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    On the third day since Hodu came to the house, a small problem arose.


    Hodu, who had seen Yoon Chi-young’s original form, began to be wary of him.

    However, his appearance was a little pitiful. Even though the huge wolf didn’t even enter the room, Hodu was startled and bared his teeth, and if Yoon Chi-young moved even slightly, Hodu would tremble with his tail curled up.

    In the end, Heeseong had no choice but to stay by Hodu’s side and comfort him.

    “He played well with Yoon Chi-young until yesterday….”

    Yoon Chi-young, who had transformed into his wolf form, was lying dejectedly outside the bedroom door with his front legs crossed. The elegant wolf lay down as if guarding the door, leaving no room to pass.

    Even though Hodu was afraid, Yoon Chi-young had no choice but to transform into a wolf today. It was due to the doctor’s recommendation.

    Originally, he should have naturally stayed in his original form due to the injury, but Yoon Chi-young had arbitrarily remained in a half-beast state. Although Heeseong tried to stop him several times, Yoon Chi-young stubbornly refused to transform into his original form. Seeing that, Heeseong realized that Yoon Chi-young still disliked his own original appearance.

    As a result, it had a negative impact on Yoon Chi-young’s body.

    〈As your pheromone levels have spiked again, you must spend the next two days in your original form. If your physical condition deteriorates like this, pheromone shock can occur more easily.〉

    It was a warning given by the drug-addicted doctor while trembling in front of the pitch-black wolf. That’s how much Yoon Chi-young needed to have a recovery period. No matter how fast he healed, an injured beastman had to return to their original form and rest.

    Heeseong didn’t mind Yoon Chi-young staying in his original form, so he brushed it off, but the problem was Hodu.

    Whimper, whimper….

    Hodu, who had seen the huge wolf, clung to Heeseong and wouldn’t let go. He even growled as if protecting Heeseong, and if Heeseong tried to leave the bedroom even slightly, Hodu would cry as if he would collapse and cling to Heeseong’s wrist with his whole body.

    “That wolf is not scary. You played together yesterday too.”

    Even when Heeseong tried hard to comfort him, Hodu wouldn’t leave Heeseong’s side. Heeseong’s face was filled with an adoring smile at that cute appearance.

    “Why? Are you afraid I’ll get hurt too?”

    Hodu bit Heeseong’s collar with teary eyes and pulled him inward as if protecting him. To Heeseong, that alone made Hodu seem brave and admirable. It was natural to instinctively try to hide when seeing something unfamiliar at his age, but his attempt to protect his fellow species looked courageous. That alone was proof that he was born with the qualities of a bold dog beastman.

    ‘What breed is Hodu exactly?’

    Heeseong knew that distinguishing beastman breeds was a discriminatory perspective, but he couldn’t help but be curious. Since wolf beastmen were greatly influenced by their bloodline, their personality and instincts differed according to their parents’ breeds.

    Out of curiosity, Heeseong picked up the tablet on Yoon Chi-young’s desk.

    Then he carefully looked at Hodu. A puppy with rice cake-colored fur and elegantly upright ears. Heeseong thought about what breed Hodu might be and first searched for the candidates that came to mind. From yellow Jindo dogs to Pomeranians, and even foxes just in case, he showed Hodu the photos one by one.

    “Hodu, look at this.”

    Heeseong comforted Hodu in his arms and flipped through the photos one by one. Perhaps because he was still young, when his attention was diverted elsewhere, Hodu quickly focused on the photos with teary eyes. Heeseong found Hodu adorable, and it also reminded him of his younger brother, who was bigger than him even at a young age, making him feel even more affectionate.

    The black wolf outside couldn’t hide his dissatisfaction at that affectionate sight. With eyes that showed not only anxiety but also loneliness, he tried to draw Heeseong’s attention.


    “Shh. You, be quiet.”


