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    I grabbed the remote and turned off the news.

    “It’s a disaster.”

    Leaning against the sofa, I buried my head in my hands.

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people that they don’t run away and instead film this? Who’s going to appreciate them risking their lives to film it? Damn it, really.


    Hanseong patted my shoulder. Fuck. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have saved him. I must have been out of my mind. No, that’s not it. Even if I had known, I still would have saved him. Otherwise, I would have died.

    “I understand. Let’s do that.”

    Taeju, who had been pacing the living room while on the phone, hung up and let out a deep sigh.

    “What did they say?”

    “Shin Sooha agrees with my idea too. He says if an announcement is needed, his side will make it.”

    Damn it. When someone saves a person who’s going berserk, shouldn’t they be given a medal? How can the nation try to summon me to figure out what’s going on? This world is insane. It’s crazy.

    “Is there really no other way?”

    “Yeah. Yoon Seok-jin already blabbed about the purification. There’s no other way.”

    I know that too. Not only has my face been exposed in the video, but Yoon Seok-jin told the Hunter Association that his pain disappeared when I hugged him.

    “That bastard. He should have come to Oppa on his knees to express his gratitude for being saved. He blabbed everything to the Hunter Association?! Oppa risked his life to save him.”

    Perhaps recalling how I was bleeding with my entire body torn apart by the tornado, Hanseong sobbed.

    “Don’t cry, Seong-ah.”

    ‘As someone who constantly begs the Hunter Association for healers, Yoon Seok-jin had no choice but to do that.’

    No, this is really too much. None of the people I’ve saved are normal. Shin Sooha is a madman, and Yoon Seok-jin is an ungrateful son of a bitch.


    At Taeju’s urging, I nodded.

    In fact, I had no choice. The incident had already spread like wildfire, making it impossible to cover up, and the Hunter Association would persistently try to get their hands on me.

    ‘Noeul even sent a request for me to come to the research institute.’

    If I turned off Salt’s purification and went to the research institute, they probably wouldn’t find anything unusual, but the Hunter Association would torment me until they reached a conclusion.

    ‘In the novel, the Hunter Association conducts human experiments on national hunters.’

    They might forcibly register me as a national hunter, thinking my hidden class was the key, and then experiment on me.

    There’s nothing easier than a nation’s power burying a single person, as I learned from my past in my own world.

    “Tell them to make the announcement now.”

    Taeju sighed and entered his room with his phone.

    Right. You must be troubled too. Because if this secret is revealed, it’s obvious what will happen to my future. Why is it so hard to return to my own world?

    “Ppi ppi. Ppi. Ppi.”

    “Senior Salt is worried about Master, Yong.”

    How kind of her. Interpreting what I said about giving her a magic stone and showing affection until she feels better in such a way.

    “Oppa, are the quests all finished?”

    I was stroking Haegeum’s head when I suddenly stopped.

    ‘The damn quest.’

    On the day I purified the berserk Yoon Seok-jin, I used a firestarter to create a fire stone.

    Even though my wounds were healed, it couldn’t eliminate the fatigue caused by the pain I had experienced. I wanted to postpone it, but due to the pressing time, I had no choice but to make that decision.

    I used all my strength to chant “Transmutation,” and as soon as I heard the quest notification sound, I fell asleep as if passing out.

    Please let this quest be the last of the prerequisite quests, I hoped.

    However, when I opened my eyes in the morning, what I saw was a quest with only 10 minutes remaining.

    ‘If I could, I really want to smash it to pieces.’

    “Isn’t it all over?”


    Just what are they trying to make by giving me so many quests? I’ve already completed over 100 sub-quests.

    ‘If it’s nothing special to make, try saying something funny. I won’t let you off easy, whether you’re a god or whatever.’

    “What’s the quest this time?”

    “Making flowers.”

    “What? You’re making flowers? Can alchemy create flowers too?”

    I’m curious too. I wonder how far this damn alchemy intends to go.

