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    There was no human to nag him to keep his posture even when he walked lazily, and there was no human to push him to the point of exhaustion in the name of training.

    For Cairo, who had been surrounded by people since birth, this was like a time of rest. He even thought it would be nice to stay here with Yujin and live like this for the rest of his life.

    ‘Is that little guy being considerate of me?’

    However, Yujin, who couldn’t imagine such sincerity, was touched, thinking that he was being considerate of his worries.

    “It’s okay. You can be honest with me.”


    “So, it’s the weekend after tomorrow, right? It’s only for a night and two days, but should we go on a trip together?”


    Cairo, who was about to tell him that he was really fine and that he shouldn’t think useless thoughts, immediately changed his mind. A trip with Yujin alone.

    “But let’s go to a place where there are no people.”

    “Don’t worry. It’s not vacation season right now, and I know a place that only I know.”


    Yujin was taking him to a place that only he knew. Cairo’s heart beat loudly, as if he had just received a confession. In fact, wasn’t that statement almost like a proposal? Why else would he take him to a place that only he knew, when there was nothing going on?

    Cairo, who thought Yujin would be scared if he knew, had a satisfied look on his face. Yujin, who misunderstood his expression, vowed to do his best to help him relax.

    ‘He’s cute.’

    Yujin smiled happily at the sight of Cairo, who seemed to be happy even though he had said he was fine and was now going out to play. However, his smile soon faded as he wondered how much longer this life would last.

    ‘I’m just anxious because I don’t know when or how it will happen……’

    Ironically, Cairo, the person involved, seemed to be more nonchalant. Would he stay at Yujin’s house for the rest of his life? If so, it would be better than an illusion. What good would it do to go back to a place where he was abused?

    But he could only sigh, because he couldn’t be sure of anything.



    “No. I’m just tired.”

    “Then let’s go to bed early.”

    At the word “tired,” Cairo jumped up and dragged Yujin to the bedroom. They had started sharing a bed since they only had since day one, and Cairo had come to love this time of going to bed.

    Yujin chuckled at the sight of the child, who seemed to have no ulterior motives.

    ‘Right. I shouldn’t worry too much about things that I don’t know will happen yet.’


    “Okay. Let’s go now.”

    “…This thing really moves?”

    Yujin, who had borrowed a car from his father, looked back after packing all the luggage and saw Cairo with a trembling face. Of course, he didn’t doubt Yujin, but for him, it was unbelievable and not very reliable that a carriage made of iron could roll without a horse.

    ‘Of course, if it comes down to it, I can make it move.’

    Yujin found the expression funny and smiled slightly before getting into the car first.

    “It’s okay, I said. Let’s go quickly. We’ll be late if we keep this up.”

    Cairo had no choice but to get into the car because Yujin had asked him to. He couldn’t interrupt Yujin, who was even humming a song.

    “It would be better to sit in the back.”

    “No. I want to be next to you.”

    “Okay, I got it.”

    Although he wasn’t inexperienced in driving, Cairo wanted to sit in the back seat just in case, but he refused with a stubborn face as if he couldn’t give that up.

    There was no particular reason why he had to sit in the back, so Yujin nodded obediently and fastened Cairo’s seatbelt before starting the car.


    The wind coming through the open window was cool, and the weather was also sunny, as if to cheer on their trip.

    ‘Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I went on a trip.’

    Yujin, who was humming a song without realizing it, moved his gaze to look at Cairo. If it hadn’t been for him, he wouldn’t have even thought about going on a trip, making excuses that he was busy with his daily life.

    Today, too, if it hadn’t been for Cairo, he would have spent the whole weekend lying at home, wasting his time.

    ‘Hmm, it seems like something good is happening to me.’

    Yujin patted Cairo’s head with a small feeling of gratitude, and Cairo immediately grabbed his hand.

    “Can’t I just hold your hands?”

    Yujin had said that Cairo shouldn’t hold his hands while driving because there were often times when he needed to use both hands.

    Cairo, who had nodded his head with a pale face at the mention of an accident and injury, had a pitiful look in his eyes as if he could no longer hold back.

    Thanks to the endless chatter and the deserted road conditions even on a weekend, they were able to arrive much earlier than the scheduled time. It was a flat land on the side of a mountain, and it seemed like a good place to camp as it seemed to be well-maintained.

