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    This is the third last chapter for Vol.1. There’ll be 2 epilogues after this chapter, and we’re gonna start Vol.2 soon!

    Returning from the Spiritual PeakHollow labyrinth, we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild the next day.  

    Entering the Adventurer’s Guild, there were visibly fewer adventurers around since it was past noon.  

    Taking this opportunity, we approached the reception counter, where no one was yet in line.

    “Welcome, thank you for using the Midoria Adventurer’s Guild today. How may I assist you?”  

    “We’ve come to report the completion of a quest. It’s the quest for collecting Aspidochelon shells. Where should we submit the shells? We have 88 in total.”

    Upon hearing my words, the receptionist briefly displayed a look of astonishment.  

    However, realizing that she had momentarily forgotten her duties, she quickly composed herself and resumed her professional demeanor.

    “It was not a very popular quest, but thank you for collecting so many shells. I’m sure the quest giver will be thrilled. As for the materials, please deliver them to the buying station. You can go through the door on the far left. After receiving the material certificate there, please return to this counter.”

    I acknowledged the receptionist’s directions with “Understood,” and headed to the buying station.  

    There, a middle-aged man was present. Following his instructions, I started taking out the shells from my [Item Box] and began piling them up.  

    The middle-aged man’s expression gradually tightened, which was amusing to see.  

    While keeping that in sight, I carefully stacked all 88 shells without causing them to tumble.  

    With practiced ease and without changing his tense expression, the middle-aged man began the appraisal.  

    Twenty minutes later, the appraisal seemed to be completed.

    “All of these shells are fine,” he said, handing us the material certificate.  

    Taking it, I also took the opportunity to inquire about the shell of the Big Aspidochelon, the boss on the 40th floor.  

    To my surprise, I learned that a single Big Aspidochelon shell was worth fifty times that of a regular Aspidochelon shell.  

    Since I couldn’t think of a use for it right now, I decided to have it purchased.  

    The Big Aspidochelon shell fetched two platinum coins and five gold coins each.  

    Given its high value, there were parties targeting Big Aspidochelons exclusively.  

    However, it seemed that such parties were mainly C-rank adventurers, and also those who had just registered and were still low-ranking.

    Having obtained the material certificate, I returned to the reception counter.  

    The same counter was vacant, so I headed there and submitted the material certificate.

    “We have confirmed receipt of 88 shells. Please submit your guild cards for all members.”

    We handed over our guild cards and waited for the process to complete. It took about three minutes.

    “The completed request is for the collection of Aspidochelon shells, rank C. The reward for one completion is five silver coins. The total comes to 440 silver coins. To make it easier for the three of you to divide, we’ll change it to 43 gold coins and 10 silver coins. Please accept this.”

    I, as the representative, accepted the reward that was handed to us. We would divide it later.

    “Next, we’ll proceed to the addition of rank points. During this process, both Rui-sama and Eleanor-sama will become C rank, so the calculation will differ for Maria-sama. Therefore, I’ll explain to Rui-sama and Eleanor-sama first.”

    We had no objections, so we listened to the receptionist’s explanation.

    “Rui-sama and Eleanor-sama are currently D-rank, with 12 rank points. Since this request is a C-rank request, the remaining 68 points to reach C-rank are treated as 2 points according to the regulations. As a result, 34 of the 88 completions will count as 2 points, and the remaining will count as 54 points at C rank.”

    Hmm, the calculations match up, so there’s no problem.

    “With this, Rui-sama and Eleanor-sama are now C-rank with 54 rank points. The next rank, B-rank, requires an additional 46 points. Additionally, you will need to take an exam after accumulating enough points to reach B-rank.”

    B-rank exam, huh? It’s probably going to be easy. Well, can’t be too complacent though.

    “Maria-sama was G-rank and had no rank points, so all points are treated as 2 points, making her D-rank with 56 points. She needs 24 more points to reach C-rank. I will now return your guild cards.”

