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    Saintess Gracia of Servitude.

    She lived over 700 years ago, a woman likened to an angel for devoting her life to serving those in need. She shared her bread with the poor and, with her limited knowledge, prepared herbal remedies for the sick.

    One day, a plague struck her village. Despite Gracia’s best efforts to care for the people, some tragically died. Subsequently, a villager accused her of witchcraft, leading to her being reported to the heresy tribunal.

    “What? Why accuse someone who helped?”

    “Well, it was a long time ago. They believed the plague was a curse from a witch, and falsely claimed she was the source from the start.”

    Gracia faced three trials ordered by the inquisitor. She was thrown into a cold riverbed, made to walk over hot coals, and submerged in boiling oil.

    However, due to the divine care of the merciful Lord, admiring her pure heart, Gracia safely passed these trials and was eventually acquitted, returning home. The villager who falsely accused her was struck by lightning as punishment from the Lord.

    Even after this ordeal, Gracia continued to serve people throughout her life. On her deathbed, she left this testament:

    “Should danger ever befall blessed Delcross, I will be reborn time and again to serve the Kingdom of the Lord.”

    Her noble will was recognized by later generations, and the Orthodox Church canonized her as a saint.

    Currently, one of the five orders of knights, inheriting her legacy and valuing [Sacrifice] as a virtue, conducts missionary work. This is none other than the Order of Saint Gracia.

    The trials she faced—of water, fire, and oil—became known as the “Trials of the Saintess.”

    “Since then, occasionally, some challenge these three trials to prove their faith and innocence,” Logan explained.

    Seongjin frowned upon hearing this.

    Not even a triathlon, and they choose to challenge this? That’s insane.

    “So, are these trials actually passable?”

    To Seongjin’s question, Logan shook his head.

    “Since her time, no one has successfully completed these trials. The very first trial is impossible to endure.”

    The trial of water requires one’s body not to float to the surface when submerged in a river. The logic is that those whose souls are pawned to the devil weigh less spiritually, and thus, cannot help but float.

    Well, one might think that with adept use of aura concealment or strong divine power, it could be possible, but the real challenge is the duration. A person is thrown into the water and must be submerged for two to three hours.

    “Even if someone is skilled in using aura or possesses strong divine power, no one can survive without breathing underwater for more than two hours.”

    Inevitably, they either come up for air or drown. Those who survive this face the trials of fire and oil, only to suffer terrible burns and death.

    So why do people still request these trials?

    The reason is clear. Rather than dying slowly under the prolonged torture of the heresy tribunal, they prefer a swift suicide.

    “The problem is that the will to undertake the Saintess’s Trials is still respected. Once a woman declares her intention to undergo the trials, she cannot be interrogated or tortured until the trials are over.”

    Seongjin looked up at Seo Yi-seo, who was walking ahead at a distance.

    Surrounded by the capital’s guards, she maintained a demure posture, her hands clasped over her chest, even while being escorted. For someone seeking suicide, she was remarkably composed.

    What could her true intentions be?

    “Seongjin, do you know this?”

    Logan, who had been gazing at him, suddenly asked.

    “The reason why Sisle was unanimously declared a saint by the Orthodox Church despite her young age?”

    “Huh? I heard it was because of her strong divine power. Is there another reason?”

    As Seongjin looked puzzled, Logan continued in a calm tone.

    “It probably happened when Sisle was around seven. One day, stigmata appeared on her body. These were the same marks said to have been acquired by Saintess Gracia during her trial by fire.”

    After Gracia’s death, there had been several instances where young women developed such stigmata.

    Since these women possessed immense divine power, the Orthodox Church believed it to be the realization of the saintess’s will to be reborn. Therefore, each of them was consecrated as a saintess and dedicated their lives to serving the faithful.

    Then one day, a clear divine symbol was engraved on the soles of the youngest princess, who had peacefully woken from her sleep. The Orthodox Church acknowledged Sisle as the reincarnation of Saintess Gracia.

    “If, by some rare chance, that woman actually passes all of the Saintess’s Trials…”

    Logan’s voice trailed off, worry evident on his face.

    I have a feeling I know what he’s worried about.

    “Needless to say, that woman will be regarded as the reincarnation of Gracia and become a saintess. And then…”

    “She might be required by the Orthodox Church to prove the same thing, right?”


    Logan nodded towards Seongjin, his eyes deepening with concern.

    “I just hope it’s an unfounded worry.”


    [Yi-seo’s POV]

    Hi? My name is Seo Yi-seo.

    I’m just a regular employee at a gaming company who loves romance fantasy novels!

    One day, I found myself inside the world of a novel.

    It’s a high-class romance action fantasy adventure, where the beautiful and strong protagonist, the reincarnation of the noble Saintess Gracia, teams up with charming male leads to save the world from menacing enemies!

    …Or so it was supposed to be.

    But this story isn’t complete yet and hasn’t been published.

    “Huh? But if it’s not published, isn’t it not a book yet? How can you call this a world inside a book?”

    “Hmm, since it’s destined to become a novel anyway, let’s not fuss over such trivial details.”

    The reason this story is unfinished is that the very foundation of this world is shaking.

