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    [Hero’s Rebirth]

    • Collected Names: 2
    • 《Sacrificial Saint Sivellin》
    • 《Lord of the Heavens, Heavenly Demon Jae Cheon-seong》

    “I can hardly believe it. Are all the people from your world capable of such a feat?”

    Jae Cheon-seong marveled as he looked around the store’s basement.

    When he first heard the explanation, he didn’t believe it. How could it make sense to summon him to another world?

    But it was true.

    “No, most people are just ordinary.”

    Do-joon shook his head as he opened the basement door and climbed the stairs.

    Jae Cheon-seong followed behind him with his hands clasped behind his back.



    Hearing the sound of footsteps on the stairs, So-eun and Sivellin came to greet them. The two people who normally came with a smile. But upon seeing Do-joon, they froze.

    More accurately, upon seeing the unfamiliar old man behind Do-joon.

    “Who…… are you?”

    「Is he a guest?」

    Do-joon cleared his throat and introduced Jae Cheon-seong.

    “This person is Jae Cheon-seong, and, um……”

    Do-joon pondered for a moment. So-eun and Sivellin wouldn’t understand even if he mentioned Heavenly Demon or anything like that. What he thought of was.

    “He came to examine So-eun’s illness.”

    “Me? Is Grandpa a doctor?”

    “I’m not a physician, but I know well about your illness.”

    Jae Cheon-seong knelt down in front of So-eun and spoke with a smile.

    “This grandpa also suffered from the same illness as you a long time ago.”



    So-eun’s eyes widened. However, the one who was truly shocked was Sivellin beside her.

    So-eun didn’t know that her illness was fatal. Because they didn’t tell her.

    But Sivellin knew everything. The fact that So-eun’s illness was an incurable disease that would take her life before adulthood.

    That’s why it couldn’t help but be shocking when an elderly man said he had the same illness.

    「Is that true?」

    Sivellin asked, tugging on Do-joon’s sleeve. Do-joon answered with a serious expression.

    “Yes, it’s true. And…… he’s someone I brought from the labyrinth, similar to you.”

    Sivellin looked at Jae Cheon-seong with a surprised expression. So that’s why he came out of the basement together.

    Much of the wariness in Sivellin’s eyes as she looked at the old man disappeared.

    If he was summoned to this world by Do-joon’s ability, just like herself, then at the very least, he wouldn’t be able to harm Do-joon and his daughter So-eun.

    “Let’s not do this here. Please come inside for now.”


    Jae Cheon-seong nodded at Do-joon’s words. So-eun ran over and hugged Do-joon’s arm.

    The four people who had been loitering at the basement entrance entered the room.

    The first thing they did was examine So-eun.

    “Could you give me your arm for a moment?”

    At Jae Cheon-seong’s words, So-eun, who was sitting on Do-joon’s lap, looked up at Do-joon.


    As Do-joon nodded, So-eun extended her arm towards Jae Cheon-seong.

    Although it was called an examination, it had been a long time since she had been examined by someone other than her primary physician.

    Perhaps because of that, So-eun was quieter than usual and seemed awkward.

    Jae Cheon-seong gently grasped the child’s wrist. Then, he checked her pulse and gently infused his own energy.

    So-eun’s eyes widened.

    “Does it hurt?”


    Far from being painful, it was rather warm.

    So-eun was a child whose body was always cold due to Severed Meridians. Even if the heater was turned on, she wore layers of clothes, and she was in an electric heating pad, only the outside would become warm, while the deep inside was always as cold as ice.

    However, the energy entering through her wrist from Jae Cheon-seong was as warm as a spring day.

    For So-eun, who had Severed Meridians since birth, it was a warmth she was experiencing for the first time.

    So-eun stared blankly at Jae Cheon-seong’s wrinkled hands.

    “Is it usually painful during pulse diagnosis?”

