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    I approached one of the incoming bastards and drove my knee into his chin.

    With the impact, his eyeballs popped out and his jaw shattered. After finishing him off by embedding an arrow into his fractured skull, I quickly shot another arrow at one of the two approaching bastards, piercing his heart.

    The one with the pierced heart immediately collapsed.

    I intercepted the dagger-wielding hand thrusting towards my neck by hooking my bow onto it and restraining it.

    As the startled bastard’s neck was impaled with an arrow, I used his corpse as a shield to block the arrows flying from behind.

    “You vicious scum! How dare you use our comrade’s corpse as a shield!”

    “Well, well, to think I’d be called vicious by a Dark Elf.”

    Letting out a hollow laugh, I clicked my tongue upon noticing the arrows being fired from the opposite cliff.

    “They’re not giving me a break.”

    I tossed the corpse I was holding to deflect the incoming arrows.

    Thanks to that, the bastards right in front of me gleefully started shooting arrows as their shield disappeared.

    I simultaneously grabbed two incoming arrows with one hand and snapped them, followed by over a dozen more arrows flying towards me.

    There was no way to dodge them all, so I either evaded the arrows aimed at vital points or caught them with my hands.

    However, I couldn’t avoid all the remaining ones.

    One hit my left thigh, two struck my right arm, one grazed my right side, and one grazed my left shoulder while another embedded itself.

    Fortunately, the one stuck in my shoulder didn’t touch the bone and was precariously lodged in the outer muscle, so it wasn’t a significant blow.

    “That tickles.”

    Bluffing, I fired three arrows in retaliation.

    With screams, two of them fell.

    One narrowly dodged.

    At the same time, I kicked up one of the corpses as if raising my back foot.

    I grinned at the sight of the Dark Elf’s corpse once again serving as a shield against the arrows flying from behind.

    “Is that all you’ve got?”

    “Shut up, trash. The fact that you’re going to die here with El Lure’s blessing doesn’t change.”

    “Oh my, how scary. But what should I do? I also have El Lydarell’s blessing.”

    Spitting, I immediately started running towards the cover where the bastards were hiding.

    As the distance rapidly closed, this time the bastards didn’t panic and began to maintain their distance.

    Seeing their actions, I laughed at them mockingly.

    “You idiots! Am I the only one using a bow? You think creating distance will make a difference when I’m also using a bow?”

    After shooting down the incoming arrows, I fired one more.

    The fired arrow magically moved, piercing through three of them.

    At the same time, I also took an arrow to the abdomen and another to my left arm.

    Fortunately, my internal organs were unharmed.

    Breaking off the arrows stuck in my body, I hid behind the cover used by the bastards and fired a rapid succession of arrows at those on the opposite cliff.

    Five arrows were rapidly fired.

    If it were an ordinary bow, without pulling it far, this mediocre shot wouldn’t have reached that distance, but the draw weight of this bow was extraordinary.

    Moreover, with my skill slightly overlapping, the five arrows instantly pierced through more than ten enemies.


    Perhaps it was the backlash of the continuous use of skills, but my head felt dizzy.

    Biting my tongue to hold onto my fading consciousness, I shook my head.

    I tasted blood.

    Seeing that more than ten had died but over a dozen arrows were still flying, I clicked my tongue and leaped to the other side, using the rock I had been using as cover.

    Then, about ten arrows flew from the front.

    Were there still ten of them left?

    My breathing grew labored, but I kept moving without rest.

    As I saw arrows piercing the spot where I had rolled from, I nocked an arrow on the bowstring once more.

    The bastards must have had some learning ability because as soon as I drew the arrow, they scattered and began to surround me.

    I laughed scornfully as I stepped back to dodge the incoming arrows.

    “Only nine left now?”

    Seeing one of them fall after being hit by an arrow, I fired again before the encirclement was formed.

    The arrow struck and broke an arrow flying from the front, but it didn’t lose momentum and embedded itself in the neck of the Dark Elf who had shot it.