    “What are the materials?”

    “Guild Leader Seo moon-no-eul already gathered them for me.”

    Even without this incident, there were already reporters camping outside the house, but now their numbers have doubled.

    Even Taeju couldn’t go to work, so Seo moon-no-eul was gathering the materials for me.

    “Will it quiet down a bit after the announcement?”

    “Let’s hope so.”

    I sighed and got up from my seat.

    “Where are you going?”

    “To my room. To do the quest.”


    Telling Salt, who likes the sofa, to come in if she wants, I entered my room.

    “Are you doing the quest again today, Yong?”

    “Yeah. I don’t know why they need so many materials just to make something.”

    “I’m curious too about what you’re making, Yong.”

    “Right. Should I put you in the fish tank?”

    “That would be nice, Yong.”

    Ever since creating a water pillar once, Haegeum occasionally made water balls and stayed inside them.

    Although she doesn’t feel uncomfortable outside the water, Haegeum said she feels the best when she’s in the water, so I made a fish tank for her using the leftover glass from the quest.

    The fish tank was as big as a bed and almost reached the ceiling. Seeing it, Haegeum hopped around on the floor and filled it with seawater, swimming around inside.

    The fish tank contained not only seawater but also swaying seaweed, sunken shipwrecks, palaces, and various other decorations, all made by Hanseong after seeing the fish tank.

    ‘She looked the most lively when decorating this.’

    I climbed onto a chair and put Haegeum into the fish tank. Watching Haegeum swim around like a fish in water, I sat on the bed.

    One of the advantages of alchemy is that you can perform transmutation as long as your hands are touching, regardless of whether you’re standing, lying down, or sitting.

    I took out the Fire Fish eggs, Fire Ash, and Hot Spring Stones from my infinite pouch and grasped them in my hand.


    As the three materials gently mixed together, small red flowers bloomed in my hand with a popping sound. The flowers, as small as a 50-won coin, released a strong floral scent as soon as they fully bloomed.

    [Prerequisite Quest – Creating Red Flowers]

    A prerequisite quest for gathering materials for the main quest.

    Create 10,000 red flowers.

    • Red Flowers (20/10,000)

    Reward: None.

    Failure: Failure to complete the main quest.

    Time Limit: 42:23:53

    Since ten are made at a time, I just need to do this 998 more times, right? It’s really tedious and boring.

    Mechanically grasping the materials and using the skill, the bed was soon filled with red flowers.


    Salt entered through the open door, shouting “Salt’s entrance!”

    Where does she learn to say such things?

    “You’re here?”

    “Ppi ppi.”

    It’s already mealtime?

    This is why they say simple labor makes you lose track of time.

    “Come here. I’ll feed you.”

    As I reached out my hand, Salt gently landed on it.

    These days, her weight seems to have increased strangely, but is it just my imagination?

    “Salt, have you gained weight?”


    She’s asking where I get off saying that to a pet.

    Then who else would say such a thing if not the owner?

    “Ppi ppi. Ppi.”

    “Even if you say it’s because your fur has thickened, the weight feels different.”

    Even if her fur has thickened, I don’t think it would be noticeable in weight, but Salt insisted that her weight was the same.

    ‘Geez. I didn’t measure her weight in the beginning, so I have no way of knowing.’

    “Okay, okay.”

    I fed mana to Salt, who kept insisting that she hadn’t gained weight, and called Haegeum, who was in the water.

    “Is it my turn now, Yong?”


    Haegeum, who came onto my palm without a trace of moisture, wiggled its body back and forth.

    “Have you finished making all the red flowers, Yong?”

    “Not yet. I need to do it about 100 more times. Why are they making me create these in the first place?”

    “Even I find it difficult to guess just from the red flowers, Yong.”

    As the Sea Dragon of Wisdom, Haegeum knew what to make just by looking at an item or its materials.

    If even Haegeum, who has seen all the materials I’ve made so far, finds it difficult to guess…

    ‘It means the important items for progressing the main quest have yet to be crafted.’

