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    The blue window that suddenly appeared when he couldn’t obtain any information felt like a mass of ominous unease to the young Sa-yoon. Outside, people were screaming due to the monsters that appeared without warning, and the impact reached Sa-yoon’s home close to the gate explosion zone.

    The creatures that crashed through the windows indiscriminately killed and mauled anyone they saw, devouring the corpses with their hideous teeth. The family of Sa-yoon, who was stuffed into a closet by his parents and warned not to make a sound no matter what when the monsters appeared and everyone screamed, could not avoid the attack.

    With his eyes squeezed shut, all Sa-yoon could discern was that the monster was eating something.

    Though fear made his palms drenched in sweat, Sa-yoon made no sound as his parents had warned. He trembled, holding back tears, and endured the discomfort of the cramped closet.

    Hours passed like that. When he finally sensed no presence and opened his eyes, Sa-yoon cautiously emerged from the closet.

    The floor was covered in blood.

    His parents were nowhere to be seen, and the blood spattered everywhere was the only evidence of the fierce battle.

    Everything was too sudden for Sa-yoon.

    The invading monsters, the deaths of his parents.

    It was so abrupt that it felt surreal, leaving him only blank even as he looked at the red floor.

    The system window suddenly appeared at that moment.

    “Wha-, what the…”

    At first he rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was seeing things, and waved his hands to try to remove the blue from his sight. Yet the blue window remained etched in his eyes as if engraved, never leaving Sa-yoon. Rather, whenever Sa-yoon tried to ignore it, it proved its existence by making annoying ding ding alarm sounds as if reading his mind.

    The questions soon turned to fear.

    How could he not be scared when something resembling a game window circled him, going on about humanity’s evil and destruction?

    It felt like something had gone wrong in his head.

    Thinking this might be the so-called mental illness, Sa-yoon squeezed his eyes shut and ignored the blue window.

    In the house filled with the metallic stench of blood, unable to do anything, he covered his ears and buried his face in his knees.

    He didn’t want to see it or hear it.

    It was the day after Sa-yoon spent the night repeatedly muttering it was a hallucination as if brainwashing himself that someone knocked on the door.

    At first he didn’t open it, thinking it was a monster, but then he heard a familiar voice. It was the man living next door.

    At the question if anyone was there, Sa-yoon slowly got up and walked toward the closed door. His legs trembled after being crouched for so long.

    Enduring nearly collapsing a few times, he opened the door to see the face of the neighbor. He too seemed unwell, as if he had just fought a battle.

    They weren’t particularly close, but seeing a familiar face made tears well up for some reason.

    The man, slightly surprised at Sa-yoon’s reddened eyes, awkwardly patted his back and asked about his parents’ whereabouts.

    Sa-yoon couldn’t answer the cautious question. As Sa-yoon only trembled and cried, the man’s expression hardened. He asked to be excused and entered the house.

    Then he was horrified.

    The shattered windows, blood-soaked floor, scratches everywhere.

    It all foretold the tragedy that occurred in this home. The man embraced Sa-yoon, who tried to explain what happened.

    Then, even though he had already seen everything, he covered Sa-yoon’s eyes and told him not to look. After a moment’s deliberation, he extended his hand, saying a shelter had been set up nearby and asked if Sa-yoon wanted to go together.

    Young and alone, Sa-yoon had no reason to refuse his offer and nodded. The man, praising his bravery, immediately took Sa-yoon to the shelter.

    Even then, Sa-yoon glanced at the blue window floating beside him, then shook his head and decided to ignore it.

    No matter how he looked at it, the blue window seemed related to the sudden strange phenomena, but not wanting to face the uncertain unease, he only buried his questions and hypotheses inside.

    The problem arose the moment he safely arrived at the shelter without being detected by monsters, thanks to the help of a soldier they met on the way.


    <The true evil of humanity is not swayed by personal affection. Dispose of your closest confidant. ( oᵔ▽ᵔ)o>


    [First Test – The First Step to Becoming the True Evil of Humanity]

    ‘Prove your villainy by disposing of the man who showed you kindness.’

    Reward: 100 Karma



    The guy who always only said he was chosen as humanity’s true evil without showing any special windows suddenly displayed a new one for the first time. Like the content of the initial system window that appeared, no, it contained an even more unbelievable message.