    Sadly, due to the schemes of high-level demon lords targeting Delcross, this world in the novel faces an unprecedented crisis.

    The protagonist meant to be reincarnated as a saintess hasn’t been reborn, and the divine representative meant to protect this world has long been corrupted.

    And a false saintess, who has appeared in place of the protagonist, is causing chaos by ensnaring the male leads!

    She is about to turn into a key for summoning high-level demon lords into this world.

    That’s why the creator of this story came to me, asking me to complete the story and save the world in place of the protagonist.

    But what should I do?

    I’m just an ordinary girl without any divine powers or abilities.

    “Wait a minute. If you work at a gaming company, you’re already an adult, right? Why suddenly a girl? There’s no consistency!”

    “Doesn’t a girl sound more appealing? It’s cuter, no?”

    “…Are you a lolicon?”

    So, how should I navigate this unfavorable situation?

    Can an ordinary me successfully impersonate a false saint and defeat another false saint?

    Everyone, watch my journey to save the world! Teehee!

    “Teehee? Why is the writing style like this? Teehee?”

    “Huh? I thought it was trendy, but maybe I’m mistaken?”

    “No, it’s too frivolous! As a lover of romantic and poetic fantasy, I cannot forgive such poor writing!”

    “Let’s overlook that. To become a part of a grand narrative, it first needs to be read by many. But more importantly…”


    “Can’t you become a bit prettier? You are the female protagonist, after all.”

    “Argh! How much more customization do you expect me to undergo?”


    Seo Yi-seo. She is a human from the regular world.

    According to the demon king, she, like Madam Justine, emanates a vast order fundamentally different from this world.

    ‘…Hmm, maybe I should have tested her?’

    Seongjin was skeptical. Even after observing her closely, he hadn’t felt any particular sense of incongruity.

    [It’s not surprising you felt that way. Her body was intricately constituted. It might be slightly heavier, but her weight wouldn’t be much different from the humans of this world.]

    Compared to Seo Yi-seo, Madam Justine’s body was almost like an empty can.

    Indeed, unlike Madam with his almost non-existent aura activation, Seo Yi-seo had a level of aura activation similar to an average person.

    [If her soul hadn’t had the typical characteristics of a human from the regular world, I wouldn’t have noticed so quickly.]

    The demon king explained that the souls from the regular world don’t take on the complete human form like those from the world of appearances or the original world. They usually have the characteristics of a round sphere or a hard crystal.

    It’s somewhat reminiscent of the soul terminals that the Arenja creatures create, isn’t it?

    ‘Anyway, if it’s confirmed that she came from the regular world to here, it’s not strange for her to know about Dilelaria butterfly, which crosses dimensions.’

    She might even know how to open gates between dimensions. It’s worth investigating.

    The problem is, since she publicly declared her intention to undergo the Saintess’s Trials, the heresy tribunal, which oversees the trials, has swiftly taken her into custody.

    [If she’s gone there, isn’t she as good as dead?]

    ‘Well, the Saintess’s Trials are supposed to be public. She’ll be safe until then. Just get a cooperation document and barge into the heresy tribunal.’

    Seongjin thought so, but the information Dasha brought him that evening was unexpected.

    “Already in the torture chamber…?”

    Wait. Wasn’t it that nobody could touch her before she underwent the three trials?

    As Seongjin expressed his shock, Dasha shrugged her shoulders.

    “As you know, Your Highness, that place is a den of high-ranking clerics. Probably by the time she’s presented to the public, all her wounds will be meticulously healed.”


    Seongjin felt a chill run down his spine.

    The idea of a den full of clerics filled with divine power felt terrifying in a way he hadn’t expected. They torture, heal, and then torture again.

    It made sense now why those who underwent the heresy trials would go mad if they didn’t die.

    “So, there are rumors within the heresy tribunal itself that she might indeed be a saint.”

    According to the information brought by Dasha, Seo Yi-seo was enduring the torture remarkably well. Despite having her flesh cut and being branded with hot irons, she maintained her devout demeanor, continuously praying to the Lord.

    The inquisitors, notorious for their cruelty, were reportedly so moved by her devotion that they even joined in her prayers.

    ‘…Could she really be a saint? That can’t be, right?’

    Seongjin slightly furrowed his brows.

    A true saint should possess strong divine power. However, both the demon king and Logan had asserted they couldn’t sense any divine power from her.

    Furthermore, Logan had said this with apparent disgust:

    —Everything she says is a lie; it’s hard to know where to begin questioning. Her guidance from Saintess Gracia and her oath to the Lord, none of it is true!

    The unsettling feeling Seongjin had when Seo Yi-seo was first taken into custody still lingered.

    That strange, tingling sensation in his chest, as if being enchanted, and the odd reactions of the people around her, mesmerized by her face.

    Lost in thought, Seongjin eventually looked up.

    “…Has there been any word from my father?”

    Indeed, the emergence of a suspicious saint candidate who might threaten Sisle’s position was significant.

    What would His Majesty, the emperor, think of this situation?


    Dasha’s response to this question seemed a bit stiff.

    “It’s that… His Majesty didn’t say anything but just gave a slight smile.”


    “But… they said it was incredibly frightening.”


    Ah, I think I understand what that means.

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