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    He had released the wolves to give his pretty boy some real combat experience, not to let them lick his lovely body to their hearts’ content.

    He had sprayed an appropriate aphrodisiac, thinking it would make the monsters go wild to a certain degree, but he didn’t expect it to turn out like this.

    What was Geon-joo doing? He should have struck them down before the monsters even approached.


    Displeased, Sa-yoon clicked his tongue and wiggled his fingertips. Fortunately, not long after his face was licked, Geon-joo kicked the wolf away and escaped from it, but all Sa-yoon could see was his pretty boy’s face dripping wet.

    Geon-joo was the one who got licked, but he was the one feeling nauseated by it.

    The wolf that had been kicked away lunged at Geon-joo again. Due to Sa-yoon’s domination being lifted, a total of four wolves rushed in. “Ugh!” Geon-joo staggered under the overwhelming assault.

    From four wolves to five, six, seven.

    As the prey showed signs of weakness, the remaining wolves that had been circling and waiting for an opening pounced. Geon-joo stabbed a wolf’s paw with his knife, jabbed another’s jaw, and struck one’s face with his elbow, but it wasn’t enough.

    “Enough, please!”

    The one grappling with the wolves while whimpering let out an increasingly exhausted voice. Sa-yoon gauged how much time had passed since Geon-joo first fled from the wolves. It seemed about an hour had gone by.

    He had been chased by wolves without rest during that time, so it was understandable that he was tired. As if to prove that thought correct, one of Geon-joo’s legs, which had been holding up well until now, trembled and then collapsed. One wolf had finally managed to bite his calf and wouldn’t let go.


    Groaning, Geon-joo pulled out a knife from his chest and attacked the wolf’s mouth, dragging it towards himself. The tendons on the back of his hand tensed visibly as Geon-joo lifted the wolf and threw it at the others charging at him.


    The wolves became entangled with each other. He managed to dispatch three this way, but there were still more than four circling around him. Geon-joo, fighting them with his exhausted body, finally collapsed completely, allowing a wolf to mount him.


    The wolf growled, drooling onto Geon-joo’s nape. Just as it opened its mouth to tear into the white flesh—

    “I can’t watch this anymore. I told you to catch them yourself, so why are you lying underneath them, pretty boy?”

    Is this your kink?

    Unable to stand it any longer, Sa-yoon descended from midair, grabbed the wolf by its scruff, and crouched next to Geon-joo’s head, lifting the barking wolf. his eyes met the wolf’s torn golden vertical pupils. The atmosphere instantly turned chilly.

    “Whine, whimper.”

    The wolf, which had been baring its teeth and barking without knowing its place, now let out a pained whine, crushed by the pressure. With its ears drooping, it squirmed as if in agony, watching Sa-yoon’s expression. Slowly, its tail, which had been tucked under, began to wag hesitantly.

    There was no longer any trace of mating excitement or intoxication from the hunt in its expression.


    Sa-yoon threw the wolf he had lifted over his shoulder. Cautiously, the other wolves that had been crouching low and on guard since Sa-yoon came down, retreated from their positions.

    He had no intention of engaging in a battle of nerves with these dog bastards.

    Sa-yoon jerked his head towards the wolf he had thrown behind him, and the wolves, understanding the meaning of that gaze through their animal instincts, left the area, dragging their fallen comrade with them.

    The leashed werewolves, watching this scene, whined at Sa-yoon. They wanted to leave too.

    However, Sa-yoon’s leniency did not extend to the werewolves. he melted away their custom muzzles and sharply poked their noses with a pointing gesture.

    “What kind of wolf education did you receive to end up like this?”

    “Woof, bark!”

    “What are you saying? Speak human, not dog.”


    Geon-joo, who was still lying face down, heard the conversation between Sa-yoon and the werewolves and showed a dumbfounded expression. Regardless, Sa-yoon, still keeping the monsters in front of him, pointed at Geon-joo’s neck and reproached them. Shaking his head at the creatures who couldn’t understand human speech, he grasped the knife at his waist.


    Along with an invisible sword draw, the monster defeat count increased.

    Geon-joo, who had been looking bewildered, closed his mouth as he saw the count rising rapidly. Sa-yoon re-sheathed his knife after leaving only one werewolf alive.

    “You stay here for a bit.”


    The surviving werewolf lowered its head in submission. At first, it had just been crouching, but after gauging Sa-yoon’s mood, it reverted to its silver wolf form and lay flat on the ground. When Sa-yoon’s aura still didn’t soften, it spread its limbs out to the sides.

    Its belly was completely pressed against the ground. Sa-yoon looked at the werewolf that had lost all dignity with a slightly dissatisfied expression, then turned his attention away from it.

    “Are you alright, pretty boy?”

    “…Do I look alright to you?”

    “Well, your stamina and judgment have improved quite a bit in just an hour, haven’t they?”

    “I almost died five times in that hour.”

    “I told you I wouldn’t let you die.”

    He said he would save him when it was dangerously close to death, not that he would kill him. Moreover, this time Geon-joo wasn’t even in mortal danger.

    At worst, he would have been mauled a few times, and Sa-yoon knew from experience that even after being bitten six times by beasts, the body could still move if there was a will to escape.

