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    The Troublemaking Duo of the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy

    The two men who entered the Club for Loving Young Ladies building were Dang Cheol-gi from the Four Rivers Tang Sect and Cheon So-hae from the Heavenly Wonder Gate Sect. Both had mischievous smiles plastered on their faces. They seemed like people who couldn’t stay still for a moment.

    Judging by how warmly Im Seong-jin welcomed them, they also appeared to be members of this place.

    “Let me introduce you. This is Dang Cheol-gi of the Four Rivers Tang Sect and Cheon So-hae of the Heavenly Wonder Gate Sect. They’re both masters of mechanical techniques and are known to others as the Heavenly Academy Twin Ghosts, the troublemaking duo of the generation. Say hello.”



    Dang Cheol-gi and Cheon So-hae greeted them comically, waving their hands. Etiquette didn’t seem to be their main concern. With a bright smile on his face, Dang Cheol-gi took out a piece of paper and proudly said,

    “This time, we finally found out the three sizes of Lady Baek, the Jade Beauty of the Jade Stream Sword Sect. It was a rare feat.”

    “Oh, really?”

    A satisfied smile spread across Bi Yeon-tae’s thick lips. Moreover, Dang Cheol-gi’s hand went into his pocket and came out. What he held was a piece of pale green silk cloth with a butterfly pattern, the same type of item they had seen earlier in Bi Yeon-tae’s collection.

    “Oooooh, th-this is?”

    Dang Cheol-gi and Cheon So-hae chattered about how they obtained it as if it were the heroic exploits of a martial arts hero who saved the world. Bi Ryu-yeon, who had been listening silently, abruptly asked,

    “Don’t the people around you dislike you for doing such things?”

    “They dislike it a lot.”

    Dang Cheol-gi answered as if it were obvious.

    “And you still continue?”

    “Of course.”

    Dang Cheol-gi clenched his fist and spoke with determination. Was this something that required burning with such willpower?

    “If we paid attention to every trivial gaze around us, how could we accomplish anything great? We’ve cut off caring about such things from the start.”

    “That’s true.”

    Only then did Bi Ryu-yeon realize that the people in front of him were partially of the same kind as him. People who pushed forward in their own way, regardless of the gazes around them. With that thought, he suddenly felt close to them. It seemed like it would be fun to stay with them in a place like this. He also felt a sense of expectation that it could bring vitality to his currently boring life.

    “We won’t give up until we thoroughly uncover everything about the number one beauty in the world.”

    Again, he was passionately devoting himself to a pointless matter. It didn’t seem like something that could be stopped, so Bi Ryu-yeon decided to take a spectator’s stance.

    “Hehehe, but this information is worth a lot of money,” Dang Cheol-gi whispered with a secretive gaze. Suddenly, Bi Ryu-yeon’s ears perked up.

    “Is this really worth money?”

    “Of course, you may not know, but countless men are desperate to know this information. We’re just helping them relieve their urges as a form of volunteer work. Of course, we can’t leave out a small token of appreciation.”

    “I’ll join.”

    Bi Ryu-yeon immediately replied. Even the troublemaking duo was surprised by Bi Ryu-yeon’s sudden change in attitude. Bi Ryu-yeon, who had written his name on the application form in an instant, half-coerced his companions to sign up as well. It happened in a flash. After completing the membership process, Bi Ryu-yeon asked Dang Cheol-gi out of pure curiosity,

    “By the way, who is the number one beauty in the world?”

    Even Bi Ryu-yeon, who was unfamiliar with the martial arts world, was curious about who the world-recognized number one beauty was, as it had been constantly mentioned. But the answer was unexpected.

    “We don’t know either.”

    What kind of ghost-eating-sesame-seeds nonsense was this? Bi Ryu-yeon’s group was puzzled by Dang Cheol-gi’s answer.

    “What, does that even make sense? How can the Club for Loving Young Ladies, which digs into the backgrounds of all the beauties in the martial arts world, not know that?”

