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    In the space where the emperor had disappeared as if being carried away, Yujin was only bewildered and perplexed.

    ‘Why did he suddenly act like that…? Does he have some chronic illness?’

    Yujin reacted with distaste to the emperor who had spouted nonsensical words at their first meeting and then suddenly nearly suffocated on his own.

    ‘It can’t be because of me, right?’

    Wasn’t that a common scene in dramas? Parents clutching their chests and collapsing at their child’s insistence on going through with an opposed marriage.

    ‘But I’m not even saying I’ll get married, just that I’ll guide them a bit. Why is he making such a fuss?’

    Beyond bewilderment, Yujin was puzzled, so he asked the three of them.

    “Is there some grand meaning to being a guide that I’m unaware of?”

    If not, he couldn’t understand that exaggerated reaction. He had just said he would take care of some kids he knew now that he had the ability, but he was even called filthy. Yujin’s question was valid and even close to the truth.

    However, neither Cairo nor the other two had any intention of telling Yujin the truth yet. It wasn’t that they had meant to deceive him from the start, but it was Yujin’s mistake for innocently embracing all three of them without knowing anything.

    What if Yujin learned the whole truth and distanced himself from them or became awkward? The three of them couldn’t bear the thought, so for the first time, they almost unanimously agreed.

    “It’s just… They’re acting like that because they couldn’t choose my guide themselves. They need to be able to control and manipulate, but Yujin isn’t the guide they selected.”

    If he knew the truth, Yujin was the type of person who would persuade them to find a good match for all three of them, rather than choosing one among the three.

    So the three of them reached a silent agreement to hide this fact, at least until they won Yujin’s heart.

    However, it wasn’t that they had lied to Yujin. There was indeed a reason why the emperor had flared up with anger.

    “…Is that so?”

    At those words, Yujin’s expression hardened. They had disparaged a person for such a petty reason? It angered him that they had insulted him, but what infuriated Yujin even more was that the emperor had thrown a tantrum because he couldn’t control Cairo, his own son, as he pleased.

    ‘What a piece of trash… What should I do about him?’

    If it were his world, he would have sent Cairo to prison long ago when he first met him, but how could he make the emperor eat dirt in this world?

    “…I’m sorry.”

    “…Huh? Why are you apologizing?”

    Yujin, who had been deep in thought, was startled by Cairo’s sudden apology. Thinking he had misheard, he raised his head to look at Cairo, whose expression was as downcast as a puppy who had unknowingly caused trouble. No, what had he done wrong to apologize for?

    “I feel like it’s my fault that Yujin had to hear those words…”

    “Wow… That’s disgus-, mph!”

    Urich was repulsed by the sight of Cairo taking advantage of every small opportunity to act coy towards Yujin, but his mouth was quickly covered by Haniel.

    ‘What are you doing? You’re not going to let go?’

    Haniel smiled at Yujin with a murderous look in his eyes.

    ‘Read the room, will you?’

    Although Haniel didn’t want to see Cairo acting coy towards Yujin either, he had no intention of interfering if it meant Cairo would naturally change the subject and make them embrace Yujin even more.

    Following Haniel’s gaze, Urich noticed that Yujin’s expression had completely changed, as if he had never been angry.

    “No! How is that your fault? It’s absolutely not your fault, so don’t say that.”

    Yujin, who hadn’t even considered the possibility of this being a calculated action, was startled and tried to comfort Cairo. When the person at fault was clearly someone else, why would he take it out on Cairo?

    However, despite Yujin’s consolation, Cairo’s expression showed no signs of easing.

    “But… What if Yujin becomes sick of me because of them?”

    The emperor and the imperial noble faction would continue to try to interfere with Yujin and Cairo’s relationship in order to control Cairo.

    Of course, Cairo wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen, but he couldn’t let such thoughts grow in Yujin’s mind, even by chance.

    “Why would I get sick of you?!”

    As expected, Yujin reacted strongly and tried to reassure Cairo.

    At Yujin’s words that he would never be disappointed in or angry with them for the mistakes of others, Cairo buried his face in Yujin’s shoulder to hide the overwhelming affection welling up from deep within his heart.

    “Really? You really won’t abandon me?”

    “Of course. Absolutely. Even if you guys make a mistake, as long as you apologize properly, I’ll forgive you.”


    Although he hadn’t lied, perhaps because he was aware that he had concealed something, Cairo ended up asking the last question somewhat seriously.

    However, Yujin, who couldn’t sense the difference, simply found Cairo’s childish behavior towards him cute and responded.

    “I promise.”

    “…You have to keep your promise.”

    “I got it.”

    “If you’re done talking, let go of him now.”

    Urich, who had been simmering with an unexpected gain, immediately separated Cairo from Yujin as soon as the conversation seemed to be over.

