them.”

    This meant that as the minister changed, the line of power in the department also changed. Everyone had expected it, so the Magic Support Department had already packed their belongings in advance. Perhaps they were coming this way now with their luggage.

    “Come on, let’s get moving. There’s a lot to do.”

    Hale flicked his fingers while putting out his cigarette. With the inauguration of the new minister, the Ministry of Magic building was bustling and chaotic all day long. It only barely regained stability late in the afternoon.

    Screech! Thud!

    “Last one!”

    “Yeah. Good job.”

    Beric rotated his shoulders and put down the box. It was packed tightly everywhere, with no room to step. However, he crammed himself onto the sofa and curled up.

    “Wow. I don’t know about the rest, but that Wesleigh guy seems to have had good taste. The sofa is really soft and fluffy.”


    Ian chuckled and slowly flipped through the documents. It would take quite some time to check everything. So for now, it was efficient to selectively verify the information.

    ‘Ah, this is…’

    <The Prophecy of the 4th Prince Arsen and the 5th Prince Jin>

    He noticed an eye-catching title in the gap. Dilaina had said. Once you know the truth, you can never go back. Ian hesitated for a moment but then flipped through the documents without hesitation.

    -…Around three in the morning on the 00th day of the 00th month under the full moon. The labor pains of Consort Dilaina began. Soon, all the lights in the palace were turned on, and His Majesty the Emperor also coughed and headed to the birthing room.

    It was a detailed report written in the style of a biography. It mainly consisted of testimonies from the midwife and doctor who assisted with the childbirth at the time.

    -…The labor pains continued, but there was no sign of the baby coming out, so Dilaina repeatedly lost and regained consciousness. Around dawn, at the doctor’s insistence, Dilaina’s belly was finally cut open.


    -At the same time, a prophecy was given. ‘The one born later will kill the one born first.’, ‘If the one closest to the throne dies, the imperial lineage will be severed.’

    Ian frowned. The former prophecy was regarded as an open secret, but he had never heard of the latter.

    If the one closest to the throne dies, the imperial lineage will be severed?

    ‘So this is why Arsen seems to be overprotected.’

    …The imperial lineage.

    It was a truly ambiguous term.

    If it referred to the imperial surname, ‘Verocion’ had continued until the time of Emperor Ian, and if it meant bloodline, hadn’t it already become faint over the past 100 years through repeated collateral descendants? He himself was an emperor who had come from outside.

    -When the belly was cut open, the cause of the difficult birth was revealed. One child was grasping the neck of the other, so the doctor pulled out the grasped child first and cleared its airway. The one who attacked the older brother was named Arsen, and the other was bestowed the name Jin.

    Ian chewed on that sentence and pictured the situation. From the moment of birth, he was a sinner. And so he grew up as a sinner.

    “Oh, this is…”

    “Why? Is there something interesting?”

    Beric spoke, but Ian was too focused to hear. He continued flipping through the documents, approaching the truth of the palace.


    And soon, the report that Wesleigh was presumed to have received. About the forbidden necromancy.

    “The quantity is indeed quite substantial.”

    “Iaaaan. Is there anything interesting, I asked.”

    “Ah, yes. That’s right.”

    At Beric’s whining, Ian lightly tapped the documents. Meaning that it was about to get interesting from now on.

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