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    Last month, someone generously offered to provide me with the complete raws for this series. However, the raws might be from a slightly older version. Hwv, after comparing them to the official raws I had purchased from Kakao for the previous chapters, there weren’t that many differences between the two versions. So with this, I’ve decided to proceed with translating the series using the new copy I received, starting from this chapter update onwards.

    Flourishing Legendary Fish’s Meeting with Im Seong-jin

    “Tsk tsk, you still have energy left. You’re really wasting your strength on pointless things.”

    As the deep voice sounded from behind them once again, Bi Ryu-yeon along with Hyo-ryong and Jang-hong finally turned their heads. Standing there was a huge man holding a dark iron cudgel in one hand. His thick, short neck was striking.

    “Who are you?”

    Hyo-ryong, who was standing next to Bi Ryu-yeon, asked.

    “Me? I’m Flourishing Legendary Fish[1] Im Seong-jin, a third-year student at Heavenly Academy. Nice to meet you.”

    Exuding an overwhelming force with his log-like arms and legs, thick neck, and enormous face, the man introduced himself. Looking at the black cudgel in his hand, it was surprisingly made of steel and appeared very thick and heavy.

    “You’re carrying a unique weapon. It must be quite heavy,” Hyo-ryong couldn’t contain his curiosity about the peculiar and crudely shaped weapon and asked. Many people in the martial arts world used cudgels as weapons, but none wielded one as thick and heavy-looking as this man’s. Usually, they were made from strong types of wood.

    “Not really, it only weighs about 50 geun,” the man said nonchalantly, exuding confidence that he could wield this weight as easily as a willow branch.

    “50 geun?”

    “That’s truly not a big deal.”

    The exclamations came from his friends, but the next words were Bi Ryu-yeon’s. The man noticed that Bi Ryu-yeon genuinely considered it no big deal. An unexpected reaction, a very intrigued expression appeared on Im Seong-jin’s face.

    “What’s your name?”

    “It’s Bi Ryu-yeon,” he answered with a grin.

    “I see, a cool name. But why are those brats fighting again? It’s not just a day or two, but today seems unusually dangerous compared to other days.”

    The emotional clash between the Sword Soul Society and the Blade Soul Society was nothing new, but recently there hadn’t been a time when the hostility was as intense as today.

    “That’s something we cannot know. However, if you ask about the trivial trigger, you could say it started with this friend Hyo-ryong’s club application form,” Bi Ryu-yeon said.

    “What? Joining!”

    Im Seong-jin made a shocked expression. Then he quickly said,

    “You’d better not. If you join such a place, you’ll spend day and night in fights. Where’s the fun in that? Not joining such a boring and dull place is the best policy. Yes, indeed.”

    Im Seong-jin shook his head repeatedly with a skeptical attitude, his tone full of concern.

    “Is that so?”

    “Of course, joining such a place is like digging your own grave. In other words, it’s like carrying gunpowder and jumping into a fire.”

    Im Seong-jin dissuaded them in an admonishing tone. He then passionately listed 22 reasons why those two clubs were the ones to avoid at all costs.

    “Now do you understand?”

    Anyone who heard Im Seong-jin’s passionate speech just now would have been convinced.

    Bi Ryu-yeon and Hyo-ryong nodded. Only then did a satisfied smile appear on Im Seong-jin’s lips.

    “Then, is there any place you’d recommend, senior?” Before Bi Ryu-yeon could finish, Im Seong-jin spoke as if he had been waiting for those words.

    “Of course, join our club. We are the best club in Heavenly Academy. A place that truly ignites a man’s heart.”

    “Where is such an incredible place?”

    “If such an incredible place truly exists, I’d want to go there no matter what, as long as it’s not paid.”

    Bi Ryu-yeon asked with eyes sparkling like stars in fascination. Originally, Bi Ryu-yeon had infinite interest only in things called free, complimentary, or bargains. The problem was that everything else was outside his interest.

    “Of course, it’s not something you pay for, so don’t worry and follow me to find out. But before that…”

    Im Seong-jin’s gaze turned to So Cheon-gun and Guchang, who were still needlessly wasting their energy. With beads of cold sweat on their faces, they were consuming a tremendous amount of energy without yielding an inch. If this continued, it seemed neither side would remain unscathed.

    “I’ll have to put an end to that unsightly sight.”

    Finishing his words, Im Seong-jin approached them. It was an extremely dangerous action. Striding right up to where the invisible energy was rampant, Im Seong-jin unhesitatingly thrust his cudgel into that space. Slowly, the cudgel stretched forward. Soon, Im Seong-jin’s cudgel gradually invaded the surging invisible energy. He was now doing one of the things martial artists avoided most: stepping into a space filled with rampant invisible energy. If he made a slight mistake, he could suffer internal injuries or, in severe cases, even lose his life. It was an act that required tremendous guts and courage. Although they weren’t emitting lethal invisible energy due to not being the utmost masters, it was still dangerous. It had enough power to inflict injuries on the body. Disregarding such facts, his iron cudgel penetrated very slowly between the two. With a third party intervening between the two sides engaged in a tense tug-of-war, the situation changed. Im Seong-jin’s cudgel trembled violently. Penetrating between the two was equivalent to fully taking on both of their invisible energies. Im Seong-jin extended his cudgel, which had been slowly advancing like the flow of time, forward like a flash of lightning.


