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    When Heeseong and Yoon Chi-young returned to the annex, a fair amount of snow had accumulated.

    In the tranquil courtyard in front of the annex, Heeseong took a deep breath with Yoon Chi-young’s hand in his. The cold air, mixed with the scent of grass, filled his lungs. Having been in a tense state after witnessing bloodshed in that chilling space, returning to the annex felt like a breath of fresh air.

    “It seems you’ve calmed down a bit.”

    Yoon Chi-young seemed to feel the same, holding onto Heeseong’s hand more steadily than before. Despite everything, Heeseong decided that today, he would take care of Yoon Chi-young sincerely.

    Noticing Heeseong’s concern, Yoon Chi-young suddenly scooped up a handful of snow from the ground. Heeseong tried to stop him, knowing his hand was injured, but Yoon Chi-young had quickly formed a snowball.

    “Look at this, puppy… your true form.”


    Heeseong’s gaze turned fierce, and anger made his hair stand on end, revealing white puppy ears atop his head. He wanted to retort, but the snowball’s size and color were indeed similar to his own, leaving him feeling unjustly accused.

    Yet, the puppy didn’t hold back his temper. He snatched the snowball from Yoon Chi-young and threw it at his face. Annoyingly, Yoon Chi-young dodged it with ease, his agility belying his size.

    “You’re big for nothing!”

    Teasing Yoon Chi-young for his wolf’s shortcomings, Heeseong threw another snowball. However, Yoon Chi-young, far from being hit, simply smiled as if he found the puppy adorable, and then tried to envelop Heeseong in a big hug. Heeseong, finding it intolerable, swiftly transformed back into a puppy.


    Although he hadn’t shown it, Heeseong actually loved snow and quickly became excited. The puppy pranced around in the snow, its ears flopping with each leap, leaving a trail of small paw prints behind.

    Yoon Chi-young then transformed into a wolf and chased after Heeseong. Initially, the puppy ran in genuine fear, but soon it was playfully tumbling under the black wolf’s nose.

    The enormous wolf nuzzled and playfully licked the puppy, tickling him incessantly. Despite the puppy’s playful bites and attempts to escape, the wolf quickly caught up and playfully flipped him over to expose his pink belly.


    Lying back in the snow, the puppy laughed with its tongue out, and the wolf, lying beside him, continued to nuzzle him as if giving kisses. After a while, Heeseong, reinvigorated, began to chase the wolf in return.


    The sight of a grand wolf being chased by a tiny puppy was amusing, with the wolf lowering its tail as if in defeat. Heeseong pursued with all his might, aiming for the wolf’s long tail.

    The puppy’s tenacity was evident as it clung to the tail upon catching it, surprising the wolf into spinning around and sitting down as if in surrender. The wolf, conceding defeat, gently touched the puppy with its massive paw, resembling the puppy’s own size. The triumphant puppy, after releasing the tail, buried itself in the wolf’s majestic mane, gazing up at him.

    The excitement subsided as the puppy wagged its tail slowly, and snow quietly fell upon them. Heeseong, pressing his cheek against the wolf’s mane, gazed at him with dark eyes.

    “Have you finally found some peace?”

    In this snowy winter scene, the black wolf seemed like a painting. Heeseong stared at the elegantly seated wolf against the white backdrop, envying the beautiful form and regretting that Yoon Chi-young had hidden such beauty. Perhaps if he had seen his true form sooner, he would have grown fond of him more quickly.

    Feeling inexplicably shy, the puppy stood up and ran off in the opposite direction. The wolf followed, nudging the puppy back towards the annex.

    “Ah, why!”

    Whether trying to stop the play or not, the black wolf kept nudging the puppy with its snout. When Heeseong attempted to flee again, the wolf quickly caught up and gently bit his scruff.

    Startled by the bite, even though it wasn’t hard, the puppy yelped in surprise. The fear of the wolf’s bite was still a trauma for him. Yoon Chi-young, slightly startled himself, let go but then gently licked Heeseong’s neck and picked him up by the scruff again.

    “Scared, huh?”

    Startled, Heeseong looked around with wide eyes as he was carried by the wolf. He could see the snow-covered courtyard below. Worried that the wolf might drop him, the puppy held on tightly, tucking his tail between his legs.

    With a powerful leap, the wolf cleared the fence.

    Yoon Chi-young headed towards the hot spring that was connected to the annex. Despite the stone wall, the wolf effortlessly jumped over the fence, as high as Heeseong, with impressive agility and strength.

    “You’ll catch a cold doing that.”

    Yoon Chi-young transformed back into his half-beast form in front of the hot spring. His shoulders broadened, and his well-defined muscles became visible in his impressive nudity. The puppy, looking up at his tall figure, transformed into his half-beast form too. Though leaner and more boyish, Heeseong felt dissatisfied with his own pale body.