    No matter how logically they thought about it, it was not easily convincing. They were the owners of twisted desires who perversely and obsessively collected everything about women and found joy in it. Of course, there were differences in degree, but they should have collected several volumes’ worth of data on the number one beauty in the world, whom they should have investigated the most. Did that make any sense?

    “It’s a very regrettable matter for us as well. But we’re not fortune-tellers.”

    Bi Ryu-yeon wanted to know about the number one beauty in the world right now, not to have his love fortune told. What was the connection between fortune-tellers and the number one beauty in the world that made him say that? Bi Ryu-yeon couldn’t help but be puzzled. Dang Cheol-gi continued his explanation.

    “The number one beauty in the world has not been determined yet. A woman who is praised as the number one beauty while receiving absolute and overwhelming support has not appeared yet. In other words, it means it’s something that will happen in the future.”

    Therefore, unless one was a fortune-teller, one could not know who the future number one beauty in the world would be.

    “Ah, I see.”

    Only then did Bi Ryu-yeon nod his head with an understanding expression. If she had already been determined, he thought it wouldn’t be bad to try to woo her, but he was only disappointed that she didn’t exist yet.

    “But she will definitely be determined in the future. The flower among flowers, the queen of beauty. Our Heavenly Academy also has quite a few women who are the epitome of beauty to compete for the title of the number one beauty in the world. Among them, Lady Na, the White Ice Phoenix, is a very promising candidate. Her beauty is truly a fantasy.”

    Just imagining it made Cheon So-hae’s eyes shine dreamily. That was proof of how extraordinary her beauty was.


    At that moment, Bi Ryu-yeon suddenly felt a strange energy and was puzzled. Looking around, it seemed he wasn’t the only one who felt it. In particular, the brightness of Dang Cheol-gi and Cheon So-hae’s faces, which seemed like they would never darken, had dimmed.

    “Who is she, emitting such murderous energy that it penetrates through the walls?”

    Bi Ryu-yeon asked Dang Cheol-gi out of curiosity. He seemed to know the woman outside.

    “Oh, you quickly noticed that the person outside is a woman. That’s amazing. Well, she might be a young woman who ardently admires me.”

    “That seems absolutely impossible. You forgot that she’s the close friend of Lady Baek,” Cheon So-hae said with a wry smile beside him. But even if he had known, he wouldn’t have given up.

    “Anyway, it seems wise to voluntarily stick our necks out before our one and only club building is destroyed.”

    The murderous energy penetrating through the thick stone walls was fierce enough to smash a building if they weren’t careful. Dang Cheol-gi and Cheon So-hae didn’t want their numerous precious collectibles that they had gathered to be damaged, so they decided to go outside in advance. As the troublemaking duo opened the door and went out, Im Seong-jin and Bi Ryu-yeon’s group also went outside with them. Right outside the Club for Loving Young Ladies building, a surprisingly beautiful woman was standing, emitting icy cold murderous energy.

    “Oh my, what brings Lady Dokgo to such a humble place?”

    Dang Cheol-gi brazenly greeted her with a welcoming tone.

    “You know everything, so don’t ask.”

    Dokgo Ryeong was not in the mood to receive greetings right now.

    “If you keep getting angry like that, you’ll get wrinkles on your only eye. You should think about your beauty.”

    Despite her overflowing murderous energy, Dang Cheol-gi spoke impudently without being intimidated. From the beginning, the Heavenly Academy Twin Ghosts were not the type to be discouraged by that level of intimidation. If they were to compile the apology letters they had written so far into books, it would easily exceed 10 volumes. Moreover, the number of mechanical devices they had arbitrarily used and broken exceeded several dozens. They were that kind of guys.

    “I’ll kill you.”

    A frozen murderous energy like the cold of the northern sea poured out from her. There was only one flaw that marred her beautiful appearance. It was the single black eye patch covering her left eye. She was peculiarly one-eyed.

    “Who is she?”

    Bi Ryu-yeon asked Im Seong-jin about the very interesting woman in front of him.

