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    “Catch him!”

    “Run and catch him! Jump!”

    “Put up a barrier over here!”

    “Don’t let the police into the lobby!”

    As I floated up, the police officers started running to catch me.

    However, I was rapidly moving towards Shin Sooha as if being sucked into a vacuum cleaner.

    Just as Shin Sooha reached out and grabbed my waist, a barrier unfolded before my eyes as if it had been waiting.

    “Wear this and get on.”

    I put on the helmet Shin Sooha handed me and got on the back of the motorcycle.

    “Hold on tight.”

    As soon as I grabbed Shin Sooha’s waist, the motorcycle leaped forward with a loud noise.

    “The barrier-!”

    The moment the motorcycle touched the barrier, it shattered like glass.



    “Catch them, catch them!!”

    “They’re heading to the stadium! Contact them quickly!”

    The shouts of the police officers gradually faded away.


    “Get off.”

    I barely moved my trembling legs and got off onto the ground.

    Although I lived my life without fearing the world, motorcycles terrified me.

    It was because the motorcycle I rode when I went to support the traffic police due to a shortage was insane about speed and stunts.

    ‘That bastard would have gone completely nuts, lifting the front wheel if there were no people around.’

    Although Shin Sooha didn’t ride like that, the terror that had settled into my bones didn’t disappear even when Shin Sooha rode calmly.

    “Are you alright?”


    Honestly, until I confessed everything, he treated me as if he would never see me again, mistaking me for a top devotee, so why did he help me?

    As I suspiciously looked at Shin Sooha, he pointed his chin towards the stadium.

    “We don’t have time, do we?”

    That’s true. Since the police will also know that my destination is the stadium, it’s right to quickly eat the item and escape to the airport before they are dispatched here.

    ‘I have a feeling he has some ulterior motive. Is he after the item?’

    “Aren’t you going?”

    “Let’s go.”

    If Shin Sooha tries to extort the item, I can just threaten him with purification.

    I can do without the item, but purification is indispensable.

    I absolutely have the upper hand.

    “This way.”

    I moved my steps in the direction Shin Sooha guided me.

    The stadium entrance, which I thought would have brutal security, was quiet, perhaps because people had been cleared out in advance.

    “It was once bustling with people.”

    I clicked my tongue, looking at the police officers densely standing around the glowing item.

    ‘Is it a national treasure or what.’

    Not only were they holding shields outside, but I could also see people sitting inside.

    ‘The ones inside must be hunters.’

    Probably not offensive types, but defensive types.

    ‘Because it’s their loss if I get hurt or die.’

    “Do you have any good ideas?”


    I understood why Taeju tried to move me while hiding. It would be impossible to forcibly break through with the police gathered like that.

    ‘The jacket is useless now too.’

    Putting aside the fact that other police shared the information, I can’t pass through the densely packed police officers.

    “Do you have a good method?”

    Although I’m not familiar with this world, I wonder if Shin Sooha, who has been familiar with this world since birth, has another breakthrough.

    “Do you have a fear of heights?”


    What nonsense is this? Who has been floating me around everywhere?

    Moreover, I was in the air when catching the Kraken, so what nonsense is he spouting now? Ah. Don’t tell me.

    As I widened my eyes and looked at Shin Sooha, he nodded.

    “They might have put up a barrier.”

    “Skills cannot be used near an item whose owner has been determined.”

    “How do you know?”

    Instead of answering, Shin Sooha smiled deeply. What? That smile. Don’t tell me he tried to steal someone else’s things.

    “Will it be possible?”

    “If I say it’s impossible here, are there other methods?”

    “There are none.”

    “Thank you for the straightforward answer.”

    Grumbling, I adjusted the infinite bag strap to fit more snugly against my body.

    “There’s only one attempt.”

    Shin Sooha grabbed my wrist and cut the glowing thread in one go.

    The glowing bundle of thread crumbled.

    “I should cut off the tracking.”

    What, it was this easy to cut? If I had known, I would have cut it off in front of the hotel.

    “Even if you cut it off in front of the hotel, they would have reconnected it.”

    Does he really know how to read minds? How does he guess my thoughts so accurately?

    “Are you ready?”

    Despite being the owner of the item, I feel like I’ve become a thief in this situation where I’m secretly taking it.

