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    Chapter 2: Puppy for a Day

    Part 1

    <Wolves are cunning and fierce. Plus, they have strong solidarity, so if you mess with one, the whole pack will come after you. So never get on their bad side, just bow down and go with it.>

    This was the advice Heeseong received from his brother about the Wolf Clan.

    Heeseong took his brother’s teachings to heart, especially since knowing the characteristics of different beastman customers was crucial for working in the gambling den. For example, feline beastmen valued cleanliness and preferred solo play, while racoon beastmen believed in their own intelligence and thus, it was profitable to place them in gambling sessions with less clever individuals.

    Heeseong generally believed that such traits in beastmen were innate.

    That was until he met Yoon Chi-young.

    “This crazy bastard…!”

    Now, Heeseong was currently exerting all the strength he had in his lifetime. It was because he was wrestling against the beautiful, smiling face of Yoon Chi-young, who had approached right in front of him. Heeseong desperately stretched out his paws to block the lips that kept getting closer.

    Yoon Chi-young, bursting into joyful laughter, pleaded like a lover making a whimsical request to a puppy, “I gave you treats… Can’t you give me just one kiss?”


    Finally settling down at the table, Heeseong sighed deeply. As he sighed in the form of a puppy, Yoon Chi-young fondly toyed with his soft and warm body, finding it cute. It was all meant as a show of affection, but Heeseong was truly on the verge of irritation.

    He wished Yoon Chi-young would just leave him alone.

    Heeseong thought he would have been better off if Yoon Chi-young had been like typical wolves – cunning and fierce. Then, all he would have to do is submit, and it would be over.

    But Yoon Chi-young acted as if he was a puppy’s lover, never letting Heeseong out of his embrace. He even boldly brought the puppy into meetings to ask for important decisions – which he, of course, ignored.

    The more Yoon Chi-young did this, the more anxious Heeseong became. He was looking for any small opportunity to escape this wolf’s den, but Yoon Chi-young kept him close under the guise of finding him cute, leaving Heeseong no chance to find a way out. It was almost as if he was under surveillance.

    “How strange…”

    At that moment, Yoon Chi-young, who had been burying his nose in the resigned puppy’s belly, murmured.

    “Why would anyone abandon something this cute?”

    ‘Who’s being abandoned?’

    The puppy stamped Yoon Chi-young’s cheek forcefully with its short paws. His casual remark was extremely irritating.

    Abandoned. It seemed Yoon Chi-young thought of him merely as an abandoned puppy. However, Heeseong felt an uncomfortable level of aversion to that word itself.

    ‘I wasn’t abandoned.’

    In a fit of anger, the puppy bit Yoon Chi-young’s hand hard, but due to its injuries, it lacked the strength to draw even a drop of blood, unlike before. Yoon Chi-young, seeing the tiny bite marks, actually chuckled as if he found them cute, which hurt the proud canine beastman’s pride deeply.

    “Why is the puppy angry?”

    On the way home, sitting on Yoon Chi-young’s lap in the car, Heeseong wouldn’t even glance his way, despite being petted.

    “I’ll buy you a toy. Calm down.”

    ‘Are you kidding me?’

    Even hearing sweet words did not quell his anger; it only felt more humiliating. After all, Heeseong was a fully grown adult.

    Yoon Chi-young, insisting on his own way, bought a toy and promptly threw it into the washing machine upon returning home.

    “I’ll wash the toy and then you can play with it.”

    ‘…This punk.’

    Heeseong, filled with grievances, followed the housekeeper around, plotting a sinister scheme. It was easy to execute his plan as the housekeeper hurriedly put the toy in the washing machine and fled as soon as Yoon Chi-young came home.

    In the meantime, Yoon Chi-young, having taken a shower, noticed the puppy staring intently at the drum washing machine.

    Inside, small duck and snake toys were spinning round and round. Charmed by the puppy’s cuteness, Yoon Chi-young sat in front of the washing machine, following the puppy’s gaze.


    And then Yoon Chi-young realized what the puppy had been ambitiously watching was not the new toys.

    His wireless earphones were also spinning inside the washing machine.


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