    “You don’t know? She is Dokgo Ryeong of the One-eyed Phoenix Sect, one of the most famous women in Heavenly Academy. She’s a swordswoman with a heart as cold as ice and a fiery personality in contrast. If you make her an enemy by accumulating grudges, she’s one of the worst and most troublesome opponents.”

    “Hmm, but judging from the development of the situation, it seems like they’ve made her an enemy, right?”

    No matter how you looked at it, it didn’t seem like a close, friendly relationship. Bi Ryu-yeon’s judgment was accurate.

    “That’s right. The group she hates the most is our Club for Loving Young Ladies. She’s determined that we’re the enemy of all women,” Im Seong-jin admitted frankly with a wry smile. They were in a situation where they were ranked among her top five evil enemies to overthrow.

    “Stop making a fuss. If you keep huffing and puffing like that, your chest will bounce, and the people around you will feel embarrassed. We’re fine with it, though,” Dang Cheol-gi pushed his luck to an extent that seemed reckless.

    “I’m going to kill you.”

    She was filled with deep murderous intent.

    “Hey, isn’t that too much? She’s a person to be careful of,” Im Seong-jin said. It was like throwing gunpowder into a burning house. It was an action that well demonstrated what recklessness was, but the people around him didn’t feel like praising his novel and courageous behavior.

    ‘That bastard might be enjoying her reaction. He’s scary,’ Im Seong-jin thought. Seeing him engage in such reckless provocations, there was a high possibility of that being the case. ‘But considering he enjoys putting his neck on the chopping block in a moment of crisis, it’s not a wholesome hobby worthy of praise.’ However, he didn’t reveal his inner thoughts, as he had a policy of not interfering with other people’s hobbies.

    “What will happen?”

    “They won’t fight. There’s nothing to gain from fighting her. As always, they’ll make a quick escape with the thirty-six stratagems.”

    “As always?”

    “Well, it’s not something that happened just a day or two, so don’t worry. I acknowledge their mechanical manipulation skills and their ability to run away. Moreover, we have a policy of not fighting women and minors under the age of 16.”

    “Do you fight the elderly?”

    “Of course, since most of the masters in the martial arts world are not the elderly but the old and strong, we can’t avoid them. There are so many old monsters who get stronger as they age, and there are plenty of them in our Heavenly Martial Arts Academy. So the elderly are an exception.”

    “I see.”

    As Im Seong-jin said, the average age of those called the supreme masters in the martial arts world was 52, and the average age of the top masters called the utmost supreme masters was around 90. As Cheon So-hae signaled to Dang Cheol-gi with a glance, Dang Cheol-gi took out something from his bosom and threw it in front of her only eye, which looked like it would draw a sword and swing it at any moment.


    With the sound of something exploding, thick smoke rose and obscured her vision. Not only was the smoke intense, but the smell was also foul and irritating, further confusing her five senses. Her eyes stung, and her nose felt pungent. It was a really malicious smoke grenade.

    “Cough cough, a smoke grenade?”

    She was flustered, wiping her teary eye and helpless runny nose, but it was already too late. The smoke soon dispersed with the afternoon breeze, and the smell spread, but tears still welled up in her only right eye. The Heavenly Academy Twin Ghosts had already disappeared without a trace.

    “Th-these bastards, I’ve been fooled again.”

    This was already the fifth time. But she wasn’t one to give up. She wasn’t merciful enough to overlook such evil enemies. Moreover, she had an extraordinary fighting spirit. While she reaffirmed her determination, Bi Ryu-yeon and his group quietly slipped away to avoid witnessing an unpleasant sight next to her. If they stayed beside such a terrifying woman, they might suffer some kind of humiliation. There was also a possibility that she would vent her revenge on them for losing Dang Cheol-gi and Cheon So-hae. Wishing for the safe survival of Dang Cheol-gi and Cheon So-hae in her upcoming pursuit, they left the place. And so, after many twists and turns, Bi Ryu-yeon, Hyo-ryong, Jang-hong, and even Yoon Junho unintentionally became members of the Club for Loving Young Ladies.

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