    Upon receiving them, Eleanor and I found our guild cards changed to the red color of C-rank. Maria’s was changed to the blue of D-rank. Maria kept thanking me multiple times for the dramatic increase in her rank.

    Indeed, Maria’s rank shot up dramatically. If only we had such luck in the town of Sumeria… Eleanor and I could’ve ranked up easily as well. But there’s no use in wishing for what we don’t have. Opportunities like this don’t come often.

    This time we camped out twice during our dungeon run. So, Eleanor and Maria still seem to be mentally fatigued. We did receive a decent reward… Maybe we should take a break from quests and go on a date, just the three of us.

    ◇ ◇ ◇

    As the three of us walked around the city, we took a look at various street stalls and clothing shops. 

    I was dragged around by the other two for quite a while at the clothing store, which left me feeling more tired than even after a dungeon crawl… 

    Along the way, we stumbled upon a high-end jewelry shop, so I decided to ask them what kind of designs they liked. 

    While listening to them, I committed the designs of the displayed jewelry to memory. 

    My plan was to learn from these designs and then create jewelry to give to them as gifts. 

    Before coming to this town, I had already ordered a sapphire for Eleanor through the “Interworld Goods Trade.” 

    Beastkin people always struck me as having open hearts, so I thought blue, represented by the sapphire, would suit them. 

    For Maria, who is from the forest-dwelling Elf race, I ordered an emerald that symbolizes the color green of the forest last night.

    When I told them about my plan to make jewelry as gifts, they got all excited about choosing designs, chattering away happily, saying things like, “This design is great!” and “Wouldn’t that one be better?”

    Once we decided on the designs to reference, they eagerly urged me, saying they couldn’t wait to see the finished products, so we agreed to head back to the inn before evening. 

    Upon arriving at the inn, I took out the materials and tools from my [Item Box] and set up a magical barrier to ensure safety. 

    These tools were made from Orichalcum that I acquired in the Labyrinth of Time’s Sigh. 

    Thanks to my [Craftmaster] skill, the crafting process went smoothly. 

    Eleanor and Maria watched intently as I worked. 

    After about an hour of work, I completed a sapphire necklace for Eleanor and an emerald ring for Maria. Both of them were very pleased with their gifts. 

    Maria, however, mistook the emerald ring for a wedding ring and dreamily slipped it onto the ring finger of her left hand, saying, “This is a wedding ring, right?”

    It seems that in this world too, wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger.

    After that, Maria went into an extremely clingy mode.

    Even without that, her beauty alone was captivating, but when she snuggles up saying “I like you, I like you,” it’s bound to stir the heart of any healthy man…

    However, now I have a lover named Eleanor.

    When I asked Eleanor what she thought of Maria’s advances, she said that in the Beastman tribe, it’s normal for a strong man to have multiple women.

    Next, I asked Maria, who now wants to be my lover or wife, what she thinks.

    It turns out that Maria, being royalty, has a similar mindset to Eleanor, possibly because her own father has two wives.

    On further inquiry, it seems that while monogamy is common among Earth’s general populace, polygamy is also frequent among those with considerable power or wealth.

    Furthermore, there aren’t many women in this world who hold power or wealth themselves. Therefore, although polyandry isn’t nonexistent, it’s rarely seen.

    In noble families, the headship is usually inherited by men, and even if their wives hold some power, the husband ultimately has the authority.

    As for high-ranking female adventurers, they rarely show interest in men who are weaker or lower-ranked than themselves.

    With that, I made up my mind.

    Having heard Maria’s line, “Would you like to mark me as yours?” I couldn’t possibly restrain myself…

    That night, Maria and I had a great time.

    However, Eleanor joined in halfway, so in the end, all three of us had a blast on the bed.

    Even though that happened, I don’t think I regret it… or so I believe.

    Rui’s picking up girls left and right ????

    Epilogues will be released next week. Thanks for reading~~

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