    Heeseong spoke curtly without even looking at him. As if that attitude was lonely, there was a sound of the wolf roughly tearing something thin. Surprised, Heeseong looked to the side, and fortunately, it was a towel that could be torn. Heeseong turned his attention away from the wolf again and carefully showed the photos to Hodu.

    Just then, there was a photo that Hodu reacted to by slightly raising his tail.

    ‘Mommy! Mommy!’

    “Wow… So you’re a Retriever.”

    With his mother being a Retriever, Hodu was truly the son of an aristocratic dog beastman family. Heeseong was curious about why such a child had met a father with upright ears and how he had come to this place… But there was no way the wolf-transformed Yoon Chi-young would answer.

    ‘He’s so sulky, how could he even answer….’

    Now Yoon Chi-young had turned his head away, sulking and lying down. He wouldn’t even make eye contact when called, but in fact, his whole body showed signs of wanting attention.

    When a beastman returned to their original form, they sought their pack more. It couldn’t be helped. In a state where they couldn’t use their hands and feet, the help of the pack became essential. Heeseong also knew that desperation, so even if Yoon Chi-young sulked, he left him alone for now without saying much.

    The problem was that the wolf also had separation anxiety.


    Suddenly, the eerie howling of the wolf echoed throughout the house.

    Even Heeseong’s tail stood on end at the low howling. Surprised, with his ears completely flattened, he looked outside the bedroom with a doubtful feeling, and the pitch-black wolf was standing there, wagging his tail slowly as if asking for attention.

    “Wh-what’s with the sudden howl? You startled me….”

    Heeseong stuttered, unable to hide his surprise. Although he had occasionally heard wolf howls, it was the first time he had heard Yoon Chi-young’s howl. It was a low and deep sound that one would expect to hear on a night with a full moon.

    Heeseong stroked his pounding chest and first wrapped Hodu in his arms to comfort him. Fortunately, as Heeseong was a fighting dog, he was only startled to this extent, but Hodu couldn’t even make a sound and was frozen, having an accident on Heeseong’s body. Seeing the traces, Heeseong snapped angrily at Yoon Chi-young.

    “You scared the kid!”


    “I’ll have to wash Hodu with me….”

    Heeseong grumbled and roughly cleaned up the accident with tissues before heading to the shower room.

    Then the black wolf looked at Heeseong sullenly. Yet, for some reason, he was dissatisfied and scratched the carpet threateningly, walking around the surroundings roughly while growling.

    Heeseong, who now knew Yoon Chi-young better than anyone else, could clearly see his inner thoughts.

    ‘Is he angry just because the kid accidentally marked a little?’

    Sighing, Heeseong thought and took a shower first. While at it, he filled the bathtub with warm water and took a half-body bath. He wanted to soak his body a bit due to the fatigue caused by Yoon Chi-young. He put Hodu in the sink with an appropriate amount of water, just as Yoon Chi-young usually did for him. Fortunately, Hodu’s tension was also relieved by the half-body bath, and he was busy playing with a rubber duck.

    Finding a moment of peace, Heeseong leaned back comfortably in the bathtub.

    Outside, the wolf seemed to be still throwing a fit, as the sound of objects being dropped could be heard. Heeseong found Yoon Chi-young childish and pathetic. What was he trying to do by being jealous of a young puppy? It was not only childish but also….


    Heeseong suddenly froze, staring into the air while thinking.

    ‘…That’s what I’ve been doing until now.’

    Being jealous of a young puppy and unable to hide it, showing it with his whole body. It was all what he had been doing.

    ‘I didn’t know it looked so trivial….’

    Seeing Yoon Chi-young being jealous, Heeseong realized how childishly he had been acting and felt embarrassed. There was no need to be jealous or anxious in the first place.

    Heeseong sank into the bathtub and became lost in thought while washing his puppy ears.

    ‘We’re lovers anyway, so there’s no need to be jealous of such things….’

    Perhaps because their positions were reversed, Heeseong found the jealousy he had felt trivial and insignificant. It didn’t mean Yoon Chi-young’s hateful deeds disappeared, but after hearing the wolf’s howl for the first time, his thoughts changed.