    A scene from an animation saying, “Allow me to become a righteous thief,” came to mind, and I smiled slightly. Shin Sooha looked at me with a puzzled expression.

    Instead of resolving his puzzlement, I said, “Now make me float.”


    Shin Sooha gazed at Seo Go-woon, who was moving towards the item using his psychokinesis.

    “I am regretting and trying to handle the hasty decision I made.”

    ‘Yes. It was a situation that needed to be handled.’

    After Seo Taeju and Seo Go-woon left the room, Shin Sooha tried to discard the background check report on Seo Go-woon that was on the study desk.

    If nothing had caught his eye then, he would have never seen Seo Go-woon again.

    [Confirmed to have visited a psychiatrist several times due to monster phobia.]

    Frowning slightly, Shin Sooha compared the Seo Go-woon he knew with the Seo Go-woon revealed through the investigation.

    “They’re different.”

    Shin Sooha tossed the investigation report he was holding.

    The current Seo Go-woon was different from the previous Seo Go-woon to the extent that saying they were different was an understatement.

    Everything from what she ate, wore, and even her actions and personality was like a different person.

    Shin Sooha tapped the desk with his index finger.

    People can change with small triggers.

    However, it was impossible to change this much. Especially the part about fear was something that couldn’t be overcome in a short period as it was deeply ingrained.


    “A fear of heights.”

    Seo Go-woon was clearly scared when he first lifted him. However, starting from the second time, there was no sign of fear. It’s hard to say it was because of the situation, as it was a situation where he was catching a monster that he feared enough to go to the hospital.

    If two fears overlap, he should naturally faint.

    “Yet he didn’t faint.”

    Shin Sooha’s life was very boring.

    The house that controlled the political and financial worlds was extremely boring for the intelligent Shin Sooha.

    In a situation where there was nothing lacking and nothing more to gain, walking a set path was too boring.

    Then, he awakened as a hunter.

    The thrilling sensation of feeling power for the first time and eliminating monsters.

    The wealth of the family and his outstanding intelligence placed him in the position of rank 1, and his guild became unrivaled in status.

    However, that meant returning to a boring daily life.

    Now, the only fun for him was battles with monsters that risked his life.

    Regardless of whether the family worried or not, he continued to conquer dungeons.

    However, as his level increased and he acquired more items, even dungeons began to bore him.

    Battles that he narrowly won in the past became ones he could win with a single gesture, and as this continued, he gradually became bored.

    Then, abnormalities in his body suddenly appeared.

    At first, it was just simple pain, but as the days passed, the corruption grew in volume.

    Moreover, the power that had obediently followed his words until then began to boil. As if his body was stuffy, the rampaging power made him realize that he would die soon.

    The family brought in researchers to save their beloved youngest son.

    Although he thought it was all useless, he obediently entrusted his body to the researchers.

    The scholars he met by pouring in an enormous amount of money summarized the reason for his illness in one word.


    It was said that corruption accumulates when killing monsters.

    Corruption, which does not occur in low-grade monsters, was occurring in high-grade monsters, namely SS-grade and above.

    The researchers identified the cause but failed to find a way to remove it.

    They advised him to refrain from entering dungeons and rifts until they found a way, but Shin Sooha refused.

    Rather than extending his life miserably while taking medication to erase the pain, he preferred to die cleanly.

    So he entered the 7th floor of the tower.

    If he were to die, he wanted to die after fighting monsters one last time.

    However, just before dying, he met Seo Go-woon.

    A completely changed Seo Go-woon.

    ‘Is it a coincidence or inevitable?’

    Shin Sooha shook his head.

    Whether it was a coincidence or inevitable, that wasn’t important.

    What was important was that interesting things would happen if he was with Seo Go-woon.

    ‘First, I need to regain his trust.’

    Shin Sooha stopped thinking and looked towards Seo Go-woon again.

    The man was looking at the item with a pale face, perhaps due to tension.

    Seo Go-woon, who was holding his breath like a cat waiting for an opportunity, turned his head towards Shin Sooha.

    Shin Sooha nodded at the gaze that seemed to be seeking permission.



    When catching the Kraken, I didn’t feel that scared of floating in the air because I was so angry at the bastard who put me in danger.

    ‘Who would have thought I’d be floating in the air again.’

    Despite having a fear of heights, I have to do this again.

