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    Several days passed.

    During that time, Seongjin spent a fulfilling time going back and forth between the library and the training grounds. It was a devoted time he had only experienced decades ago during his school days, pouring all his energy into self-development without any worries.

    There was a personal library for Morres inside the Pearl Palace, which was remarkably large with an extensive collection compared to the size of the palace.

    Just as he was thinking he should make time to look into it, Amelia cautiously asked him for permission to use the library. She had recently become more interested in the current international situation and the circumstances of neighboring countries and wanted to study professional books.

    The Blue Rose Palace of the princes and the Silver Rose Palace of the princesses each had a small library, but they were more like personal reading rooms with simple novels and educational books. And going to the parliamentary library or the main palace library was too far.

    On the other hand, the Pearl Palace library had the advantage of having a considerable collection and being not too far from the Silver Rose Palace.

    -There aren’t many libraries with this many specialized books gathered. It was stocked with reference to the Theology Academy.

    The librarian-cum-administrative manager, who was greatly pleased to have a person enter the library that had been collecting dust, said this.

    Indeed, they said the empress had put her heart and soul into building it for the education of the third prince, and its level seemed to rival that of professional educational institutions.

    And when Seongjin visited the library for the first time with Amelia, he learned a shocking fact.

    The language he had been using up until now was not actually Korean!

    [Wow, I thought there was something lacking about you, but you only realized that now? I’m more surprised you didn’t know until now.]

    The Demon King sneered. Seongjin flipped through books written in an unfamiliar language with a dumbfounded expression.

    ‘Don’t tell me I have to start learning the alphabet from scratch?’

    Now that he was aware of that fact, Amelia’s chatter beside him felt very strange. Why hadn’t he noticed until now? The sentence structure and pronunciation were completely foreign to him.

    What was even more surprising was that despite this, Seongjin had no major problem understanding what she was saying.

    With a thought that suddenly occurred to him, Seongjin asked the Demon King.

    ‘Just in case, don’t tell me you’re not speaking Korean either…’

    [What? Dude?]

    The answer that came back was absurd.

    [Why would I, the Demon King of Gehenna, use the language of a lowly world like Sigurd 34th District, and not even its common language but the language of a backwater country? I don’t even know that language.]

    ‘Then how have we been communicating until now?’

    [That’s because I am directly having a conversation of souls through thought waves. You ignorant Earthling.]

    The Demon King, who had found an opportunity to show off after a long time, puffed up with pride.

    [For someone of my level, reading thoughts before language is nothing. There is no language that this body cannot understand.]

    Ah. I see.

    Then, could Seongjin’s ability to understand the language here also be related to the Demon King reading his thoughts first?

    To his question, the Demon King coolly replied,

    [Want to test it out?]

    And then his presence instantly disappeared from Seongjin’s mind.


    So this was what he meant when he said he could move a little away from this body now.

    As he was absentmindedly thinking, Amelia, who had been wandering around, approached him with an excited face and spoke.

    “There are so many books here, Morres. It doesn’t seem to fall short of the main palace library! Can I use it often from now on?”

    “Yes, of course, Sister Amelia. Feel free to use it anytime.”

    The unfamiliar language still flowed smoothly from his mouth. It seemed to have little to do with the Demon King’s presence…

    ‘Could it be that I was secretly a language genius?’

    However, the Demon King, who returned shortly after, immediately dismissed his opinion.

    [The language center is in the brain, right? Even if the soul is Lee Seongjin, this body is Morres’. We should consider this as Morres’ body remembering it, shouldn’t we?]

    It was a very plausible statement. Then perhaps…?

    With a glimmer of hope, Seongjin pulled out a book and began to examine it closely. After scrutinizing it for a while, as expected, there were a few recognizable letters.

    Such as particles, onomatopoeia, and very simple words.

    [He’s at the level of a little kid just learning to read.]

    The Demon King summarized it in one sentence.

    Wow, Morres, you rascal.

    Is it true that a prince can’t even read properly until puberty?