    The wolf was clearly calling out to him, feeling lonely. Even Hodu, whom he had taken care of with all his heart, didn’t recognize him and was only afraid, and now the wolf was alone, unable to even live properly without Heeseong. Heeseong also knew from experience how much the presence of a fellow species was needed and how lonely it felt when returning to the original form. Belatedly recalling his own curt behavior, he felt sorry towards Yoon Chi-young.

    ‘…Today, I should put Hodu to sleep and stay with Yoon Chi-young.’

    Heeseong, who had finished washing his white ears, thought.

    Now that his ears were clean, it was time to act like a mature puppy. Heeseong was the worst at being affectionate, but he vowed to do at least half of what Yoon Chi-young had done for him. Thinking that way, many things became easier.


    After the bath, Hodu finally fell asleep.

    Heeseong, who had caught his breath, quietly left the bed. Now, as the doctor had said, he had to give Yoon Chi-young his medicine.


    Heeseong, who had silently headed to the door, opened the bedroom door. Then the wolf lying in front of the door jumped up. He was waiting in the hallway like a puppy. Heeseong asked with a dumbfounded face.

    “What…? Why were you waiting so pitifully?”

    At the question, the huge wolf silently leaned his head against Heeseong’s waist and rubbed his cheek. The gray eyes, which usually only looked fierce, seemed quite sad. Normally, Heeseong would have only said blunt words and passed by, but this time, he bent his legs and hugged the black wolf, enjoying the peace for a while.

    He felt sorry for leaving the sick Yoon Chi-young alone because of Hodu. Still, the wolf seemed to have his loneliness resolved with just one hug. The thick black tail was wagging slowly, and seeing that, Heeseong thought that the wolf only looked like a wolf on the outside, but on the inside, he was no different from a silly puppy.

    Heeseong, who had been playing and kissing the wolf for a while, got up from his seat with difficulty.

    “Come here. You have to take your medicine.”


    The wolf seemed reluctant to part, breathing roughly like throwing a tantrum and circling around Heeseong. He followed Heeseong closely, even biting his butt gently, and sat elegantly next to him, waiting for the medicine. Heeseong, who had bent his knees, barely stopped the wolf from constantly licking his chin and lips, demanding kisses, and said,

    “You should also take your medicine and sleep well. Don’t endure the pain.”

    Heeseong prepared the medicine, although he was reluctant. The pheromone suppressant was a strong medicine. If Yoon Chi-young took the medicine, he would probably fall asleep quickly. Heeseong thought that Yoon Chi-young might be the one suffering the most since Hodu came. If it were just the two of them, the pheromones would naturally be released through sexual intercourse. He hadn’t expected a situation where he had to endure with medicine due to the combination of injury and childcare.

    Heeseong thought of getting through today with just medicine and gave the medicine to the wolf. The wolf, who had swallowed the medicine obediently, was leaning his head against Heeseong’s chest as if throwing a tantrum. Heeseong stroked his long neck to help the medicine go down smoothly and slyly asked something he was curious about.

    “By the way… Did everyone else find your original form this scary?”


    The answer was just a growl that sounded like a tantrum. Perhaps the medicine was starting to take effect, as the wolf blinked slowly and couldn’t even stand properly. The huge wolf bumped into walls and chairs with his body while staggering, so Heeseong had no choice but to support him with difficulty and lead him to the bed in the guest room.

    “Ugh… Heavy.”

    Heeseong worked hard to move the huge wolf and lay him down on the bed. Then the wolf lay on his side with a thud and let out a languid sigh.


    Fortunately, Yoon Chi-young didn’t seem to be in a bad mood. Even while exhaling his boiling breath, the wolf heavily rubbed his forehead against Heeseong’s chest. It was an affectionate gesture that the wolf only showed to his companion. Heeseong hugged the beast tightly and stroked his mane largely. Yoon Chi-young kept opening his sleepy eyes to confirm Heeseong’s presence.