    Startled by the abrupt order to kill the man who took care of him, Sa-yoon was led to the shelter by the man’s urging of what was taking him so long. The blue window compelling the cruel choice never left Sa-yoon’s sight amidst it all. Far from disappearing, it persistently followed Sa-yoon as if becoming a tag.


    In the shelter bustling with people who moved to escape the monsters and gates, Sa-yoon alone gazed at the blue window.

    On a hunch, he grabbed people around him and asked, but no one could see this window or hear the ding ding alarm sound.

    I guess it really is a mental illness.

    It was the day Sa-yoon tried to conclude as such after much thought.

    Information about the awakened and system windows spread in the world that had only been chaotic.

    Interview videos of the awakened who took time to share information despite the confusing situation and recordings restored through communication devices spread worldwide. Sa-yoon and the people in the shelter could also view those videos.

    Sa-yoon unconsciously looked at the window in front of him at the video title “Did a blue window suddenly appear before your eyes one day?” then played the video.

    Behind the awakened answering the interview with an urgent face, the battle between monsters and humans continued.

    The awakened, who had bandages wrapped around his head as if injured, conveyed brief information.

    The content of the video was that anyone who received a system window that read “You have been designated as humanity’s hope. Save humanity by standing against destruction.” could awaken, so if they received a blue window, they should not panic and act according to the system’s orders to fight the monsters.

    The phrase they spoke was somewhat familiar to Sa-yoon.

    <You have been selected as humanity’s evil! Oppose the saviors and lead Planet 9180, ‘Earth,’ to ruin. ( oᵔ▽ᵔ)o>

    If he changed just a few parts of the initial blue window Sa-yoon received, it became identical to the system window the awakened said they received. Noticing that fact, Sa-yoon inhaled sharply.

    Only then could he face it.

    That this was not some mental illness.

    It was a shocking truth, but nothing changed just because he realized it. The awakened said to grow following the system’s orders and fight the monsters, but he couldn’t kill the man who showed him recognition and kindness just to do that.

    He was a good person who brought Sa-yoon all the way here and took care of him despite having no connection other than being a neighbor. Not wanting to harm such a man, Sa-yoon could only sit among the shelter people, biting his nails, unable to do this or that. The awakened didn’t properly explain what would happen if they didn’t follow the system’s orders. Those who received the system window seemed to think everyone would follow those words, not even considering the option of refusing orders.

    He always felt anxious and ominous, knowing he was walking a path far from the norm.

    It was maddening to have the system window add to the confusion when the shelter was already turning into hell.

    At first, the people who evacuated together felt a sense of camaraderie, but as time passed, those in the shelter grew violent. It was only natural since food ran out.

    To obtain more food, they had to leave the shelter, but monsters lurked outside. While people evacuated, monsters invaded even inside, so getting food while avoiding their eyes was no easy task.

    Of course, if they went out, they could somehow obtain it. Even in a rural area like this, there would be an awakened or two. However, no one in the shelter had that much courage.

    People who grew sensitive due to the dwindling food resorted to violence and verbal abuse at the slightest provocation. The man, worried Sa-yoon would learn from their increasingly brutish words and actions, moved further into the shelter to separate Sa-yoon from the shelter people, even if it meant going a bit hungry.

    He soothed the frightened Sa-yoon and often went out with soldiers to get food. He taught that one must never lose their humanity no matter the situation, mentioning the state of the other shelter people. Thanks to that kind advice, Sa-yoon could find some stability despite being plagued by the system window.

    The kind man, soldiers, and attentive ladies who looked after him thoroughly.

    Not everyone in the shelter was friendly to Sa-yoon, but thanks to the few good people, he could live relatively safely.

    It was when a week had passed since Sa-yoon ignored the system, sheltered in the adults’ cozy protection.

    Separate from Sa-yoon coming to call the neighbor ‘uncle,’ the situation in the shelter and outside still showed no signs of progressing, and-

    <The true evil of humanity is not swayed by personal affection. Dispose of your closest confidant.  (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b>


    [First Test – The First Step to Becoming the True Evil of Humanity]

    ‘Prove your villainy by disposing of the man who showed you kindness.’

    Reward: 100 Karma

    Failure: Forced Execution

    • Time remaining until execution: 24:00:00


    A slightly modified quest window appeared before Sa-yoon’s eyes.

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