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    “I don’t know how they ended up in our territory, but their existence must be precious to the beastmen as well. Wouldn’t this be a good opportunity?”

    Even in the game, whenever such opportunities arose, I had always taken advantage of them.

    I had captured them as hostages and utilized them, or conversely, I had saved them to gain their favor and receive rewards later.

    Of course, choosing the latter option only applied when the other party was of the same race or beings that could be called allies in some way.

    “Then the elves and beastmen would cross an irreversible river.”

    Esiria placed her hand on Eldmir’s shoulder.

    “El, even between races with poor relations, harmony can be achieved if both sides make an effort. Unconditionally eliminating them just because they’re currently enemies isn’t the only way. Think about it, El. How all races lived in the earliest era. How our ancestors lived.”

    “…I wonder if the beastmen make such efforts and remember that era.”

    Esiria smiled warmly.

    “Tolerating even that is harmony.”

    “That’s not harmony. It’s just one-sidedly accommodating them.”

    “I have to accommodate first for the other side to accommodate us, El. You said it was an opportunity, right?”

    Esiria looked at the beastmen.

    “It really could be an opportunity. To harmonize with them and change from violence to unity.”

    Elves’ battles are never initiated first.

    Thoroughly accommodating the other party is the elven race.

    That’s why elves are a non-aggressive race, and even if the direction of that harmony flows toward battle, they are beings who never forget the memory of the earliest era.

    The reason they were the first to be eliminated was precisely because they tried to harmonize with all races.

    “Like in the earliest era… you mean?”

    “Yes. Like that era when everyone achieved harmony and happiness.”

    It’s a delusion of grandeur.

    Just because they saved the girls in front of them, how could the relationship between beastmen and elves become that amicable?

    Esiria probably just wants to save those girls.

    “That’s a severe case, Mother. Not just you, but all elves. Among all races, elves are probably the only ones who yearn for that era to that extent.”

    There are individuals who reminisce or admire that era. There are also groups and organizations.

    But there was no race like that. That’s why elves were the first to be eliminated.

    “I don’t think this choice will turn out well for the elves. Harmony with beastmen? I wouldn’t even dream of it. The reason I’m following Mother’s choice is purely…”

    Eldmir trailed off. For some reason, he couldn’t utter the rest of the sentence.

    Why was that? He had just meant to say that he was following because it was his mother’s request, but why wouldn’t those words come out?

    Just a small whisper lingering in his ears, as if it wasn’t that, as if that wasn’t the reason he was following that choice, made Eldmir’s mind complicated.

    It was a brief thought, but that thought was enough to tangle Eldmir’s mind.

    Countless thoughts flashed through his mind like lightning. What, what made him feel this way? What was the identity of this thought that seemed to be grasped but not quite?

    Eldmir swallowed his confused feelings and sighed.

    “Let’s go. If we want to save them, we need to heal that warrior right now.”

    Having said that, Eldmir waited for Esiria to go down first.

    It wasn’t just that he wasn’t good at the beastmen language, but he was reluctant to casually speak to those he had been arguing about killing just a moment ago.

    Thinking about that, Eldmir inwardly mocked himself for still being too soft and followed behind Esiria.

    This is the kind of world it is.

    You never know when the moment will come to kill the other party, and you never know when the moment will come for you to die.

    Even when this world was still a game, Eldmir had to experience countless deaths.

    He had to prepare himself.

    Sensing Eldmir and Esiria’s presence, the beastmen revealed their claws and fangs, showing extreme wariness.

    Their tails puffed up and the sound of beasts growling came from their throats.

    The beastman warrior, even while dying, raised his body and stiffly lifted his tail.

    Toward them, Esiria raised both hands to show she had no hostile intentions and said,

    “We are not your enemies, children of Kelga.”

    Kelga refers to the god of beastmen and the first beast.

    “Will they understand the continental common language?”

    “We’re beastmen, not beasts, elf.”


    It was a whisper spoken softly to Esiria out of concern whether they would understand the continental common language, but as expected of their beastly hearing, the beastman warrior answered instead. In a dying voice, slowly, one syllable per breath.

    However, that wasn’t what really surprised him.

    The language he had just spoken wasn’t the continental common language, but Elvish.

    Putting aside the surprise that a beastman werewolf warrior understood Elvish to some extent, it was even considered amazing.

    Eldmir made an awkward expression for a moment, then soon lowered his head with a solemn expression.

    “I apologize, beastman warrior. I had no intention of insulting you.”

    This time, he also politely spoke words of apology in the continental common language.


    The beastman warrior widened his eyes and stared intently at Eldmir.

    The cat girls nearby also hesitated in their posture with claws and talons exposed, as if Eldmir’s straightforward apology was unexpected.

    Soon, the beastman warrior, barely maintaining his rough breathing, slowly nodded his head. Seeing him unable to even utter words, Eldmir’s feelings became complicated.