    “I’ll be by your side, so just sleep.”


    “I said sleep. What kind of bed-sized wolf is acting cute?”

    Even when Heeseong spoke curtly, the wolf just happily thumped his tail against the mattress. His tail was really huge and whip-like. Heeseong gently stroked the wolf’s head and stayed by his side until the medicine took effect. He had to hold the wolf’s snout with his hand to put him to sleep because Yoon Chi-young kept licking Heeseong’s lips, asking for kisses.

    Soon, the wolf fell asleep peacefully. His peacefully closed eyes looked much more comfortable.


    Heeseong gazed at Yoon Chi-young’s sleeping face for a long time.

    A black and elegant wolf. The more he looked, the more beautiful and mysterious he seemed, like a divine creature from mythology. And such a being was feeling separation anxiety because of him. It was an ironic situation.

    Heeseong gently stroked the wolf’s fluffy head and took a closer look at his appearance for once.

    The luxurious mane, the elegantly upright black ears, and the finger-thick canine teeth were admirable, and the bear-like paws were also fascinating. The tail was so fluffy that at a glance, it looked as thick as Heeseong’s thigh. Despite being so sturdy, his front paws were wrapped around Heeseong’s waist, just like when he was human. He was a truly stubborn wolf. Heeseong, who had been letting out a chuckle, soon had a puzzled expression.


    Looking at the wolf, who had no part that wasn’t cool, Heeseong muttered to himself unknowingly.

    “Why were people so afraid of such an elegant and cool being?”

    Heeseong was startled by his own words.

    Originally, Heeseong was the type who had no interest in others. He was even less capable of giving compliments. But to think that he alone had recognized this aspect of Yoon Chi-young. The insight of the wolf beastmen who had only treated this elegant wolf as a scary beast without seeing his true self was completely wrong. Heeseong felt quite annoyed thinking that at least he had seen his true self.

    Then Heeseong felt a subtle sense of déjà vu. It seemed like he had heard these words somewhere before….

    That whisper came to mind when he saw the wolf’s fluffy upright ears.

    〈Strange… Why did they abandon this cute one?〉


    Yoon Chi-young had said those words when he first picked up Heeseong as a puppy. The kind eyes that looked at the puppy raised to eye level and the soft smile that drew the soft lines of his eyes were as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

    Perhaps Yoon Chi-young had fallen head over heels for him from the very beginning. It would have been the same feeling as Heeseong being unable to escape from his true self and falling for him again.

    ‘…That’s right.’

    Heeseong stroked the blackest and most elegant wolf in the world and slowly returned to the form of a small puppy. The whole world became gigantic, and the huge wolf looked even bigger until he transformed into his original form.

    Heeseong, who had turned back into a puppy, worked hard to escape from the clothes. Then, with his chin comfortably resting on the huge wolf’s snout, he gazed at Yoon Chi-young with calm, settled eyes.

    ‘Yoon Chi-young didn’t like me just because I’m a puppy.’

    The puppy rubbed his cheek warmly against Yoon Chi-young’s snout and thought.

    ‘…He liked me, Gyeon Heeseong, with a bad personality.’

    Heeseong, who had been indifferent to all the cool wolf beastmen he saw at the casino, had a different impression of Yoon Chi-young. As the saying goes, knowing leads to love, and he changed after getting to know the real him. Just like himself, it wouldn’t be that Yoon Chi-young was drawn to all puppies. There was no need to be jealous of Hodu or fall into anxiety in the first place.

    The puppy, who had been happily rolling around, buried his body deep into the sleeping wolf’s mane. Yoon Chi-young’s embrace was warm and fluffy, whether he was human or wolf. A strange guy who fell head over heels for a puppy with a bad temper and grumpy personality. But Heeseong didn’t mind that uniqueness. Rather, he was grateful to Yoon Chi-young for letting him know that he could also be loved by someone.

