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    When Yoon Chi-young opened his eyes again, he was awakened by the clear sound of birdsong. His body felt incredibly refreshed, and the sunlight seeping through the gaps in the blackout curtains felt unusually significant.

    However, simultaneously, a gut feeling that something was amiss swept through his entire body.

    ‘…What is it?’

    Strangely, the room was bright.

    It was definitely late at night when Yoon Chi-young returned home with Heeseong. He had only closed his eyes for a moment, but now it was morning. He thought this was rude to Heeseong. He firmly believed that Heeseong must have been looking forward to their time in bed as much as he had.

    Nevertheless, it seemed that Heeseong’s expectations had been met. Yoon Chi-young rarely opened his eyes wide in surprise as he looked down at his embrace.


    In his arms, Heeseong was lying naked, his body in a complete mess. There were bite marks all over Heeseong’s fair and smooth body. His entire body was covered in red and purple marks, one side of his chest was swollen, and his buttocks were particularly ravaged. His bottom was still flushed red, and the vicious bite marks were vivid.


    Moreover, their lower bodies were still connected.

    These were common traces that appeared after intense lovemaking. Yoon Chi-young stared in disbelief at the small buttocks tightly enveloping his manhood. Suddenly, he felt not only wronged but also horrified.

    ‘What on earth happened?’

    He couldn’t remember anything from last night.

    To have had sex with his lover and have no memory of it at all. Yoon Chi-young, with a gravely stiffened face, tried to recall his memories. However, nothing came to mind in the pitch-black darkness of his mind. Even when he tried to recall his last memory, it ended with Heeseong coming out of the bathroom and caressing him.

    Then, there was only one possibility.

    Pheromone shock.

    Yoon Chi-young, his face turning pale, hastily checked Heeseong’s body first.

    He pulled back the blanket, counted the ten fingers of Heeseong who was lying on his side to make sure they were all there, and checked his fair and soft body several times for any other injuries. However, apart from the red and purple erotic marks, Heeseong was fine.

    Rather, as their connected genitals moved, perhaps stimulated, Heeseong breathed erotically and opened his eyes, looking disheveled.



    Yoon Chi-young, whose eyes met Heeseong’s, erased his serious expression and smiled awkwardly. However, Heeseong’s relaxed face crumpled instantly, and eyes filled with anger could be seen.

    “You beast…”

    Heeseong, who had murmured quietly, immediately pushed Yoon Chi-young away and escaped from his embrace. As he pulled out his penis, he let out a faint moan and fled, immediately climbing onto the dog bed below the bed and transforming into a puppy.

    However, the puppy seemed so exhausted that it struggled to climb onto the dog bed. In the end, Yoon Chi-young had to support the round buttocks with his hand first. Heeseong, as if even that was resentful, fiercely bit Yoon Chi-young’s hand, but soon fell asleep as if fainting, biting his fingers and lying on the cushion.


    Beside him, Yoon Chi-young was frozen, unable to even think of comforting Heeseong.

    Although his body definitely felt refreshed, Yoon Chi-young couldn’t help but be shocked by the new pheromone shock symptom.


    In fact, this wasn’t the first time Yoon Chi-young couldn’t properly remember what happened the night before. It was the same during their first time having sex.

    However, it wasn’t as if he couldn’t remember anything at all like this time, and his memory was patchy as if he were drunk. He vaguely remembered that Heeseong had felt so good that day that he had thrust into him like a dog. Or that he had really become a beast. Since his memory of that night was hazy, he was unsure of what he had been like.

    As his memory was fragmented, there were many unfamiliar traces as well. Once, when he hugged Heeseong from behind in the elevator, Yoon Chi-young’s eyes changed upon seeing the tooth marks left on the back of his fair neck.

    〈…Who did this?〉

    Yoon Chi-young asked in a low voice as he pulled down the collar at the back of Heeseong’s neck.


    However, far from being surprised, Heeseong looked back with a pitying face. Then, with that gentle and innocent face, he even bared his canine teeth and asked softly.

    〈…Who else could it be?〉

    〈Is it someone I know?〉

    〈It’s you, you did this!〉

    That day, Yoon Chi-young was scolded quite a bit by the puppy.

    However, Yoon Chi-young really couldn’t remember, so he asked several times if he had really done it, if Heeseong was hiding something. Thinking it was a joke, Heeseong transformed into a puppy when they got home that day, stepped on Yoon Chi-young’s face as he lay down, and bit his proud nose. Yoon Chi-young was happy no matter how the puppy expressed its anger, but on the other hand, a corner of his heart felt uneasy.