    ‘I shouldn’t have caught it. I should have just waited.’

    Who should I blame? It’s all my fault.

    Suppressing my tears inwardly, I looked at the item.

    The item, emitting light while floating in the air like a hologram, was beautiful.

    It would be popular as a tourist product. It’s such a waste to just leave it like this.

    The police officers, unaware of my presence in the air due to the jacket Taeju gave me, were leisurely chatting.

    ‘They’ll jump up if I take this away, right?’

    I smiled inwardly and looked towards Shin Sooha.

    I don’t know what he’s contemplating so much, but he had a serious expression. Then, as if he noticed my gaze, he looked at me and nodded.

    ‘Why is he acting like that?’

    I shrugged and reached out both hands towards the item.

    The item, opaque like a hologram, was grasped in my hands.

    And at the same time the bright light went out, my body flew towards Shin Sooha.

    ‘Damn it. At least give me time to put it away.’

    Trembling at the loud sound of wind in my ears, I still managed to safely put the items into the infinite bag.

    “Are you alright?”

    “How can I be alright?”

    I retorted irritably and reached out towards Shin Sooha.

    Shin Sooha stared at me blankly.

    ‘What? You’re not going to bring me down?’

    I reached out my hand because Shin Sooha always brought me down.

    Shin Sooha, who chuckled, grabbed my waist and brought me down, and my feet touched the ground.

    As expected, having my feet on the ground is nice.

    “Did you bring everything?”

    Perhaps because there were no items in my hands, Shin Sooha tilted his head.

    I looked at the stadium. I could sense the police officers in disarray due to the suddenly disappearing item.

    “I put them in the bag. Let’s go.”

    Holding Shin Sooha’s hand, I retraced the path I had come from.


    The sound of police sirens could be heard.

    Tsk, they’re annoyingly fast.

    “Use the tracking item!”

    At the resounding voice, I nodded.

    Yeah, they thought I knew how to use that.

    Shin Sooha, who had left the stadium, started the motorcycle.

    “Get on.”

    I caught the helmet he tossed, tucked it under my armpit, and placed both hands on the stadium ground.

    “Seo Go-woon?”

    “Wait a moment, [Alchemy].”

    As mana surged out, the ground rose and enveloped the stadium like a dome.

    “Ugh. It takes a lot of mana.”

    Using alchemy on a large scale for the first time, my body trembled slightly, unlike when I gave mana to Salt or Haegeum.

    ‘It feels like I ran 20 laps of a 100-meter dash.’

    As I staggered towards the motorcycle with shaky legs, Shin Sooha raised one eyebrow.

    “Are you sure you’re okay?”

    “Yes, yes. As long as I don’t die, it’s fine. Let’s go quickly.”

    Before putting on the helmet and getting on the motorcycle, I said to Shin Sooha, “Do you have any plans to drive slowly?”


    Tsk. How decisive.

    I put on the helmet and hugged Shin Sooha’s waist.

    I heard a chuckle.

    ‘Laughing? You’re laughing when a person is on the verge of death?’

    Just as I was about to say something out of anger, the motorcycle leaped forward with a loud engine noise.

    ‘Don’t tell me. There won’t be a chase or anything, right?’


    Fuck. Why do all my ominous predictions come true?

    “A4433. Pull over the motorcycle to the shoulder. A4433, pull over the motorcycle to the shoulder.”

    “Damn it! Someone’s following us from behind!!!”

    I screamed at the police officer closely following behind.

    If I were in a car and they pulled this stunt, I would let it slide, but what I’m riding now is a motorcycle.

    “As expected, they caught up quickly.”

    Shin Sooha’s voice was heard inside the helmet.

    What? This thing has a communication function? You should have told me beforehand. Then I wouldn’t have had to shout my lungs out. Moreover, as expected. Did you know they would chase us like this?

    As I was fuming and huffing, I felt Shin Sooha’s body swaying.

    ‘Fuck, are you laughing, are you laughing?!!’

    “If you don’t stop, we will open fire!”

    Crazy?! Open fire?!

    Are they going to kill me because I took the item? What the hell. That bastard will be fine even if he rolls in this situation, but I won’t be!!

    “Seo Go-woon.”


    I grumpily replied to the calmness that didn’t match the situation.

    “If we pretend it never happened, I’ll let you live.”

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