    “I am infusing my energy to examine the meridians throughout the body, so it feels that way. It wouldn’t be a problem for an ordinary person, but for someone with Severed Meridians, it could be painful if not done carefully.”

    At that moment, Do-joon was asking Jae Cheon-seong various questions. As it concerned his child’s illness, he asked without hesitation whenever he had the slightest curiosity.

    Jae Cheon-seong also understood that feeling, so he answered without being bothered even though he was in the middle of an examination. In the first place, his cultivation was not low enough to lose focus just by having a conversation.

    Incidentally, the experience of it being painful when having pulse diagnosis while infusing energy was something Jae Cheon-seong had personally experienced when he was young.

    At that time, when he was examined by the demon physician, it was so painful that it felt like his blood vessels were twisting. Still, the demon physician showed no mercy.

    Recalling that experience, Jae Cheon-seong was examining So-eun’s meridians as carefully as possible. He didn’t want to become like that eccentric demon physician.

    “How is it?”

    “I am still examining. Wait.”

    Examining the meridians by infusing energy, and completely grasping the meridians that were twisted and broken in many places due to Severed Meridians, was not an easy task.

    It wasn’t just a difficult task; it would have been impossible if it weren’t for Jae Cheon-seong.

    He himself had Severed Meridians, so he had more interest and knowledge about this disease than anyone else.

    That’s when he abruptly spoke.

    “Do you know? Those with Severed Meridians cannot properly learn martial arts.”


    Do-joon asked back in puzzlement. Didn’t he come to pass on the Nine Yang Demonic Arts to So-eun? But in reality, she can’t learn it?

    “Severed Meridians means that the main meridians of the body are tightly twisted and blocked due to strong yin energy. When a meridian is blocked like that, it doesn’t just end with that part being blocked. It also negatively affects the surrounding meridians, and eventually, the meridians throughout the body become twisted by the yin energy.”

    Because every part of the human body is connected.

    Adding that, Jae Cheon-seong continued.

    “Because of that, those with Severed Meridians cannot learn martial arts. Since internal energy doesn’t flow, it’s impossible to use martial arts that manipulate internal energy, isn’t it?”


    Do-joon could also understand it immediately. Wasn’t he the one who directly realized the importance of mana and the paths it flows through while learning mana manipulation from Kalish?

    “But don’t worry. Your daughter has me.”

    The pulse diagnosis was finished. Jae Cheon-seong removed his hand from So-eun’s wrist.

    So-eun quickly buried her face in Do-joon’s chest, then turned her head slightly to look at Jae Cheon-seong.

    He smiled gently at the child and spoke to Do-joon.

    “I will tell you about the future steps.”

    Do-joon pricked up his ears and concentrated. Like a guardian listening to the results of an examination.

    “First, we will gradually correct the twisted and broken meridians. Rather than being shredded like now, we need to first create paths, even if they are thin.”

    That was the first stage.

    “After that, under my guidance, she will begin the qi circulation of the Nine Yang Demonic Arts. Maintain the repaired meridians so they don’t get damaged again and accumulate yang energy. After a few years of that, her body will be somewhat completed.”

    At this point, the preparation would be finished.

    What remained was to feed her spiritual medicine containing hot yang energy and replenish yang energy.

    And when that accumulated, pierce the blocked meridians all at once.

    “For now, this is the plan for the future. Of course, unexpected things may happen, but we can only deal with them as they come.”


    “Hm? Why are you like that?”

    Do-joon remained silent. Seeing Do-joon like that, Jae Cheon-seong frowned.

    Eventually, Do-joon.

    “Thank you.”

    With sincerity, he bowed his head.

    Finally, a path was beginning to appear. Not a vague one that simply said to find the Golden Sacred Medicine, but a specific and realistic path.

    He had been walking alone in a dark cave, relying on a single light. But now, it felt like that light had grown a little bigger.

    Moreover, he was no longer alone. There was Sivellin, and there was Jae Cheon-seong.