    As Seongjin was staring into the void with a dumbfounded expression, faced with the unexpected foreign language study, the Demon King teased him as if to comfort him.

    [Consider yourself lucky that Delcross has adopted a phonetic writing system. Since you know how to speak, you can learn quickly, right? Fighting!]

    On the other hand, there were many changes in his training ground life.

    First, because Seongjin, who had lost a considerable amount of weight, reduced his physical training and aerobic exercise and began to learn swordsmanship from Sir Masain in earnest.

    The standard swordsmanship of the Imperial Knights that he was learning was a remarkably concise and efficient swordsmanship that Banahas, a genius knight of the century, had refined based on the swordsmanship of the Delcros Empire about 100 years ago.

    It was a practical swordsmanship that organized the long-standing techniques, originally passed down as 15 stances and 9 forms each, into 8 stances and 10 forms.

    It was an excellent swordsmanship with extremely elegant movements and outstanding effectiveness, and along with the Banahas Training Method he devised, it had become the basic swordsmanship of the Knights.

    Among them, Masain had Seongjin focus on training the most fundamental Stance 1 and Stance 2. Not only were they the foundation of all stances, but they were also the process that had to be mastered first to learn the Banahas Training Method.

    “Hmm, this is strange.”

    Masain said in puzzlement towards Seongjin, who was swinging a wooden sword while sweating profusely.

    “Clearly, Your Highness has no foundation or posture in swordsmanship at all. Yet, you seem somewhat familiar with handling weapons.”

    Of course it’s obvious.

    When you swing the pincers of demonic beasts for decades, you naturally develop your own cool forms.

    “And I can already see many bad habits. You should keep the power in your sword arm until the end and stop. But Your Highness has a habit of swinging with all your might and subtly releasing power before stopping the sword. The same goes for thrusting straight. Why do you keep rotating counterclockwise?”

    Damn it. Decades of swinging recklessly had come back to bite him.

    Seongjin gritted his teeth and tried his best to make his sword path plain.

    Fortunately, his tenacity to hold on to the end once he was fixated on something shone through, and before long, he was able to correct most of the habits he was pointed out. Of course, if he let his guard down even for a moment, his right arm would rotate without him knowing.

    Masain was satisfied.

    “Originally, I planned to repeat Stance 1 and Stance 2 until you entered aura training, but Your Highness’s progress is faster than I thought. It seems there won’t be much of a problem to push ahead with the sword training a little.”

    And while learning Stance 3 and Stance 4, Seongjin’s bad habits were discovered again.

    “Why do you pull the sword towards your waist while doing a simple diagonal upward slash? Isn’t the sword path too twisted for this to be just a habit?”

    Seongjin swallowed his tears inwardly.

    All of these were the result of desperately striking the hard shells of magic beasts, but there was no way Masain would understand his situation. In the end, he swung the wooden sword until his palms were covered in blisters to correct all the habits he was pointed out.

    Needless to say, Masain was amazed.

    “Your Highness seems to be a born swordsman! It’s not simply a matter of talent with the sword. Even knights who have reached mastery find it difficult to correct their habits if they are wrong, but Your Highness tenaciously digs in and eventually corrects them! Persistently devoting oneself to one thing is one of the most important virtues for a swordsman.”

    However, in contrast to the relatively rapid progress in swordsmanship, the aura training method was strangely unproductive.

    The aura training method begins by sensitively refining one’s sense of aura through meditation and accumulating energy, gradually applying that manipulation to the basic stances that form the foundation.

    The time it takes to apply manipulation to movements varies from a few days to several years depending on talent. When one succeeds in linking aura to a single movement according to one’s will, only then can one be said to have entered training.

    However, most people don’t take more than a few days to start feeling aura and accumulating a small amount in their body.

    But Seongjin was not feeling any energy even after nearly a week.

    After much deliberation, they tried doubling the meditation time.