    “Is this it?”

    “Yeah. What do you think? Isn’t it good? My grandfather loved camping, so he made this space. It’s pretty good for something he made by himself, right?”


    To Cairo’s eyes, it just looked like a bare piece of land with a makeshift and crude look, but he nodded as if he agreed since Yujin was talking excitedly.

    “So did you come here often, Yujin?”

    “I came here often when I was young. I haven’t been able to come here much since I got older because I didn’t have time.”

    Still, it seemed to be regularly maintained as there were no weeds growing. Yujin muttered that and took the tent out of the trunk.

    “What’s that again?”

    “A tent.”

    Although Cairo had seen tents where he had been, he was unfamiliar with the term “tent” and tilted his head as he watched what Yujin was doing.

    “I’ll help you.”

    However, Cairo couldn’t stand not having Yujin’s attention for a moment and approached him.

    “Then can you connect this like this?”

    But Yujin, who took his intention as a kind gesture to help, finished the tent with Cairo.

    “This makes me feel like I came here with my son.”

    Of course, the age difference was too great to be a son, but he felt like he had brought his younger brother. Yujin muttered to himself and chuckled, but Cairo, who rarely did so, even took his laughter seriously.

    “Why am I your son? Don’t say things like that.”

    “Huh? No, I just meant it feels like that…….”

    Yujin was a little embarrassed by Cairo’s reaction, who took the joke seriously and became displeased, even though he meant it half-heartedly.

    ‘Didn’t he like me?’

    Yujin, who thought they had become close by this point, was a little discouraged. And Cairo, who had come to know Yujin’s feelings like a ghost, even though he didn’t know anything else, noticed it but didn’t say anything.

    ‘Son. What a terrible word.’

    Cairo wanted to grow up quickly and get married to Yujin, but he couldn’t stand being treated like a son.

    It was pitiful to see Yujin sullen, but Cairo had to start preparing now so that Yujin would not see him as a son, but as a proper person.

    “What do I do next?”

    So Cairo pretended to know nothing and asked Yujin, holding the long poles. At that question, Yujin found something to focus on and quickly shook off his sullen mood and continued his explanation.

    “You just have to push these into these grommets.”

    Cairo, being quick-witted, had no trouble assembling the unfamiliar object and followed Yujin’s instructions. Yujin was even impressed later on, saying that Cairo didn’t even need his help.

    “Wow, Cairo is really smart. Even adults get confused when they do it for the first time.”

    “Hmph, what’s so difficult about this?”

    The boy pretended it was nothing, but Yujin could tell he was happy with the compliment and had to hold back a laugh.

    “Phew, it’s done. What do you think? Isn’t it big enough?”

    If Yujin had come alone, he would have chosen a small tent that was lying around the house, but since this was a camping trip he had prepared for Cairo, he had decided to go big and get a new, big, and best tent. He waited for an answer, liking it even more himself.

    “Yeah, it’s good.”

    Cairo answered, looking at Yujin’s bright smile rather than the tent, but Yujin’s mood improved anyway, so wasn’t that all that mattered?

    And it wasn’t a bad experience in itself. To begin with, Cairo had rarely set foot outside the palace, except when he was sent to exterminate the enemy or taken to the hunting grounds. So this experience was different for him.

    ‘It wasn’t so great when I went to the hunting grounds.’

    In fact, when he first arrived, he didn’t feel good because the scenery reminded him of that place in many ways. But the difference was that Yujin was with him now.

    Unable to bear the tingling sensation that he should have gotten used to by now, Cairo went into Yujin’s arms.

    ‘Ah, I want to grow up quickly.’

    Yujin, who seemed to be used to it by now, wrapped his arms around Cairo and stroked his head, but unlike before, Cairo was starting to feel more and more greedy.

    Cairo didn’t want to be held in Yujin’s arms, instead he wanted to hold Yujin in his arms. He held Yujin’s arms tightly and wouldn’t let go.

    “Come on, let’s get the rest of the luggage out.”

    Even now, it seemed that if Yujin pulled away, he would have no choice but to fall away. Of course, it wasn’t that he couldn’t beat Yujin by force, but he had to be able to hold onto Yujin without using force.

    Sigh, the time is too slow.’

    Cairo sighed again at the slow passage of time and followed Yujin.

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