    “There’s no need to bow your head. I am merely providing a bit of assistance. You haven’t forgotten what’s truly important, right?”

    “…… Do you mean the spiritual medicine?”

    “Yes. Without the spiritual medicine, you won’t be able to accumulate enough yang energy to pierce the Severed Meridians. Finding it is your job as the father.”

    Do-joon nodded.

    For now, what he had to do immediately remained unchanged.

    Improve his skills in the labyrinth and explore dungeons. The spiritual medicine that could appear anytime, anywhere. To be able to snatch it up immediately when it appeared.

    It’s alright. There was much more possibility compared to the Golden Sacred Medicine. So.

    “I will definitely obtain it.”

    He would surely find it.

    No matter what.


    The next morning.

    Jae Cheon-seong woke up earlier than anyone else.


    Yesterday, he had examined the child’s condition and had various conversations, then simply went to sleep. After sleeping for a while and waking up, a certain emotion naturally welled up.


    He had always been a scholar at heart, with an exceptional thirst for knowledge. He couldn’t help but be interested in a new world.

    Soon, his figure disappeared.

    “At least the morning air is a bit refreshing.”

    It wasn’t comparable to the Central Plains, but it was still a bit better. He wandered around, taking in the morning air and sightseeing here and there.

    As he continued sightseeing for a while, people gradually started to increase.

    Office workers going to work, students in uniforms, merchants diligently cleaning and opening their stores.

    How long had it been since he had smelled the scent of people living their lives?

    In the midst of that, Jae Cheon-seong, wearing martial arts attire that seemed to belong in a historical drama, stood out greatly. However, no one noticed his presence.

    He could conceal his presence to the point of putting even skilled assassins to shame just by exerting his will.

    “A hill?”

    After wandering around for a while, the place he found was a hill with green forests and trees. It was small to be called a mountain, but a bit too high to be just a hill.

    Standing on top of it, he could see the scenery of the city at a glance. He also saw the tall gray buildings and the sun, which was even higher.

    ‘The sun rises the same way here too.’

    Even though nothing was familiar in this world, only the rising sun was the same as in the Central Plains.

    Then, suddenly.

    ―Live your own life.

    Elder Brother’s words came to mind.

    Those words that he had not kept due to his own greed.

    ‘Elder Brother.’

    While living in the Central Plains, he had lived Elder Brother’s life in Elder Brother’s name. It kept him alive, but conversely, it became a delusion that suffocated him in his later years.

    While living in that delusion, he met Do-joon. Coincidentally, the father of a child suffering from the same Severed Meridians as his past self.

    That connection had somehow led him to a new land, not the Central Plains.

    Suddenly, it felt like.

    ‘Is this telling me to live my own life even here?’

    It felt as if Elder Brother was giving him one more chance. Even though he thought it couldn’t be, it felt that way.

    In this place that was not the Central Plains, where there was no cult or martial arts alliance, where no one knew the name Heavenly Demon Jae Cheon-gang, live your own life this time.

    Perhaps that might be the only way to dispel the delusion.

    He muttered.

    “I am Jae Cheon-seong.”

    His own name, which he had not been able to use in the Central Plains and had only now reclaimed.


    Soon, he chuckled. What was he doing alone since the morning breeze?

    ‘Should I go back?’

    He headed towards Do-joon’s house. He had already perfectly memorized the way he had come. He could return without getting lost at all.

    Upon returning, he didn’t go inside right away and settled in a corner in front of the store. Then, he slowly started stretching his body. It was one of his daily routines.

    In the midst of that.


    He felt someone’s gaze. Turning around, it was Do-joon’s daughter, whom he had examined yesterday. The one named So-eun.

    That child was hiding her body behind the store door, only peeking her head out to look at Jae Cheon-seong.

    “…… Good morning.”

    “Oh, did you sleep well too?”

    Hearing Jae Cheon-seong’s tone, which was no different from yesterday, So-eun seemed a little relieved and came out of the door.

