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    Heeseong lay in bed all weekend.

    Knotting, which he experienced for the first time, was no ordinary matter. Heeseong curled up and lay down, constantly feeling a subtle sensation as if he were carrying a hot egg in his belly.

    Next to him, Yoon Chi-young fed Heeseong with nourishing food all weekend and filleted sea bream for him twice. He also constantly watched over Heeseong with worried eyes, staying close to him as he only slept. It was a good thing he consistently and sincerely took care of Heeseong; otherwise, Heeseong might have viciously bitten him out of resentment.


    After two days passed like that, late at night, Heeseong woke up to the sound of a smartphone vibrating.

    Looking next to the bed, Yoon Chi-young’s phone, which was carelessly tossed aside, was ringing. Knowing it wasn’t a call for him anyway, Heeseong leaned his body against the fluffy side and comfortably shifted his position.

    ‘It’s warm…’

    The back felt very soft and warm. Heeseong almost thought he was lying on the cushion in his puppy form.

    But something was strange. Yoon Chi-young’s heavy arm was wrapped around Heeseong’s waist. But was it really an arm? It was very hot and heavy, and the texture was definitely different from a human arm. Heeseong blankly looked down at the black thing encircling his waist, then slightly turned his head to check what the fluffy thing was.

    A black wolf was snugly wrapped around Heeseong’s body.


    Horrified, Heeseong gasped for breath and got out of bed. His naked white body was barely covered by a gown that had fallen to the floor.

    In that state, he backed away without ever turning his back. He shouldn’t show his back to a wolf. If he accidentally showed a gap, he could be hunted. Heeseong, extremely tense, first checked Yoon Chi-young’s condition.

    “Y-Yoon Chi-young…?”

    The wolf just quietly watched Heeseong while lying on the bed. He was simply gazing at Heeseong with a serene and elegant posture. Unlike last time, he didn’t rush at Heeseong recklessly, and he crossed his front paws in an X shape, his gray eyes shining. The glossy black fur covering his body looked very stylish.

    Moreover, when their eyes met, the wolf deliberately wagged his tail. Heeseong’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “Are you in your right mind…?”

    At the question, the wolf laughed. His fangs, as thick as Heeseong’s finger, were exposed as if threatening his opponent, but that face overlapped with Yoon Chi-young’s usual vampiric smile. The wolf was truly in his right mind, not in pheromone shock.

    Heeseong nervously gulped and approached the wolf step by step. Until then, the wolf lowered his gaze and waited obediently while lying in place. That alone meant he welcomed Heeseong entering his territory.

    Approaching him, Heeseong gently stroked the wolf’s fluffy head.


    The fur was very soft. Moreover, the black wolf with gray eyes was the very embodiment of Heeseong’s aspiration. An alpha with a lion-like aura. Heeseong admired the black wolf’s appearance with a mixture of envy and jealousy. His own original form as a puppy seemed smaller than the wolf’s bushy tail.

    At the same time, the grudge from last night came to mind.

    “…You attacked me last time knowing you could be this docile?”

    As soon as he spoke with resentment, the wolf pounced on Heeseong. Startled, Heeseong crumpled and collapsed ungracefully with an “Eek!” sound. The wolf had merely pressed his front paws against him, but Heeseong couldn’t resist and was pinned under the heavy body. Heeseong’s ears turned bright red. He was embarrassed that he had crumbled so easily, and he felt apologetic and self-conscious for being startled even though he knew Yoon Chi-young was normal. Knowing the feelings of a beastmen with a complex about their original form, he wanted to show as little fear as possible in front of Yoon Chi-young.

    Then a soft, half-drowsy voice was heard from above his body.

    “This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve been in my right mind while in my original form.”


    When Heeseong dazedly raised his head, he saw Yoon Chi-young, who had transformed into his half-human state at some point. He seemed genuinely happy. Lying on top of Heeseong and hugging him, he was busy leaving affectionate kiss marks on Heeseong’s earlobe and the nape below it from the morning. Heeseong twitched one eye at the ticklish sensation and asked,

    “Then… have you endured pheromone shock for 10 years?”

    “I relied a lot on the power of medicine, but yes.”


    Numerous emotions clouded Heeseong’s eyes upon hearing the answer.

    Inwardly, Heeseong felt sorry for Yoon Chi-young. He knew that Yoon Chi-young had always endured with potent drugs. He was also vaguely aware that the purebred wolves had forced Yoon Chi-young’s pheromone glands to become overdeveloped.

    “…Why did you pick me up so late?”

    Heeseong spoke as if reproaching him out of heartache. Yoon Chi-young brightly burst into laughter while saying, “I know, right,” and left a peck kiss. Seeing the puppy’s serious expression, Yoon Chi-young soothingly stroked his eyes, but Heeseong silently gazed at him for a long time without saying a word. Thinking of Yoon Chi-young falling asleep alone for the past 10 years, enduring the pain, made Heeseong feel miserable.

    As much as he felt sorry for Yoon Chi-young, Heeseong quietly hugged him and patted his back. Yoon Chi-young pretended to be in pain but couldn’t stop giggling, seemingly elated for some reason.


    Then Yoon Chi-young’s smartphone rang again.

    It rang only once briefly, so it seemed to be a text message. Due to the continuous contact, Heeseong pushed Yoon Chi-young aside and sat on the edge of the bed, intending to hand him the smartphone.

    However, he couldn’t possibly ignore the content of the message he saw.

    [Is it true that you’re seeing someone?]

    Looking at the saved name, it was Yoon Chi-young’s mother. Heeseong’s puppy ears pricked up sharply, and his head tilted with a flood of questions.