    Cairo and Urich’s gazes clashed in midair, but as the atmosphere had barely been calmed, they both averted their eyes as if they had seen something they shouldn’t have.

    “More importantly, what are you going to do now?”

    “About what?”

    When Yujin looked puzzled by the sudden question, Urich answered with a sullen face.

    “Since you’ve fallen out of favor with His Majesty the Emperor, you can’t stay here, right? That’s why I told you to come to the Magic Tower. I’m the boss there, so no one can say anything.”

    “Boss… Did I have a problem with my language use before?”


    “I see…”

    As Yujin muttered in dismay, wondering where Urich had learned that word if not from him and regretting not preventing him from watching movies, the other two objected to Urich’s words.

    “Who are you to decide to take Yujin to the Magic Tower?”

    “That’s right. There’s also the temple. In fact, the temple would be safer for Yujin than the gloomy Magic Tower where who knows what kind of magic might burst out.”

    “Hey, what do you mean by magic bursting out…”

    Urich tried to refute Haniel’s words but couldn’t bring himself to deny it. Moreover, since there couldn’t be even the slightest risk factor when it came to Yujin, Urich had no choice but to shut his mouth, even as he trembled with anger.

    “But the temple is just as fussy as this place.”

    This time, Haniel’s smile disappeared at Cairo’s words. The imperial palace and the temple. Unlike the imperial palace where factions formed even within, the temple was tightly united around Haniel, the pope, so the reaction to Yujin would be even more intense than here.

    Recalling the elderly priests who were in no way inferior to the old men of the imperial palace, Haniel rarely frowned. And Yujin, who had been watching, was surprised by the unfamiliar expression, but then he also frowned as he suddenly remembered his first encounter with Haniel.

    ‘If those old men are still alive… It’s understandable to frown.’


    Haniel had appeared abruptly when Yujin had barely gotten used to Cairo’s absence.

    <Who, who are you? Where is this place?>

    “…Ah, seriously. Why does this keep happening to me…”

    Faced with an all-too-familiar scene, Yujin covered his face with both hands before he could even take off his shoes at the entrance.

    Was it not just a one-time occurrence? He had finally gotten used to the void left by Cairo, whom he had grown fond of, so why were they sending another child?

    Yujin wanted to curse at whoever was responsible for this, even though he didn’t know who they were. He was curious to the point of going insane about why they were doing this, but there was no one to answer, and for now, he had to console the terrified child.


    With a deep sigh, Yujin removed his hands and slowly bent his knees to lower himself, careful not to startle the frightened child.

    “You must have been really scared. I’m not a bad person.”

    However, perhaps because they couldn’t communicate, the child only huddled further despite Yujin’s efforts.

    <Did the Reverend Fathers send me here? I’ve been bad.>

    Yujin was at a loss seeing the child’s clearly terrified state. It seemed like the child spoke a language similar to Cairo’s, and if he held the child’s hand, they might be able to communicate, but it was difficult to approach the child rashly when he was so scared.

    ‘But we need to be able to talk to do anything…’

    <Sob, please forgive me…>

    Yujin hesitated, unable to reach out his hand, but finally closed his eyes tightly at the sight of the child’s tears.

    He had intended to give the child some time to calm down and watch over him because he was so frightened. But how could he just wait and watch while the child trembled and shed tears?

    “I’m sorry.”

    Yujin put on the most apologetic expression he could and reached out his hand towards the child.


    However, the child, who couldn’t even look at Yujin’s face, trembled and huddled even more at the approaching hand, unable to run away.

    Considering the child’s fear, Yujin had barely touched the child with his fingertips, but the trembling was palpable, so Yujin quickly spoke.

    “Can you understand me now?”

    “Huh? Uh-huh?”

    The child, who had been babbling words Yujin couldn’t understand, was startled and surprised when they could suddenly communicate, opening his eyes wide.

    “Could, could it be… a guide?”

    Moreover, although the area of contact with Yujin’s fingertips was extremely small, the guiding was definitely happening. A tear fell from Haniel’s surprised eyes.

    Could it be that the Reverend Fathers had found a guide? Even though they had said that the representative of God must be perfect in their very existence and had never allowed him to carelessly touch a guide.

    ‘So this is guiding…’

    The first proper guiding he had ever received was like a gentle breeze that began with a butterfly’s fluttering wings. It was so warm and affectionate that it brought tears to his eyes.

    However, Haniel’s expression remained gloomy. Regardless of the reason, even though having a guide meant he could escape physical pain, he wasn’t happy at all.

    Yujin, who lacked the ability to read Haniel’s inner thoughts, thought he had calmed down when he became quiet and spoke in a gentle voice while maintaining a distance, only reaching out his hand.

    “I’m sorry for suddenly touching you. You must have been really startled, right?”

    “Did the Reverend Fathers send me?”

    ‘Reverend Fathers, not grandfathers?’

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