    Drawing the dagger tucked at my waist, I broke the arrows stuck in my body and rolled on the ground again.

    Perhaps my movements were a bit sluggish due to the pain, but I couldn’t dodge all the incoming arrows, and my left ankle was pierced through.

    Suppressing the scream rising in my throat, I clicked my tongue.

    Damn it, this means I won’t be able to run away.

    “Alright. Let’s see who wins.”

    I didn’t have any illusions about being able to escape from them easily anyway.

    There was only one way to definitively get away from them.


    That’s because they had…


    “Right. You finally decided to use it.”

    Suddenly, a massive flying creature soared up from the bottom of the cliff.

    No, it wasn’t an object.

    It was a living being.


    From head to tail, it must have been about 15 meters long.

    Sideways, considering the length of its wingspan, it seemed to be just under 20 meters.

    In any case, it was an enormous size.

    The eight surviving Dark Elves stopped forming the encirclement and started running straight past me towards the wyvern.

    Seeing that, I chuckled.

    “Yeah, you think you can beat me with a wyvern?”

    Ignoring my mockery, the bastards kept running without looking back, and I jeered at them.

    “Hey, are you bastards turning your backs on an injured opponent with seven arrows stuck in his body? El Lure, buried in his grave, would be so pissed off at the state of his descendants that he’d jump out again!”

    “Shut that filthy mouth… Guh!”

    “I-idiot. You fell for the provocation again?”

    Snickering, I mocked the Dark Elf who collapsed with an arrow skewering his face.

    The seven Dark Elves who safely landed on the wyvern’s back began to take their positions on the massive saddle.

    In the game, wyverns could have their saddles expanded to accommodate up to 15 riders.

    Of course, before that, you had to go through the arduous ordeal of capturing and raising the beast.

    “Phew. How’s the taste of the high air? Is it a bit refreshing for you?”

    “You little…! I’ll pierce that babbling mouth of yours!!”


    At that moment, the wyvern let out a roar directed at me.

    The pressure felt in that roar made my whole body tingle.

    Is this the lore I had only seen in the game?

    It’s electrifying.

    Lore is a type of debuff skill that overwhelms the opponent’s fighting spirit.

    In the game, when it was bothersome to deal with weak mobs, having the wyvern use Lore would make them lose their fighting spirit and flee in fear.

    Of course, it had no effect on me.

    “You picked up a healthy fellow.”

    I nocked an arrow on the bowstring.

    Dodging the incoming arrows, I took cover behind the obstacle again.

    This position allowed me to avoid the shots from the opposite cliff as well.

    From there, I took a deep breath, held it, and aimed at the wyvern flying towards me with its mouth open.

    Wyverns were creatures I had hunted to the point of annoyance in the game.

    Each one of them was on the level of a field boss, so I died a lot, but at least in the game, I had so much experience with them that it made my head spin.

    Its mouth.

    Its combat patterns.

    Its weaknesses.

    The strategies to conquer it.

    Everything was crammed inside my head.

    Although it was my first time directly employing the bow strategy, I had hunted wyverns many times alongside AI using bows in the game.

    Releasing the drawn arrow, I exhale the breath I had been holding.

    The fired arrow flew with a penetrative force, different from before.

    That arrow was shot with an overwhelming speed compared to the previous ones.

    Entering the beast’s throat, the arrow stirred and tore through its internal organs, piercing through its back and emerging on the other side.

    The wyvern, its body pierced through, let out its final struggle.


    “What the…”

    “Jump off!”

    The Dark Elves, sensing that the wyvern they were riding had died, began to jump off in a panic.

    “Yes, yes. Fall, fall.”

    I leisurely started shooting arrows at them one by one.

    As I fired arrows while hiding behind cover, ignoring the suppressive fire pouring down from the opposite cliff, only one of the bastards who had safely landed from the wyvern remained.

    The rest had all fallen to their deaths, pierced by my arrows in midair.