    “You were having fun too, despite being injured…”

    Mumbling, Heeseong poured warm water over himself. Although playing was fun, the sight of the hot spring made him eager to dive in. It was his first time experiencing a hot spring bath.

    After a quick rinse, Yoon Chi-young carried Heeseong into the hot spring. The spring wasn’t very deep; the water reached Yoon Chi-young’s chest when he sat down.

    Sitting on his lap, Heeseong leaned back comfortably against him. He was not used to such tranquility, having lived a life on constant alert.

    Heeseong didn’t want to lose this peaceful moment either. Resting his head on Yoon Chi-young’s neck, he cautiously asked, “Hey, Yoon Chi-young…”

    Instead of answering, Yoon Chi-young pressed his lips to Heeseong’s cheek and the nape of his neck, gazing down at him with a longing expression as if he had been waiting for this moment. Struggling with the affectionate kisses, Heeseong hesitated to ask the question he had in mind.

    He wanted to ask about Yoon Chi-young’s past and what had happened with his father.

    But it was clear that this was a sensitive topic for Yoon Chi-young. Given his current unstable state, provoking him might trigger a pheromone shock.

    Eventually, Heeseong chose a different question, one he could bear not knowing the answer to for Yoon Chi-young’s sake.

    “What will you do about Yang Hye-chan?”

    They had obtained clues earlier about Yang Hye-chan’s collaboration with Park Geon-tae. Knowing Yoon Chi-young’s cunning nature, he would have already investigated these clues through his men. Heeseong was certain of this, given the increase in reports Yoon Chi-young had been receiving lately.

    Yoon Chi-young, stroking Heeseong’s damp cheek, casually replied, “I have to make those who touched our puppy pay.”

    “Will the leader let it slide?”

    “Who knows…”

    Yoon Chi-young smiled smoothly, wrapping his arms around Heeseong from behind and nibbling at his ear.

    “It’s better if he interferes. It gives us an excuse to deal with him too.”

    Heeseong looked at Yoon Chi-young’s calm smile, unable to hold his beautiful grey eyes for long, and looked away.

    It felt strange. Even though Yoon Chi-young promised revenge, Heeseong wasn’t entirely thrilled or happy.

    To put it bluntly, even if the target was his own sister, Yoon Chi-young was willing to ‘deal’ with her. Heeseong wished that Yoon Chi-young would not have to commit fratricide, not out of guilt, for if that were the case, Heeseong wouldn’t have considered revenge against Park Geon-tae at all.

    He was more concerned about Yoon Chi-young suffering from harming his own family.

    Both of their natures were akin to beasts, born with a strong instinct to protect and be with their pack. As evidence, despite knowing his parents had abandoned him, Heeseong couldn’t bring himself to hate them, which was troubling. While he felt no such affection for Park Geon-tae, who had betrayed him first, it was different for Yoon Chi-young, who, despite being a guardian, would surely suffer emotionally for considering his own sister an enemy.

    “Yoon Chi-young.”

    Heeseong whispered, holding Yoon Chi-young’s hand tightly underwater.

    “Should we just… go away for a while, just the two of us?”

    “Where to?”

    “I don’t know.”

    Even though he had suggested it, he couldn’t pin down where he wanted to go.

    All Heeseong knew was that he didn’t want to push the currently unstable Yoon Chi-young towards revenge. He wished for both of them to be free from thoughts of vengeance, at least until they were in a better state.

    “How about we take a break somewhere, just the two of us, away from everyone else?”

    There was no reply, only the clear sound of water trickling in the hot spring. Heeseong felt Yoon Chi-young’s gaze on him but couldn’t meet his eyes, looking down instead.

    After a while, Yoon Chi-young gently washed Heeseong’s white puppy ears and asked lazily, “What scared our puppy so much?”

    “I didn’t say I was scared.”

    Heeseong stubbornly retorted.

    Seeing this, Yoon Chi-young quietly chuckled and nibbled at his ear. He knew the puppy struggled with expressing his emotions and seemed to understand the fear Heeseong was feeling.

    Before one is stained with blood, fear is a common feeling, and having something precious makes one hesitate even more. Yoon Chi-young wanted to ask if Heeseong was cherishing him that much, but seeing the puppy’s serious, almost tearful expression, he held back.

    “Puppy, do you know something?”

    Yoon Chi-young decided to start with the most important fact.

    “I’ve always wanted to spend a day at peace with the puppy.”

    “What are you talking about… We are doing that.”

    “No. You have nightmares every night.”


    Heeseong looked up with a stunned expression.

    He saw Yoon Chi-young reverted to his half-beast form, fangs bared, chewing on his red lips. The gray of his eyes was menacing. Heeseong knew this look among the wolf clan; it was the rage shown when their pack was threatened.