    It’s not entirely impossible for willpower to govern the body.

    Yet, he had saved him earlier than planned because the sight of the wolves acting up without knowing their place irritated him, but Geon-joo was blaming Sa-yoon instead of being grateful.

    Does he think special training is called special for no reason?

    Special training is known for its high efficiency as much as its high intensity. What Geon-joo had gained in this one hour was a slight understanding of how to efficiently escape from a pack of beast-type monsters and how to secure a safe zone.

    If he repeats this a few more times and achieves 3 perfect escapes, he’ll surely master how to deal with A-grade and lower monster groups and how to safely escape from them. At the current rate, it would take about eight hours of investment to fully accomplish this.

    “You can’t get this kind of lesson anywhere else, pretty boy.”

    “…Wouldn’t it be weird if you could get this elsewhere?”

    It sounded like an insult, but he decided to interpret it as a compliment. Sa-yoon turned Geon-joo, who was lying face down, onto his back and, seeing his face covered in saliva, rummaged through his inventory for disinfectant. he poured half a bottle of disinfectant onto his arms and legs that had been bitten by wolves. Feeling the burning pain from the sudden disinfection, Geon-joo flinched, suppressing a groan.

    The wounded areas with clear bite marks writhed for quite a while.

    As the medicine seeped in, Geon-joo unconsciously grabbed Sa-yoon’s collar and twitched his legs and arms. After a few minutes, he finally unclenched his lips. Catching this timing, Sa-yoon took out a cloth to wipe away the blood and bandaged him.

    “…What about potions?”

    “Don’t use them unless your bones are broken. You’ll get hurt often, so you need to build up your natural recovery ability too.”

    As he spoke while applying pressure to the wound with the cloth, the color drained from Geon-joo’s face. Sa-yoon handed him the remaining disinfectant along with a clean cloth.

    “Wipe your face.”


    “While you’re at it, wipe your neck too.”

    You still smell like those beast cubs.

    The scent of wolves was wafting from Geon-joo’s entire body. The stench from his neck and face, covered in the beasts’ bodily fluids, was even worse. As he added this, unconsciously wrinkling his nose, Geon-joo noticed Sa-yoon’s expression and his face flushed bright red.

    Is he embarrassed now about being pinned down by wolves?

    In Sa-yoon’s opinion, the time to feel shame had long passed.

    “…It was beyond my control.”

    “Who said anything?”

    “You just complained about the smell.”

    “Well, who told you to get covered in it?”

    “How was I supposed to avoid— Urgh!”

    As Geon-joo tried to argue back without backing down even a little, Sa-yoon pressed down on his leg where he had just tightly wrapped the bandage. This made Geon-joo stop mid-sentence and bite his lip hard. Sa-yoon made a flimsy excuse that he was helping to stop the bleeding and ordered him to just wipe his face without any more talk.

    Seeing that Sa-yoon’s hand was still on his calf, Geon-joo reluctantly closed his mouth and picked up the cloth. The cloth, damp with disinfectant, brushed against his face and neck, wiping away the wolves’ bodily fluids. To eliminate the smell as well, Sa-yoon took out a deodorizer that had been stuffed in a corner of his inventory, sprayed it a few times, then slipped his hand under Geon-joo’s arm, gripping up to his shoulder blade to help him up.

    “How are your legs and arms?”

    “I can move them well enough.”

    “Then that’s fine. You can do one more round, right?”

    “…What did you say?”

    “This time I’ll only release this one, so practice escaping, counterattacking, and hiding.”

    This is why he had kept one werewolf. Noticing it was being talked about, the silver wolf that had been sprawled out like cheese slowly got up.

    When Sa-yoon lifted his head upward, the wolf, understanding the signal, transformed back into a bipedal werewolf. It followed Sa-yoon’s nod and rolled its eyes to check on Geon-joo.

    “You, follow him.”


    “Don’t kill him.”


    It was unclear whether that meant it understood or if it would do as it pleased. At least it seemed to have given some sort of response, so Sa-yoon looked at Geon-joo, noticed a leaf stuck to his shoulder, and brushed it off.

    “You won’t die this time either, so don’t worry and run.”


    “But I won’t help you as easily as before, so don’t let your guard down.”

    With each piece of advice, Geon-joo’s expression twisted a little more. His face seemed to ask, “Could you relax if you were in my shoes?” Sa-yoon quietly grabbed Geon-joo’s shoulders and turned his body 180 degrees. Geon-joo, who had been facing Sa-yoon, was now looking at the forest again.

    Pat pat.

    Sa-yoon patted Geon-joo’s shoulders.

    “What are you doing, pretty boy?”

    “…Are we really doing this?”

    “As opposed to doing it fake? I’ll release this one in 3 minutes, so run away with all your might.”

    Werewolves have keen noses.

    Sa-yoon made the werewolf memorize the scent of blood by having it smell the cloth used to wipe Geon-joo’s wounds, then pushed Geon-joo’s back.

    Geon-joo, seemingly unhappy with what was about to unfold, took a couple of steps forward solely due to Sa-yoon’s pushing force. He then lowered his head deeply before ruffling his hair.



    As the werewolf howled warningly, the feet of the 22-year-old rookie hunter, which hadn’t been moving until then, finally started to move.

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