    A heaven-shaking boom erupted, and thick dust rose, enveloping the surroundings. The powerful boom, loud enough to tear eardrums, swept through the area, and the shockwave struck Bi Ryu-yeon and his companions.

    “Will he be alright?” Hyo-ryong looked at Bi Ryu-yeon and asked, curious about the outcome in the center shrouded in thick dust.

    “He must have intervened with confidence. Surely he wouldn’t have acted recklessly without any countermeasures? He doesn’t seem like someone who would show such bravado,” Bi Ryu-yeon said, gazing at the epicenter of the shock as the dust slowly cleared.

    “Dying there would be a dog’s death.”

    “I agree with that.”

    Finally, the dust that had risen like thick dawn fog completely cleared, and the situation became clear to their eyes. Fortunately, it seemed everyone had avoided a dog’s death, but they hadn’t completely escaped unscathed. Judging by the thin trickle of blood from the corners of So Cheon-gun and Guchang’s mouths, both had suffered some internal injuries. However, it didn’t seem serious enough to worry about. Their clothes were tattered. The only unharmed person was Im Seong-jin. Indeed, he was someone with reliable skills. Seeing him standing upright with one hand holding the iron cudgel, Bi Ryu-yeon let out a short exclamation of admiration.

    “Truly crude.”

    “Violent, but highly effective,” Im Seong-jin said with a smirk. He seemed to have heard Bi Ryu-yeon’s words. So Cheon-gun and Guchang, who he thought would naturally express gratitude, sealed their mouths like clams and turned their backs. Then they each went their separate ways.

    “Tsk tsk, leaving without even thanking him. I didn’t think they were such rude people,” Jang-hong sharply criticized their rudeness. In any case, it was only natural to express gratitude to Im Seong-jin, who had ended the confrontation between the two. Yet they disappeared abruptly without a single word of thanks to the person who might have saved their lives. There was no rudeness like that. Jang-hong shook his head, unable to understand. Im Seong-jin didn’t seem particularly distressed by their rudeness. Having finished his business, Im Seong-jin turned to Bi Ryu-yeon and his group and said,

    “Well then, shall we go?”


    Club for Loving Young Ladies

    The Club for Loving Young Ladies was a prime example of the absurd clubs that emerged from countless interests. To explain its activities and founding purpose, it was a club for loving beautiful young ladies. Even the name reeked of suspicion from the start.

    The most crucial and essential skill valued there was the art of stealth and concealment. The ability to hide one’s body, traces, and presence while following a target was the fundamental technique that allowed the Club for Loving Young Ladies to exist today. Then why did the club’s survival and the art of stealth become so inseparably intertwined? The reason could be found in the club’s main activities. Here, lacking skill in stealth could likely result in being stabbed or beaten by women if one made a mistake. Therefore, those with mediocre skills, rather than masters of stealth, were discouraged from full-fledged activities. If they accidentally incurred the wrath of all the women in the academy, there was a risk of the club’s foundation being uprooted, as they say, “When a woman holds a grudge, frost falls in May and June.” It was a place where one always had to keep in mind the possibility of resentment, curses, and revenge from women.

    What is most important in the art of stealth? No, what is the ultimate stealth technique?

    It is harmony.

    It is the ability to hide oneself most perfectly when one becomes one with the world.

    Of course, it’s not as easy and simple as it sounds.

    Stealth techniques using optical illusions and deception were considered the lowest-level skills. As we know, the world is composed of yin, yang, and the five elements, divided from the ultimate origin. In other words, all things, regardless of their nature, are made up of a combination of qi[1] and thus emit a specific frequency.

    Only those who have undergone certain special training could sense it. Even the human body, upon closer inspection, is a small universe made of qi. Only when one harmonizes one’s qi with the frequency emitted or possessed by the world can one hide oneself even right in front of the target. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that one makes the target unable to notice or perceive oneself.

    Initially, this place was also a gathering of people seeking to understand the laws of harmonious stealth. At that time, it had a respectable and normal name, the Stealth Society. 

    However, as Byun Tae-im, the 8th leader of the Stealth Society and a notorious pervert, attempted to use the stealth techniques he had learned for his personal hobbies in a “constructive” direction – which many criticized as a bastard child of the misuse and abuse of martial arts techniques – the club’s nature rapidly changed, and even the signboard was replaced.

    He was a severe case of a young girl maniac. Since then, the Stealth Society changed its name to the Club for Loving Young Ladies and, under the belief of sharing the beauty and fragrance of lovely young ladies with many who had not benefited from it, transformed into a club that poured its heart and soul into obtaining the personal information and traces of beautiful girls and young ladies. The place where Flourishing Legendary Fish Im Seong-jin brought Bi Ryu-yeon and his group was right in front of this Club for Loving Young Ladies. He was one of the very devoted members of the club.

    1. 성 (成, Seong): This character means “to become,” “to succeed,” or “to accomplish.” 진 (振, Jin): This character has various meanings, including “to shake,” “to stimulate,” “to invigorate,” or “to flourish.” 곤 (鯤, Gon): This character refers to a giant legendary fish or sea creature in Chinese mythology, known as “Kun.”[]
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