    He glanced back again. He saw Yoon Chi-young happily wagging his wolf tail and hugging Heeseong’s waist. Unlike the peaceful Yoon Chi-young, Heeseong’s eyes turned into fierce triangles.

    ‘…Is this bastard seeing someone else besides me?’

    If he was a purebred wolf with a particularly strong pack mentality, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had a separate fiancée. Of course, it wouldn’t be himself, a puppy.

    Suddenly, Heeseong felt a strange discomfort. The suspicion made him want to viciously bite, curse at, and interrogate Yoon Chi-young. If he were in his puppy form right now, he would have done so immediately.

    Then Yoon Chi-young asked,

    “What does it say?”

    “…Should I read it to you?”


    Yoon Chi-young simply closed his eyes and pressed the tip of his nose against Heeseong’s waist, sniffing his scent. Above him, Heeseong read the message in a fierce tone, enunciating each word as if confronting an unfaithful lover.

    “‘Is it true that you’re seeing someone?’ Sent by Mother.”

    “How did she find out so quickly?”

    Yoon Chi-young simply mumbled in a good mood. Seeing him being the only one at peace, Heeseong felt the urge to bite and tear at his wolf ears, which were happily twitching. He was disappointed in Yoon Chi-young, suspecting the worst. In fact, Heeseong wasn’t sure what he had been expecting, but he just felt hurt. He thought he and Yoon Chi-young had become a pack with no secrets between them, but…

    Just then, another message arrived. It was a message with a photo attached. Heeseong, who had the phone in his hand, ended up seeing the photo by chance.


    [Is this the right mutt tribe member?]


    The photo showed Yoon Chi-young and Heeseong sitting close together in the hospital’s luxurious lounge. Yoon Chi-young was clinging to Heeseong happily, while Heeseong was glaring at Yoon Chi-young as if scolding him.


    At some point, Yoon Chi-young had risen from behind Heeseong and was checking the photo together. As if he had expected this, he nodded his head and hugged Heeseong from behind. Chuckling subtly, his murmur was ambiguous.

    “Yang Hye-chan comes in handy sometimes.”

    “What, what is it?”

    “It seems the rumor that we sleep together has spread.”

    Why was Yang Hye-chan suddenly mentioned here, and what was this about being helpful? Did Yang Hye-chan spread this photo? Heeseong asked falteringly with a perplexed face.

    “A grown-up can sleep with their lover, why is your mom specifically asking?”

    “Well, wolves are strictly monogamous.”


    Only then did Heeseong recall the tenacious characteristic of purebred wolves and shudder. He felt Yoon Chi-young’s hurt gaze from behind, but he couldn’t pay attention to his confused feelings.

    Finding the situation unbelievable, Heeseong abruptly stood up and asked as if arguing,

    “Even though we’ve only slept together once?”

    “Then of course we have to get married.”

    Yoon Chi-young laughed shyly. To Heeseong, it only looked thoroughly revolting. It was because while speaking, Chi-young was fondling Heeseong’s buttocks with a white tail under the gown.

    Yoon Chi-young spoke as if truly looking at the person he promised to marry, smiling happily.

    “Wolves mate for life and remain chaste before marriage.”

    “Not me, we only slept together once, what do you mean marriage!”

    Even when the puppy fiercely argued, Yoon Chi-young only pretended to be pitiful. Seeing that disgusting expression, Heeseong couldn’t bring himself to curse more and stood there awkwardly frozen. Yoon Chi-young dropped his head pitifully, as if to annoy Heeseong, and continued,

    “…You pounced on me first.”


    “Don’t tell me you were thinking of eating me once and throwing me away?”

    Heeseong finally swung a pillow at Yoon Chi-young’s handsome face. It was because he discovered a subtle smile at the corner of his mouth. This man-eating wolf bastard was definitely happy.

    After beating him to his heart’s content with the cotton ball for a while, Heeseong spoke fiercely while panting.

    “I didn’t think that. I just wanted to try it a bit more.”

    “Ah, so you wanted to taste more before deciding…”

    Yoon Chi-young laughed slyly, curling the corners of his eyes. Being born a wolf, that bloodline couldn’t be denied. Heeseong, red to the tips of his ears, clenched his fists tightly. He was embarrassed that his intentions had been seen through.

    Anyway, Heeseong was also a virile male of the mutt tribe. The first experience of sharing body heat and intertwining flesh with someone was so thrilling it made his toes tingle. Moreover, although he hated to admit it, Yoon Chi-young’s lips that had caressed him, his warm embrace, and everything about them losing their minds and entangling their bodies together felt heart-wrenchingly delightful. In fact, the puppy had always yearned for someone’s warmth.

    However, Heeseong lacked the talent to directly express such lovely feelings. Yoon Chi-young was also a crazy bastard who liked to stimulate such a puppy.

    Suddenly, Yoon Chi-young got up from his spot and strode towards Heeseong. As Heeseong, a full head shorter, faltered back, Yoon Chi-young slipped off the gown draped over his body and said subtly,

    “Then shall we taste a few more times?”

    “You psycho!”

    Heeseong, red to the tips of his ears, quickly tied the front of the gown Yoon Chi-young had been undoing. He didn’t want to see that disgusting thing that had tormented him all night again.

    Anyway, that wasn’t the point right now.

    “Stop joking around, the issue is marriage and monogamy or whatever!”

    “I was never joking though.”

    Yoon Chi-young spoke calmly. Within his handsome face, gray eyes holding a gentle yet soft smile were situated. Heeseong had a memory of seeing this expression before when he first met Yoon Chi-young. Back then, it seemed utterly lifeless, like a statue, but seeing it now, the feeling was completely different. The gray eyes that held Heeseong definitely radiated warm affection.


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