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    As much as Yujin wanted to confront them and tell them to summon him, it was a place he couldn’t go.

    ‘I can’t even report them… Sigh.’

    What kind of twisted world was it that both Cairo and this child had such a rough life at such a young age?

    “Ah, come to think of it.”

    Lost in thought, Yujin suddenly remembered that he still didn’t know the child’s name and lifted his head to ask Haniel, who had a puzzled expression.

    “I just realized I never asked for your name, haha. What’s your name? You can call me Yujin.”

    Perhaps because the topic had changed, Haniel also raised his head again.

    “I’m… Haniel.”

    “That’s a pretty name.”


    Even though he had only stated his name, Haniel’s heart began to pound even more for some reason, and he pressed his hand against his chest, blushing.

    Seeing his cheeks flushing beautifully, Yujin couldn’t help but smile softly and poke his cheek.

    “Yeah, it’s a very pretty name.”

    It was at that moment. The touch lasted only for an instant, but in that moment, Haniel held his breath, overwhelmed by a sense of fulfillment that filled his entire body.

    ‘This, this is…’

    Although he had never experienced it before, he instinctively realized that it was imprinting. Haniel was moved by the guidance that filled his body, which he hadn’t even known was empty. It seemed that even if he were to directly receive God’s grace, it wouldn’t be more deeply moving than this.

    ‘No, could it be that Yujin-nim is actually a god?’

    Even if he wasn’t a god, it was clear that he was a gift sent by God to save him. Unable to contain his surging emotions, Haniel threw himself into Yujin’s arms once more.


    Although Haniel was a small child, Yujin couldn’t withstand the sincere impact and stumbled, landing on his bottom. Startled, Haniel quickly lifted his head.

    “I, I’m sorry!”

    “It’s okay.”

    Yujin wasn’t sure why Haniel had suddenly hugged him, but seeing that his mood had greatly improved compared to earlier, he waved his hand dismissively and stood up.

    Haniel, who eagerly held his hand and helped him up, had a different kind of adorable charm than Cairo. If Cairo was like a playful kitten, Haniel was like a puppy.

    ‘His hair is also fluffy.’

    The snow-white hair color was still unfamiliar, but it was soft and fluffy, like finely spun thread, making it tempting to touch.

    Especially since Haniel had suddenly opened up and approached him for some unknown reason, Yujin felt comfortable ruffling his hair without hesitation. It was so addictive that he almost lost himself in stroking Haniel’s hair for a long time before coming to his senses.

    “Alright, let’s iron the clothes again.”

    “Yes, Yujin-nim.”


    Yujin, who had been moving to resume ironing, blinked his eyes and turned his head.

    “We can communicate…? No, more than that, what’s with this ‘Yujin-nim’?”

    Although he was only briefly surprised that they could communicate, since it had suddenly happened with Cairo as well, he couldn’t understand the shocking form of address.

    However, Haniel tilted his head cutely, as if he didn’t understand why Yujin was so startled.

    “Is there a problem with it?”

    There are many problems… Yujin had to stop himself from answering honestly.

    He couldn’t use negative language towards a child whose confidence and self-esteem had already hit rock bottom due to the oppressive grandfathers.

    “Well… Can’t you just call me Yujin or even hyung or uncle if you have to?”

    He tried to phrase it as gently as possible to avoid hurting Haniel’s feelings, but Haniel seemed even more confused.

    “How can I address Yujin-nim by just your name? You’ve become my guide.”

    “I, I did?”

    Yujin couldn’t recall saying anything like that, no matter how much he searched his memory. However, Haniel nodded his head brightly with clear, innocent eyes that held not a shred of deceit.


    “I see, I see. If you say so, then it must be true.”

    Even if guiding only meant holding hands, hugging, and patting, it wasn’t difficult enough to argue with the child that he had never done it.

    He might as well start guiding from now on.

    ‘That’s one thing, but…’

    Where on earth did this bizarre form of address, ‘Yujin-nim,’ come from? If anyone overheard it, he would be immediately misunderstood as a crazy pervert and sent to the police without any room for explanation.

    “Besides, Yujin-nim is neither my hyung nor my uncle. Yujin-nim is Yujin-nim, so how could I address you by a different title?”

    “Well, I think it might be a bit burdensome for me…”

    It was like saying a persimmon tastes like a persimmon and then being asked why it tastes like a persimmon. Yujin felt dizzy from the barrage of polite titles.

    “Do, do you not like me addressing you this way…?”

    ‘Come on, tell him that he shouldn’t address you like that. Explain that it’s a form of address that could cause big trouble if others hear it. Ignore those round, sparkling eyes.’