    He was afraid that one day he might hurt the puppy and not remember it.

    From that day on, Yoon Chi-young started taking pheromone suppressants again. At least when he took the medication, he had clear memories of what happened throughout the night.

    Moreover, Yoon Chi-young also sought advice from his attending physician. The once-renowned doctor nodded, saying it was something that could sufficiently happen.

    〈Director Yoon, you have a naturally strong pheromone, and since you are currently in heat, it’s possible that you can’t control yourself and your memory may be inaccurate to that extent.〉

    〈Even though we had relations more than once a week as recommended?〉

    At the question, the specialist looked at Yoon Chi-young, who had only been afraid all his life, like a young boy for the first time.

    〈Wolves who have welcomed their first companion often lose self-control.〉

    It meant that as his first experience was late, his body was heated and he had difficulty regulating it.

    Such a thing was common among purebred wolves, but Yoon Chi-young, who had always been alone, had no adult to advise him and had not known until now.

    Still, since Heeseong had not been hurt, Yoon Chi-young tried to endure with medication. He believed that once this winter passed and his heat ended, there would be no problem.

    However, the incident occurred just 5 days after he stopped taking the medication.


    Yoon Chi-young had not been in his right mind since he woke up that morning.

    Even while lying in the bubble-filled bathtub, he couldn’t relax his serious expression.


    In contrast, the puppy was splashing around near his broad shoulders, trying to find the optimal spot for a half-bath and leaning against him. Since waking up, Heeseong had been staying in his original form due to exhaustion.

    However, Yoon Chi-young couldn’t even think of washing the puppy as usual, lost in deep thought.

    ‘What was my last memory from last night?’

    Yoon Chi-young tried to recall the memories of the previous night with a gravely stiff face. He had even made love to Heeseong. Moreover, the puppy had first snuggled into his arms, but he had no memory of what happened after that.

    Honestly, Yoon Chi-young felt as if he had just slept and woken up refreshed. If his manhood hadn’t been buried in Heeseong’s buttocks when he woke up, he would have thought the puppy was deceiving him, as his memory was a clean blank. It was exactly like the symptoms of pheromone shock.


    Frustrated, Yoon Chi-young brushed back his wet hair and pressed his forehead. A new symptom of pheromone shock had appeared. He felt disgusted with himself, as if he were no better than a beast. He frowned painfully with despair and clenched his teeth, creating thick lines on his cheeks.

    Perhaps concerned about Yoon Chi-young, the puppy that had been lying languidly on his shoulders licked his cheek slightly. Yoon Chi-young, who had finally gained a sense of reality, poured warm water on Heeseong’s round back and asked.



    The puppy on his shoulder responded weakly as if asking why he was calling. Yoon Chi-young didn’t want to disturb his exhausted lover, but there was something he had to know for sure.

    “You really aren’t hurt anywhere?”

    As he asked, he gently lifted the lump on his shoulder with his hand. Although the puppy looked smaller with its wet fur, it was baring its teeth slightly, covered in bubbles like cotton candy. Its furrowed brows clearly showed that it didn’t want to be bothered.

    However, Yoon Chi-young didn’t give up and checked the puppy’s body here and there. He examined its four legs, plump pink belly, and even lifted its tail to check its bottom. Of course, the puppy didn’t stay still either.


    ‘Stop it!’

    Now, Yoon Chi-young could understand about 5 of the words the puppy said most often. Moreover, Heeseong was struggling with all his might, so he had no choice but to let go. Yoon Chi-young could never win against Heeseong’s temper.

    The puppy, which had settled back on Yoon Chi-young’s shoulder, still seemed dissatisfied and leaned its body against one of Yoon Chi-young’s knees that protruded like an isolated island while swimming through the bubble water. That sight was so cute that Yoon Chi-young wanted to hug it right away, but he had to solve the serious problem first.

    “I wasn’t scary last night, was I?”


    Yoon Chi-young asked with a tired face, resting his head on his arm on the edge of the bathtub. Perhaps reading his anxious tone, the puppy looked back, and their eyes met. It seemed to have belatedly sensed that something was amiss.

    Eventually, Heeseong, who had been in puppy form all along, shook his body and slowly transformed into his half-human form. Yoon Chi-young could never take his eyes off him whenever he changed into a human. The fist-sized puppy transformed into a handsome man with fair skin, blinking his gentle eyes and looking closely at Yoon Chi-young’s face. Heeseong was sitting on Yoon Chi-young’s waist, frowning as if puzzled.

    “Hey, Yoon Chi-young.”