    Why hadn’t he thought of it before?

    To Yoon Chi-young, the pack he needed to protect wasn’t his family; it was Heeseong himself. This realization sent shivers down Heeseong’s spine.

    “Our puppy whimpers every night, saying it doesn’t hurt, begging not to leave… How could I possibly sleep peacefully knowing you’re having such nightmares?”

    Yoon Chi-young kissed him gently, his fangs brushing Heeseong’s delicate skin without leaving a mark. Even his whisper was sweet.

    “Just wait for me.”


    “After everything is settled, let’s go somewhere truly peaceful, where no one else is.”

    Heeseong was forced to confront the reality he had been too scared to fully acknowledge. Ignoring the need for revenge and merely enduring wouldn’t change anything. He was left with only his nightmares and the sorrow of his unjust past.

    With a somewhat composed gesture, Heeseong wiped his eyes. He felt like he finally understood what they needed to do as a pack. Being each other’s only family, they couldn’t afford to lose sight of their goals at crucial moments.

    “Then, Yoon Chi-young.”


    Regaining his resolve, Heeseong offered one final compromise. Despite Yoon Chi-young’s gaze flickering with instability, Heeseong had something he desperately wanted to promise.

    “Promise me… you won’t get hurt.”


    “And that you won’t recklessly harm yourself like before, promise me, ah…!”

    Before Heeseong could finish, Yoon Chi-young showered him with kisses, holding him as if he would never let go of his breath or his white body, caressing his soft flesh.

    “Ah, stop…!”

    Heeseong whimpered, touching Yoon Chi-young’s muscular arms that were bulging with tension. But Yoon Chi-young seemed to have lost half his sanity already. Every breath he took was accompanied by a low growl, frightening Heeseong, who splashed water around in panic. Yet, Yoon Chi-young held him close, pressing kisses to his white neck.

    “Is that all you want me to promise? Really?”

    “Ah, it hurts, ah…!”

    “Of course, I can promise that. Of course…”

    With those words, Yoon Chi-young gently lifted Heeseong. Caught off guard, Heeseong found himself helplessly pushed down, facing away from Yoon Chi-young, without even realizing his backside was exposed to him.

    Not giving him a chance to react, Yoon Chi-young bit into his flushed backside, much like one would bite into a peach.

    “Ah, huh!”

    Startled, Heeseong’s tail shot up. As Yoon Chi-young’s tongue languidly explored between his legs, Heeseong’s tail stiffened, trembling at the tip. He hadn’t expected Yoon Chi-young to so thoroughly explore his most sensitive areas.

    “Yeah, ah, why there… huh.”

    Overwhelmed by both shame and a hazy pleasure, Heeseong’s legs gave way. But Yoon Chi-young supported Heeseong’s waist, continuing to ravage his sensitive spot with his tongue. Heeseong flushed deeply, gasping for air. He couldn’t focus due to the rich movements of Yoon Chi-young’s tongue, and the tension in his entrance gradually eased.

    Yoon Chi-young then rose to stand behind Heeseong, stroking his own erect member before aligning it with Heeseong’s flushed entrance.

    “Your entrance is so tight…”

    “Don’t say that…”

    “I want to thrust in right now.”

    Yoon Chi-young growled with a suppressed voice, eager to bury his heavy shaft inside, trying to wedge even just the tip into the tight space. Frightened by its size, Heeseong felt a chill run down his spine. Even his white tail curled between his legs was pulled aside by Yoon Chi-young to expose him fully. Soon, Yoon Chi-young’s finger delved in, gently coaxing the soft inner walls to relax.

    “Don’t just put it in… ah, haak!”

    Fingers probed deeper, gently teasing the sensitive flesh. Heeseong’s strong retorts turned into broken moans. Yoon Chi-young growled deep in his throat at the sensitive response, then withdrew his fingers. Without the usual care to soothe his lover, the hefty tip pressed halfway into the yielding entrance.

    “Ah, it’s too big…”

    Heeseong tried to pull away, trembling. Each attempt to breach him sent waves of languid shivers through him.

    Muscles outlined in tension, Yoon Chi-young pressed firmly at the junction. The warmth from the hot spring made the interior unusually welcoming, tightly wrapping around him. A long sigh escaped as blood rushed to his member, further engorging the already tense tip that teased Heeseong’s insides.

    “Ah, why so tight, puppy.”

    Yoon Chi-young slammed in forcefully, repeatedly grinding against Heeseong’s small backside. Heeseong sobbed, even reaching back to grasp his hand.