    At that moment, the wyvern passed over me and crashed.

    A massive shadow passed overhead, and shortly after, a huge boom resounded from behind.


    Eventually, the fallen wyvern slid across the ground, leaving a long trail as it collapsed.

    The massive wyvern, which had boasted its overwhelming majesty, had become a corpse with a single arrow.

    “Now then.”

    I emerged from cover and openly revealed myself.

    In front of my eyes, I saw a Dark Elf pathetically crawling on the ground, perhaps due to a broken ankle from a bad landing.

    Seeing that, I let out a hollow laugh.

    “And you call yourself an elf, unable to even land properly from that height? Tsk, tsk, you’re a poor one.”

    Of course, the height from which he fell was quite high.

    It was a terrifying sight even to me, so the fact that the Dark Elf survived with just a broken ankle should be highly commended for his physical abilities.

    Regardless, when an enemy makes a mistake, the essence of combat is to start with ridicule.

    In response to my mockery, the bastard glared at me with venom in his eyes.

    With an expression that said, “What are you going to do about it?” I shot an arrow into his forehead.

    The eyes that had been filled with malice became vacant.


    Finally, I had managed to take down all twenty-two on this side of the cliff.

    Thanks to that, I had a bit of breathing room and sighed as I lowered my bow.

    But it’s too early to let my guard down.

    There were still more than a dozen Dark Elves alive on the opposite side.

    Moreover, there was still a High Elf here who had yet to show themselves.

    It would be best to hurry and leave before that bastard appears.

    “Something’s off.”After killing them all, I felt a sense of unease.

    It was too sloppy.

    They were definitely strong, but for an ambush prepared with a trap, their combat power felt ambiguous.

    “…These bastards.”

    An ominous feeling of unease washes over me.

    Ignoring the cold sweat running down my back, I limped and ran, embracing the pain in my ankle.

    Compared to my previous speed, it was so slow that I felt suffocated.

    Damn it, the bone was pierced through.

    No wonder it hurts like hell.

    That’s when it happened.


    It was the cry of a wyvern.



    Five roars echoed.

    Those roars, reverberating through the valley, assaulted my sensitive elven hearing with a cacophony that felt like torture.

    Enduring the dizzying sensation, I couldn’t hide my dismay.

    Five of them.

    There were actually five of those massive monsters, each one practically a field boss.

    “Kuk kuk kuk. Right, don’t be disappointed, huh?”

    A pointless thought crossed my mind: if they had all popped out at once, at least I wouldn’t have harbored any unnecessary hope.

    Perhaps due to the looming crisis, even my thoughts felt distorted.

    It felt like I was losing my mind.


    Once the unease turned into reality, I no longer cared about the pain or anything else.

    I started running like a madman.

    Whether my bones shattered or my nerves sent frantic warnings of pain to my brain, I kept running.

    “I wished this ominous premonition would prove wrong for once…!”



    A tremendous gust of wind swept through.

    If I hadn’t subconsciously put strength into my feet to maintain balance, I would have been blown away.

    The source of that wind was the strong air pressure generated by the simultaneous flapping of wings of the five wyverns.


    Five pairs of colossal shadows blanketed the top of the cliff.

    They obscured the sun and stirred up a tempest with a single flap of their wings.

    Five pairs of eyes, their light undimmed even under the sunlight, glowed eerily as they focused on me.

    Those yellow eyes, solely fixed on me, held the gaze of predators eyeing their prey.


    Five of them.

    I laughed as if sighing.

    “I’m screwed.”


    The five of them roared at me simultaneously.

    One Lore was manageable, but when it became five, even I felt my fighting spirit dwindling.

    Trembling at that spine-chilling sight, I gripped my bow tightly.

    I might really die.

    The warning that had crossed my mind countless times before flashes through my mind once more.

    And that warning—.

    “Found you.”

    A soft voice rang out.

    “My prey.”

    —awakened an instinct tinged with an unprecedented warning.

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