    Heeseong called out first, but Yoon Chi-young first traced the red and purple kiss marks left on his collarbone with his fingertips. He couldn’t believe he had left traces that he had no memory of. His grey eyes were frozen in shock.

    Heeseong brought his gentle face close to Yoon Chi-young as if telling him to get a grip.

    “Are you… having trouble remembering again because of the pheromone shock?”


    Belatedly, Yoon Chi-young nodded with a tired face. His handsome features, imbued with the lines of a beautiful man, were filled with melancholy.

    Perhaps feeling sorry for him, Heeseong sighed and pressed his forehead against Yoon Chi-young’s. Even though he wouldn’t even spare a glance when Yoon Chi-young was usually begging for attention. Yet when Yoon Chi-young’s heart was heavy, Heeseong would approach him, making his heart warm. This was why Yoon Chi-young couldn’t help but fall for Heeseong over and over again.

    Heeseong, who had been rubbing foreheads, snuggled deeply into Yoon Chi-young’s broad embrace.

    “I’m fine, so stop worrying.”

    His whispered voice was resolute as always, but it trembled slightly as if shy.

    “An, anyway, it, it was good, so it’s fine.”

    “It was good?”


    At the hesitant answer, interest gleamed in Yoon Chi-young’s eyes.

    Disbelieving those words, he tried to lift Heeseong slightly to see his face, but Heeseong clung tightly to his embrace and wouldn’t let go. Yoon Chi-young couldn’t suppress his laughter upon discovering the reddened tips of Heeseong’s ears.

    “What was good? Hm?”

    “…Are you teasing me? If it was good, then it was good. Stop asking.”

    Perhaps irritated by the laughter, Heeseong spoke forcefully with a flushed face.

    “You don’t think I can handle that much?”

    Belatedly lifting his head, Heeseong asserted his pride.

    Yoon Chi-young shouldn’t have probed or asked further here. He wanted to respect and be loved by his lover, who had grown up as a fighting dog. But he could be more careful from now on by taking more medication.

    “I’m just worried the puppy might have gotten hurt.”

    “After leaving so many kiss marks, you’re pretending to be worried…”

    Heeseong grumbled but showed no signs of displeasure. His complexion also just looked tired, the same as usual.

    Only then did Yoon Chi-young feel relieved and carefully engaged in a kiss with Heeseong. Thinking that Heeseong’s kissing skills were gradually improving, he licked the tiny canine teeth with his tongue and left butterfly kisses. Soon, he whispered with a hint of laughter.

    “Still, for the time being, I should stay in my wolf form to stabilize my pheromones completely…”

    “You’re that concerned?”

    “Of course.”

    “I don’t mind your mistakes…”

    “What mistakes?”

    At the question, Heeseong didn’t answer. There was only a hesitant air about him. However, he didn’t say anything more and just leaned against Yoon Chi-young’s embrace.

    Yoon Chi-young hugged Heeseong tightly. He knew that Heeseong wouldn’t speak for his sake anyway. This was why he had to reduce his pheromones even more. He never wanted to experience again not remembering the mistakes he had made to his lover all night.

    “What if you get hurt next time because of this?”

    “What is there for me to get hurt by…”

    Although Heeseong grumbled without much concern, he couldn’t dissuade Yoon Chi-young any further. He knew that Yoon Chi-young was suffering from pheromone shock.

    However, he also knew that pheromone suppressants were strong medications, so he thought it would be better for Yoon Chi-young to stay in his original form. Although his own burden would increase if Yoon Chi-young stayed as a wolf, he wanted to take responsibility for Yoon Chi-young as a pack, just as he had always comfortably stayed as a puppy.

    Heeseong wiped Yoon Chi-young’s cheek with bubbles.

    “Do as you like.”

    As soon as he said that, Yoon Chi-young, who smiled comfortably, kissed him. The bubbles that touched each other’s cheeks rubbed softly.

    “Kiss me.”

    “Stop being so cute.”

    Heeseong spoke brusquely, even though Yoon Chi-young hadn’t even acted cute. That meant he cherished Yoon Chi-young that much, so Yoon Chi-young shared affectionate butterfly kisses with Heeseong, the corners of his mouth raised.

    However, Yoon Chi-young’s fingertips holding Heeseong’s waist under the bubbles were trembling anxiously.


    He was indeed afraid because he had no memory of last night.

    To be precise, he was afraid that he might have done something terrible to Heeseong. And knowing that Heeseong, who only knew how to look at one person as a puppy, tended to hide the truth for his sake, he couldn’t feel at ease at all even when told that it was alright.

    In the end, after getting out of the bathtub, Yoon Chi-young immediately called his attending physician. It was to examine Heeseong rather than himself.


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