    That’s how meaningless his jealousy and anxiety had felt.

    In fact, Heeseong seemed to have been afraid. Afraid that later, Yoon Chi-young would also leave him in an empty house and go, or suddenly bring another puppy and lose interest in him. Even though he had thought he would be fine with it, the puppy’s heart still ached to the point of tears just by imagining it. So when Yoon Chi-young brought Hodu, he had been overly anxious and hated him that much.

    However, when Heeseong started seeing him through the same eyes as Yoon Chi-young, he realized it was a nonsensical imagination.

    And if he didn’t want to be abandoned in the first place….

    ‘…I can just take responsibility for him and live with him.’

    The puppy, who had been buried in the black mane, raised his head with a determined face.

    A new path seemed to flash before his eyes. Heeseong decided that he had to keep Yoon Chi-young by his side in his own way.

    For a fighting dog, love is something to be won.

    The qualification to welcome a beautiful and honest companion is given through one’s own efforts. Heeseong was a dog beastman who had received and grown up with that teaching. But after meeting Yoon Chi-young and even getting involved in meeting his parents, they were together without any promises as lovers.

    ‘I definitely need to leave a mark that he’s my lover.’

    Indeed, it was necessary to establish the relationship. To do that, a confession was essential. Moreover, to capture his lover’s heart, he had to prove to some extent that he was a prepared puppy.

    Fortunately, Heeseong had income and had already prepared the optimal safe to hide money.

    First, he had to check the money. The puppy carefully left the room, leaving Yoon Chi-young behind, and headed to his own safe.

    ‘My money should be safe, right?’

    The safe was a place Heeseong had prepared since he first came to Yoon Chi-young’s house, and it was a place where only Heeseong, as a puppy, could enter. The puppy, who had come to the living room, wriggled his butt and went under the sofa.

    In the dim place, Heeseong raised his head and rummaged through the hole in the sofa bottom with his front paw. Then, heavy envelopes of money fell with a thud. It was the money Heeseong had collected by stealing the money Yoon Chi-young dropped or meticulously collecting from Yoon Jin-young, and finally, there was an occasion to use it for Yoon Chi-young.

    In the meantime, thankfully, whenever Yoon Chi-young’s brother gave useless false information, he would send money. Thanks to that, Heeseong was able to securely collect money as thick as a puppy’s body every month.


    Fortunately, it seemed possible to prepare for the confession without further collecting money. Relieved, Heeseong grabbed the money envelope with his mouth and worked hard to move it to his room. The money was quite heavy and in large quantities, so he had to rustle around for a while. Fortunately, Yoon Chi-young was deeply asleep, intoxicated by the medicine.


    The puppy, who had organized all the money, sneezed. It was a dusty place, so he kept sneezing. Still, Heeseong responsibly organized the money to the end. Thinking of accepting Yoon Chi-young as his official lover and supporting him, the money felt precious.

    ‘How will I support him….’

    Yoon Chi-young had so much money that it was rotting, but he also had a severe habit of wasting money. Moreover, with a history of gambling addiction, Heeseong was deeply worried about whether he could handle the living expenses with this delinquent act.

    The puppy soon shook his head to shake off his worries.

    ‘…No. Still, I have to support my own lover by myself.’

    Heeseong strengthened his will, thinking like a fighting dog.

    Heeseong had always been abandoned and betrayed by someone precious. But this time, he wanted to take responsibility for Yoon Chi-young until the end and treat him well. It was the first companion he had chosen for himself. For a puppy who never had a say in relationships, this confession held great meaning.

    ‘Yoon Chi-young likes shiny things, so a ring would be perfect for the confession, right?’

    Now the puppy could do something for someone for the first time. The puppy emerged from under the sofa, thinking with excitement that made his whole body’s fur stand on end. After meeting Yoon Chi-young, he had gained weight, and his belly kept getting stuck in the gap, but he tried to ignore it.


    <Epilogue 2 ends!>

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