    “Aura is infused in all movements within the body. Now, let’s start by feeling the inhaling and exhaling of breath. The refreshing air during inhalation and the subtle energies spread within it spread to the chest with a slightly ticklish sensation.”


    “Calm your mind more and contemplate your inner self. Now, feel the aura flowing through your blood vessels to every corner of your body. Your mind becomes relaxed…”

    The impatient Masain even tried something akin to hypnosis!

    “Hypnosis? I just gave you a detailed explanation of the process of aura absorption!”

    He was very indignant.

    “Since Your Highness adapts relatively quickly to sword training, perhaps it would be a good method to try feeling the flow while performing the basic stances.”

    So they did that.

    “Now, that movement just now. Do you feel a slightly ticklish sensation running through your arm at the end of that slash? The aura rotates from the elbow to the wrist, from the inside to the outside.”

    “Yes, here you should feel the sensation of striking down from the knee and the force pushing up from the foot in succession. Tap! Yes, tap! This is the feeling. By having the aura flow in opposite directions in succession, it makes the lower body firmly fixed.”

    To Seongjin, it sounded like a dog eating grass.

    Finally, the exhausted teacher and student plopped down on the training ground floor.

    Hey, Sir Masain. Didn’t you say you were really confident in teaching the basics?

    “Hmm, it’s a bit awkward for me to say this, but it seems true that Your Highness is a bit dull in sensing aura.”

    This assessment finally came out of the mouth of the kind knight commander who had been trying not to point out Morres’ lack of talent.

    “Even I, who took more than twice as long as others to enter training, didn’t take even two days to start feeling aura and accumulating energy.”

    Wow, Morres was truly an aura-insensitive person beyond imagination.

    As Seongjin clutched his head in frustration, Masain looked up at the training ground sky with somewhat wistful eyes.

    “Come to think of it, I understand why Your Highness gave up swordsmanship at a young age. His Highness Logan succeeded in entering training in just one day, but Your Highness showed no progress at all even after a year. It’s understandable that you lost motivation.”

    Sir Masain. Could you not expose someone’s lack of talent like that as if it’s someone else’s business?

    By the way, who is Logan?

    [He’s your older brother, you fool.]

    The Demon King, who had nothing to do and was bored during training, took this opportunity to reveal the information he knew.

    It turned out that the emperor had quite a few children, seven sons and daughters.

    Among them, Logan, the third son and second prince, was the son of the empress and was the same age as Morres, only a few months apart.

    But this son seemed to be a great talent. He was a genius who entered aura training in a single day and was also born with powerful holy power.

    His appearance was also said to resemble the emperor the most, so there were already many people in the world who had their eyes set on the second prince as the next crown prince and were trying to get in line.

    Even his personality was said to be excellent. He voluntarily led young holy knights to go on extermination missions against sea monsters.

    ‘He’s completely different from Morres.’

    The rascal who lounged around in the villa and only wasted food, with zero holy power and dull aura sensitivity.

    The young holy knight overflowing with talent and good personality, slaying sea monsters for the people.

    They were the perfect subjects for comparison.

    ‘Thinking about it that way, Morres is quite pitiful too…’

    As Seongjin was absentmindedly gazing at the passing clouds, Masain, who had been sitting with his head bowed, suddenly clenched his fist and stood up.

    “This won’t do. Your Highness! I think we need to take some extraordinary measures!”


    When Seongjin looked up in puzzlement, Masain’s eyes were burning fiercely as if he had resolved to do something extraordinary.

    “It’s too early to give up. There’s still something we haven’t tried!”

    Why didn’t you try it sooner? Is it dangerous?

    “It’s alright. It’s a method that helped me a lot when I hit the wall of entering training in my youth.”

    “W-Well, if that’s the case…”

    “Then, would you give me your hand for a moment?”

    Seongjin got up from his seat with a dubious expression and held out his hand.

    “Trust me! I will definitely help you feel the sensation of aura!”

    Masain’s face was rather solemn as he grasped Seongjin’s hand and re-emphasized his trust.

    I’m really getting a bad feeling about this.

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