    Until just a moment ago, was he trying to kill these powerless beings? Unilaterally?

    “Beastmen, as long as you uphold the etiquette of the forest, we will treat you as guests.”

    Esiria spoke in a warm tone. As if that attitude of Esiria was also unexpected, the cat girls exchanged startled glances among themselves, and soon their gazes all simultaneously turned to the beastman warrior.

    Indeed, even if they weren’t twins, their unity as sisters made Eldmir almost smile despite himself, barely able to compose his expression.

    “What… ulterior motive?”

    The beastman warrior struggled to string words together, and Esiria slowly raised her hand.


    -Tsk, this isn’t my specialty.

    Although grumbling, Atir obediently complied with Esiria’s intention and drew upon his own power.

    His body shone brightly, and soon he shot the flames he had been emitting toward the beastman warrior.

    The flames seemed to flash for a moment, then penetrated the beastman warrior, and the cat girls panicked and floundered.

    Perhaps mistaking it for an attack, one girl drew her claws and even charged at Esiria.

    “Calm down, ca- No, little one.”

    At most, she seemed to be barely ten years old.

    The young girl’s reckless attack was easily subdued by grabbing her wrist.

    Still, as expected of a beastman, he felt an unexpectedly fierce strength, causing him to be a bit startled, but it was no match for Eldmir.

    However, even if it were a bear or tiger beastman, feeling this level of strength from a cat beastman, and a little one at that, was a bit surprising.

    Spinning the body of the girl, who was thrashing and letting out a beastly cry, he calmly said,

    “Look, little one. We didn’t attack your guardian.”

    The spot where the flames had penetrated was slowly but steadily burning away.

    However, those flames were not ordinary flames that simply burned everything, but the flames of a spirit.

    They could burn only what they wanted to burn, and even if it was a conceptual thing, as long as it belonged to a light principle, it was possible with these mysterious flames.

    Those flames… were burning the beastman warrior’s ‘wounds’.

    Not in the barbaric way of simply cauterizing the wounds to stop the bleeding, but literally incinerating the very concept of wounds itself.


    Perhaps realizing that, the cat girl’s eyes widened. Feeling the strength draining from her body, Eldmir slowly loosened his grip on her.

    Completely free from Eldmir’s hand, the girl swiftly returned to her guardian’s side.

    “Can you heal him completely, Mother?”

    “It will be difficult to heal everything. The wounds are deep. Even if the flames of healing burn away everything they can, there will still be aftereffects.”

    That’s to be expected. The flames of healing are not almighty.

    “We have not come to harm you.”

    As Esiria spoke, the beastman warrior, whose complexion had recovered, began to steady his breathing.

    “I accept your kindness.”

    At that, the cat girls around him started making a fuss. With wide eyes, they poured out words of wariness without hiding their suspicion.

    It was all in the beastmen language, but perhaps as a privilege of being a reincarnator or something, Eldmir could understand everything they said.

    Whether it was the continental common language, beastmen language, or Elvish, he could understand and speak them all. Of course, he didn’t do the tactless thing of revealing that in this situation.

    Listening calmly to the girls’ words, the beastman warrior soon replied in the beastmen language.

    At his small but clear answer, the girls faltered and made expressions of being at a loss for words.

    It was roughly about how they would need the elves’ help if his life were to end. Hearing that, Eldmir added as if he had been waiting,

    “You’ll probably need our help to pass through this forest.”

    “…What can we trust about you?”

    The girl who looked the oldest among the cat girls spoke up in the continental common language.

    That girl, who appeared to be in her mid-teens, stepped forward ahead of the other girls and said,

    “This is the forest of the elves, and you are travelers passing through that forest. As long as the forest permits, you are guests of the elves, and we have a duty to welcome those guests. We have come here only to fulfill that duty, without any hostility.”

    Esiria spoke calmly. That calm tone had a warmth unique to Esiria, and the cat girl made a puzzled expression at that mysterious way of speaking.

    Seeing her expression of easing wariness, Eldmir asked about a question that suddenly came to mind,

    “You must have escaped from the orcs. Then how likely do you think it is that those orcs followed you into this forest?”

    According to Eldmir’s past life experience, the probability of orcs entering the elven forest was quite high.

    Committing slaughter in the elven forest means being prepared for an all-out war with the elves, and it’s a stupid act that only those with a death wish would do, but apart from that, orcs are mostly idiots.

    That was something he had learned through experience when playing as an orc.

    He never entered the elven forest unless he was truly prepared for an all-out war or had the purpose of simple scouting. Even then, it was mostly him sneaking in and out alone, confident that he would never get caught.

    If caught, well, he would have to die.

    Anyway, nevertheless, he remembered times when he had dissuaded young orcs brimming with vigor from invading the elven forest several times as a player.

    That meant that the current orcs might also have cases where they couldn’t control their overflowing vigor. To that extent, orcs are generally idiots unless they are of the chieftain level.

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