    However, she still didn’t come close. There was a bit of distance.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Just stretching a bit. It’s good for your health.”

    Slowly moving and regulating his breathing to absorb the energy of heaven and earth.

    Actually, for someone like Jae Cheon-seong, the exchange of energy was taking place, but for ordinary people, it was just like a regular stretch.

    “If it’s good for health, can I do it too?”

    So-eun showed interest at the mention of it being good for health. It wasn’t a word that a typical child would be interested in.

    Of course, So-eun’s case was quite different from a typical child.

    “Do you want to become healthy?”

    “Yes. Because Dad cries when I’m sick.”

    Jae Cheon-seong paused for a moment. So-eun’s words touched his memories.

    The memory of Elder Brother frowning and wiping his sweat when he had a seizure and collapsed when he was still young.

    He spoke with a quiet smile.

    “Then I’ll do it slowly, so try following along.”


    Jae Cheon-seong moved. From a slight distance, So-eun watched and followed along. Her movements were clumsy, but her expression was serious.

    Jae Cheon-seong, who was a bit delighted by that sight.

    But his movements gradually started to slow down. He was already doing it slowly from the beginning, but now it seemed as if he was completely still.

    “Grandpa, why are you not moving?”

    So-eun asked. In So-eun’s eyes, it really looked like he had stopped moving.

    Only then did Jae Cheon-seong realize that he had gotten a bit carried away. The child couldn’t possibly understand the subtle principles of stillness in motion and motion in stillness, yet he had displayed it in front of her.

    “I’m not staying still, but moving very slowly.”

    This time, he moved a bit faster. Enough for So-eun to notice.

    “It’s true! You’re like a turtle!”

    Even though it was a movement that martial artists in the Central Plains would have unhesitatingly offered a thousand gold coins just to witness once, in the child’s eyes, it was merely amusing.

    Seeing So-eun’s bright smile, Jae Cheon-seong also smiled.

    He said.

    “Do you want to try it too?”


    The day he returned from the labyrinth, he always slept soundly. To completely relieve the fatigue that had unknowingly accumulated.

    Sometimes, Do-joon would wake up well past lunchtime. But for some reason, his eyes opened early today.


    Rubbing his eyes, Do-joon came out to the store. He grabbed a broom and stepped outside the store.

    What he found there was.

    “What are you doing……?”

    Jae Cheon-seong and So-eun were doing some kind of Chinese martial arts-like movements as exercises. Although it was a bit too slow to be called exercise.

    “Dad! Good morning!”

    “Did you sleep well?”

    “Yes, well……”

    Were they perhaps teaching martial arts? In front of the store?

    “Dad! Come here too! It’s supposed to make you healthy!”

    “It’s perfect timing. You should also join in. It will surely be helpful.”

    So-eun tugged at his hand, and Jae Cheon-seong assured him it would be beneficial. It’s not like he would lie, but….

    Somehow, Do-joon ended up joining in as well. With So-eun in the middle, he was on the right and Jae Cheon-seong was on the left.

    “So, what is this?”

    “It’s good, it’s good. Don’t just do it, but try focusing on your breathing.”

    It seemed to be some kind of training after all. At that, Do-joon’s eyes changed.

    He no longer objected and began concentrating on the movements and breathing as Jae Cheon-seong instructed.

    「What are you three doing……?」

    This peculiar ritual ended after Sivellin, who came looking for Do-joon when he didn’t return from cleaning, witnessed it.

    Only then did Do-joon seem to come to his senses, clearing his throat awkwardly. And Jae Cheon-seong smiled brightly, with So-eun giggling beside him.

    At some point, the distance between So-eun and Jae Cheon-seong had significantly decreased compared to earlier.


    At that moment, inside the store.

    The screen of the cell phone on the table lit up.

    <Son Chang-il: The dungeon for your promotion test has been decided.>

    It was Do-joon’s cell phone.

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