    “Well, uh…”

    However, unlike his screaming reason, Yujin couldn’t bring himself to reject Haniel to his face. Not only was he unable to ignore those wide, expectant eyes, but he also hesitated to express any form of rejection to a child who seemed to have finally gained some confidence.

    ‘…Let’s not do it now. I’ll explain it well later when he’s feeling a bit better.’

    At least Haniel wouldn’t have to interact with other people here, so it was a decision he could make. If he had to send him to school, he would have had to persuade him with tears in his eyes.

    But Haniel was a child who had appeared suddenly, and like Cairo, he could disappear just as abruptly.

    In the end, Yujin swallowed a sigh and made a request to Haniel with a resigned expression.

    “Well, instead, let’s not address me like that in front of others.”


    See, this is what happens. Even at words that weren’t a rejection or anything, his face instantly fills with worry. Praising his past self for not outright rejecting Haniel, Yujin tried to persuade him.

    “I don’t know how it was where you lived, but here, if a young child like you uses the honorific ‘nim’ to an adult like me, people will look at us strangely.”

    “What? Why?”

    Haniel, who was more familiar with a hierarchy based on innate position rather than age, couldn’t understand Yujin’s words.

    ‘How do I explain this?’

    Honestly, he couldn’t tell the truth. Explaining to the clueless Haniel how using the honorific ‘nim’ could be perceived by others felt like something that would prick his conscience.

    “…That’s how it is here. So, at least when we’re outside, let’s just address each other by name. Okay?”

    In the end, Yujin managed to elicit an agreement from Haniel by roughly summarizing it, and he let out a sigh, at least internally.

    “Alright, I’ll iron the clothes again. Let me explain how to use this…”

    This time, Yujin explained how to use the iron to avoid startling Haniel and quickly ironed the wrinkled clothes. Even though he had heard the explanation, Haniel still flinched whenever the steaming iron pressed down on the clothes, but once he saw the perfectly smoothed out clothes, he smiled brightly.

    “The clothes have returned to their original state!”

    Yujin smiled contentedly as he watched Haniel genuinely rejoice. To think he could be so happy just from having his clothes ironed. It made him feel strangely proud.

    “But the fabric of the clothes is the type that wrinkles easily in the first place. It must have been a lot of work for the person taking care of them.”

    Remembering that he should iron his own shirt as well, Yujin asked while focusing on ironing. He thought it would be troublesome to dress a child at such an active age in such clothes.

    “Ah, there was no one separately taking care of them.”


    “There was no one separately taking care of them!”

    When Haniel repeated what he had said with an innocent face, as if that wasn’t the part to question, Yujin asked about the part that puzzled him.

    “So you just wore these clothes as they were?”

    As he muttered to himself that they seemed neat when he first saw them, Haniel, who had somehow heard him, answered with a proud expression.

    “I tried my best to maintain proper posture so they wouldn’t wrinkle as much. At first, I couldn’t walk properly either and got scolded by the Fathers every day, but now I only get punished a few times a week…”

    “Wait, wait!”

    Yujin had to stop Haniel, who was enthusiastically continuing his story.


    Looking at Haniel’s pure and innocent face, Yujin suddenly thought that he might have misheard, but that couldn’t be the case. He was certain he had heard correctly.

    “They scold you? Just for not keeping your clothes clean?”

    Haniel knew Yujin’s voice had risen in pitch, but he could only nod his head obediently.

    “Yes, it’s my fault for not following the teachings to maintain proper posture.”

    “No, it’s not…!”

    Yujin almost raised his voice in front of Haniel but suppressed it with all his might, though he couldn’t hide the immense anger contained within.


    The startled Haniel widened his eyes, but unfortunately, this wasn’t a moment he could let pass. Because he was already preoccupied with holding back the curses welling up inside him.

    ‘These, these crazy old farts, seriously!’

    Yujin gritted his teeth at the unheard-of method of abuse, wondering how they could abuse a child in such diverse ways.

    The clothes he had just neatly ironed became wrinkled again in his clenched fist.


    Haniel wanted to take the clothes out of Yujin’s hand, but he couldn’t help but be wary of Yujin’s eyes, which seemed angry for some reason. Seeing his restless behavior, Yujin had no choice but to sigh and turn the iron back on.

    ‘I just want to throw them away…’

    The more he thought about it, the more absurd it became. They made clothes by layering multiple pieces of thin fabric that seemed like they would wrinkle with just a breeze, and then they told him to wear these clothes neatly.

    ‘They should try it themselves. Let’s see if they still make him do such things after banging their heads and prostrating themselves every time a wrinkle forms on these clothes.’

    Now that Yujin knew the truth, the clothes seemed even more like trash, and he pressed the iron down firmly. He tried to calm down, but he couldn’t help but feel the anger boiling inside him as Haniel kept observing his expression.

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