    “Be gentle, gentle… ah! It feels weird…”

    The more Heeseong pleaded, the more force Yoon Chi-young applied. He gazed down at his member engulfed by the peach-like buttocks as if he could taste it through the skin. The warm flesh seemed to gulp down his entirety, squeezing and stroking him perfectly.

    Yoon Chi-young gripped the buttocks tightly, fixing the twitching white tail along with the waist. No thoughts crossed his mind, only a thirst to devour everything within this man, to fill him up completely.

    What followed was a relentless pounding that made Heeseong lose his breath.

    With each sharp thrust, Heeseong’s cries scattered into the air. Yoon Chi-young’s arms, strained with effort, clutched the slender waist. Only primal instincts remained within him, an urge to delve deeper into Heeseong, to fill him with his seed, ensuring only his presence within. With the intent to scrape away any trace of others, Yoon Chi-young stirred and scratched the inner walls with his glans.

    “Ah, ah! Ah, ah…!”

    Each time he thrust, lifting the flesh, Heeseong screamed in ecstasy. His own member was already erect, leaking sticky pre-cum. Yoon Chi-young mischievously smiled, roughly handling Heeseong’s member until it weakly ejaculated. Heeseong’s eyes brimmed with tears, trembling finely.

    “Ah, that’s, ah… ah…”

    Heeseong’s faint words were incomprehensible. Yoon Chi-young’s only desire was to pour his heat into Heeseong. A faint notion that this might be part of a pheromone shock, urging him to stop, crossed his mind, but his body was already gripping Heeseong tightly. Twisting the collapsing waist, he lifted Heeseong entirely.

    “I hate this position.”

    Losing the ground beneath his feet, Heeseong wrapped his legs around Yoon Chi-young’s waist, clinging to him instinctively. Yoon Chi-young lightly lifted Heeseong, drilling back in with his member. Adjusting the position to thrust up sharply a few times, Heeseong arched back, trembling finely with pleasure.

    “Yoon Chi-young,… I… huh!”

    “It’s okay, ah… it’s okay.”

    “Don’t knot, stop getting bigger…”

    Heeseong sobbed, clinging tightly. Yoon Chi-young understood his words, but the preparing knot swelled even larger. It felt as though an extra testicle was forming at the base of his shaft.

    But he couldn’t stop. Grinding his fangs, Yoon Chi-young rubbed his member recklessly. Then Heeseong’s voice changed, no longer weakly pleading, but gasping as he clung to Yoon Chi-young’s thick shoulders and whispered, tightening around him.

    “Ah, yeah… feels, good.”

    Yoon Chi-young was spurred on by those words. The mere fact that Heeseong was accepting him brought immense satisfaction.

    What followed was a blur. The sound of water and any subtle presence faded away. Yoon Chi-young hated himself for how violently he was shaking Heeseong, thrusting wildly as if using his body as a tool. The recoil from his solid lower abdomen forced Heeseong down onto him, his thigh muscles bulging as he did not stop until the climax.

    “Ugh, hoo…”

    With a final powerful thrust, his member swelled to lock its position, starting the knotting. Yoon Chi-young endured the painful pleasure by biting into Heeseong’s shoulder. Within his embrace, Heeseong couldn’t make a sound. His waist was tense and pale, trembling finely with each deep ejaculation from Yoon Chi-young. The cum splattered several times from the tip of his member.


    After knotting, Yoon Chi-young sighed contentedly and sat beside him. For the next hour, his member would not detach. Heeseong, sobbing, clung to his shoulder, and Yoon Chi-young soothed him. He regretted that his member had grown too large but hoped that Heeseong would accept all of his cum. Yoon Chi-young smiled thinly, gently massaging Heeseong’s reddened backside.

    “Why do you always have to go and… huh?”

    Heeseong, sobbing, lifted his head. His reddened eyes and trembling puppy ears looked pitiful. Yoon Chi-young, having regained some sense, kissed Heeseong’s face tenderly, asking,

    “Are you struggling? Should I pull out?”

    “Just stay still. Ah…”

    Heeseong’s waist was gently stroked over his member, which was still overly sensitive, making Heeseong almost scream. Even a slight touch filled him with intense pleasure.

    Heeseong then clung to Yoon Chi-young as if he didn’t want to let go, exactly what Yoon Chi-young had hoped for.

    “Don’t pull out. You, you’re so bad…”

    Heeseong’s rough words were followed by him closing his eyes, seemingly passing out. Yoon Chi-young chuckled softly, gently biting Heeseong’s ear. Then, with a more serious expression, he shifted within Heeseong, securing the knotting.

    Yoon Chi-young cherished Heeseong in his arms, finalizing the deep knotting. Though feeling refreshed, a thirst for Heeseong lingered. Yoon Chi-young realized he needed to hasten their revenge for both their sakes. Once was far from enough; his obsession with Heeseong only deepened.

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