    Sighing, I transferred mana to Haegeum.

    Haegeum, who had been consuming mana since hatching, was the same when it came to eating. After repeating the process of giving mana and letting it fill up five times, Haegeum’s body swayed back and forth.

    ‘Both Salt and Haegeum fall asleep as soon as they eat, like newborns.’

    I smiled slightly and placed Haegeum inside the fish tank.

    With a splash, Haegeum sank and slowly moved its body to lie down on the clam bed.

    ‘So cute.’

    Is this why people keep pets? When I was Kim Hae-ah, I couldn’t understand people’s behavior, but now that I’ve become Seo Go-woon, I get it.

    “It’s a difference in leisure.”

    Unlike Kim Hae-ah, who had to live fiercely every day, Seo Go-woon doesn’t need to. It’s an enviable life, but why did he live such a terrible life?

    “Those who have a lot often don’t realize how important what they have is and tend to act more greedily. Tsk tsk.”

    Recalling what Detective Kang once said, I nodded and reached out my hand towards the red beads on the bed.

    “Brother! Shin Sooha’s press conference is starting!”

    “Okay. I’ll tidy up and come out.”

    I scooped the red beads piled on the bed into an empty box and headed to the living room, where I saw chicken and beer.

    “Did you order it?”

    “No. Noona brought it.”

    Still, even though she’s a guild leader, isn’t it a bit much to use her as a chicken delivery person?

    “Sit down quickly. It’s about to start.”

    As I sat in the seat Taeju offered, Hanseong poured me a beer.

    “This isn’t regular beer, it’s ale.”

    “What’s different about ale?”

    “Yes. You can expect it to have a floral scent.”

    Hanseong looked at the beer with eyes full of anticipation. A floral scent? If a beer has a floral scent, it would feel like drinking an air freshener.

    “Let’s eat.”

    Instead of the chicken, I took a sip of the beer.

    The taste wasn’t particularly different from other beers, but as Seo moon-no-eul said, there was a floral scent at the end.

    ‘It’s a bit weird to eat with chicken, though.’

    Perhaps because there was no movement, I had no appetite and was just sipping on the beer when the commercial abruptly ended, and the press conference venue appeared on the TV.

    “Oh, look at all the reporters gathered there. Aren’t all the reporters from outside our house there too?”

    “I wish that were the case.”

    Taeju muttered in a grumbling tone.

    Although he had been busy moving around because of his troublemaker brother Seo Go-woon, Taeju was fundamentally described as having an extroverted personality.

    Being confined at home like this must have been suffocating for him.

    “Won’t it get a bit better after the press conference?”

    “No. It’ll probably improve after you do the interview.”

    ‘Ah. I forgot about the interview.’

    At Taeju’s words, I let out a groan.

    “Oppa, you’re doing an interview?”

    “Yeah. And a photoshoot too.”


    Hanseong threw away the chicken leg she was holding.

    “When? When are you doing it?”

    “I don’t know either. The date hasn’t been set yet.”

    “No, the date has been set, though?”

    What? I didn’t receive any contact about it, so what is he talking about?

    “They said they couldn’t reach you, so they contacted the guild. The magazine side hasn’t set a date yet, but the interview has been scheduled for next week.”

    Ah, my phone.

    After returning to Korea, my phone was flooded with calls, so I turned it off and never turned it back on.

    “They said they’d send the interview questions to the guild in advance, so Noona will bring them to you. Don’t worry too much.”

    Even if I know the questions in advance, will I be able to answer them well? I feel like I’ll be too nervous to even open my mouth.

    As I groaned again, Taeju laughed, giggling.

    ‘You jerk. Do you enjoy seeing me suffer?’

    『We will now begin the press conference. Reporters, please take your seats.』

    With the moderator’s words, the bustling press conference venue became almost silent. And Shin Sooha appeared, dressed in a neat suit.

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