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    After leaving the inn, Eleanor and I easily found our way to the clothing store.

    Upon entering, I told Eleanor to buy around six sets of clothes and underwear.

    As I was selecting my own attire, a store clerk came over to make some recommendations…

    Feeling it would take too long, I brushed her off.

    Even in my previous life, I never liked being shadowed by store clerks while shopping. Dismissing those thoughts, I continued to browse through the clothing and underwear.

    I also decided to buy a scarf for Eleanor as a bonus.

    After paying the bill and placing our purchased items in the 【Item Box】, I checked on Eleanor.

    She was happily browsing through various clothes, still seeming a bit indecisive. Given her long period of enslavement and the lack of opportunities to pick clothes for herself, it was understandable.

    So, I decided to patiently wait until she’s done.

    After about thirty minutes, Eleanor came over, apologizing for making me wait. 

    I calculated the cost of the clothes she’d selected and handed the money over to the clerk.

    After settling the bill, Eleanor started putting her newly-bought clothes and underwear into the magic bag I gave her.

    However, I’ve realized we’ve spent quite a bit. The money I recovered from the thieves is dwindling…

    Should I sell the materials and magic stones I collected from hunting monsters in the dungeon? But I also need them for equipment and meals, so I can’t sell all of it.

    Magic stones are energy-infused stones obtained from defeated monsters and can be used in the crafting of weapons and magical devices.

    And so, stronger monsters possess magic stones that sell for a higher price. Well, thinking about all this can wait for later.  

    Shaking off my stray thoughts, I started walking outside with Eleanor.  

    After exiting the clothing store, I wrapped a scarf around her neck.  

    As I concealed her slave collar with it, Eleanor’s eyes moistened just a little, looking pleased.  

    Waiting for her tears to dry, we moved to the nearby Adventurer’s Guild.

    As I entered the Adventurer’s Guild, I could feel eyes on me from all around.  

    Looking around, there was a bar at the far end where people, who appeared to be adventurers, were drinking even in broad daylight.  

    To the left of that, several adventurers seemed to be engaged in discussion.  

    Shifting my gaze a bit to the right, I saw a board with requests posted on it. A few adventurers were scanning the papers, apparently searching for quests.  

    Even further to the left, there was a reception desk.  

    All five counters were occupied with adventurers forming lines.  

    I can’t tell if it’s just my imagination, but I feel like there are more glances from women directed at me, and from men at Eleanor.  

    I walked towards the counter with the shortest line, where the receptionists had all pretty faces.  

    But for some reason, Eleanor lightly pinched me, so I patted her head.  

    She responded with a lazy, ‘nihehe’ smile.  

    I couldn’t keep petting her forever, so I reluctantly stopped. Eleanor seemed a bit disappointed, but I proceeded to join the line.  

    After that, I quietly waited for my turn.  

    While waiting, I talked to Eleanor, and it turned out she’s unhappy because the prettiest receptionist was at the least crowded counter. To be honest, I don’t really get it.  

    About ten people later, it was finally my turn.

    “Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild, how may I assist you?”

    The receptionist greeted me with a beaming smile, causing me to be momentarily smitten.  

    However, I couldn’t afford to get pinched by Eleanor again, so I regained my composure and spoke to the receptionist.

    “I’d like to register as adventurers for both myself and this young lady here.”

    Hearing my words, the receptionist answered back with another bright smile.

    “Understood. I will now explain the rules and such to our new adventurers. It will be a bit long, so please listen carefully.”

    I nodded, waiting for her to continue.

    “In our guild, we issue guild cards to registered adventurers. There are nine ranks for adventurers: EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, with EX being the highest and G the lowest. New adventurers start at G-rank.”

    Well, it’s obvious that we’d start at the bottom. I already knew this when I was five.

    “The color of the guild card varies by rank: EX is black, S is platinum, A is gold, B is silver, C is red, D is blue, E is yellow, F is brown, and G is white. This allows for immediate rank identification. Also, EX and S ranks have significant influence due to their capabilities.”

    Influence, huh? I guess they have sway with the nobility as well.

    “There are several types of requests: urgent, nominated, escort, normal, and constant. Each request has a designated rank, and you can take requests up to one rank above your own. After completing a request, please report back to the guild counter. We will check your guild card and determine if you have successfully completed the task. Some requests require the client’s signature on the request form, so please be aware. Additionally, if you fail a request, you’ll have to pay a fine of 30% of the completion fee to the guild.”

    So, I need to take on quests that I’m unlikely to fail. Well, I don’t think I’ll fail unless something really unexpected happens.

    “Emergency requests are essentially obligatory for adventurers of rank C and above. Should you unavoidably decline, you will be required to pay a fine of ten platinum coins to the guild. Although not recommended, adventurers of rank D and below may also participate at their own risk. The monsters you defeat during these emergency requests will be registered on your guild card, so there are no disputes regarding rewards.”

    Upon hearing ’emergency request,’ I couldn’t help but remember Dallas. The deafening noise, the wild terrain… and Dan, Sara, and Garwin who are no longer with me.

    “Named requests primarily target adventurers of rank B and above, and are requested by the client specifically by name. The guild will inform the nominated adventurers. If the adventurer cannot be contacted within two weeks after accepting the named request, it will be considered abandoned and the request will be canceled. As a nomination fee is included in the reward, the payment is often higher than other requests. You can decline, but doing so too often may result in fewer named requests.”

    Hmm, named requests usually make me think of nobles or wealthy people as clients. And speaking of nobles, it reminds me of Alfred. Not all nobles are like him, but for now, I’d rather not take those jobs.

    “Escort requests vary in difficulty depending on the specifics but are generally available to adventurers of at least rank B. There are also requests looking for A or S rank adventurers, so please thoroughly review the request forms.”

    Escort missions aren’t really my thing. It’s more like I don’t like being tied down for extended periods.

    “Regular requests can be found on the request board over there. Anyone can accept requests that match their own rank. Continuous requests are also posted on the same board. These can be identified by the word ‘Continuous’ written on the request form. Do you have any questions so far?”

    “None, please continue.”

    “Very well. To raise your rank, you need to complete requests. Completing a request of the same rank earns you one rank point, while a higher-rank request earns double points. Failing a request results in a penalty of minus ten points. If your cumulative points fall below zero, you’ll be demoted. For G rank, five failures lead to expulsion.”

    I don’t know what G-rank requests involve, but it seems like anyone who fails that many isn’t wanted.

    “Your points are reset to zero every time you rank up. This means you start from zero, but any excess points are carried over. Completing lower-rank requests won’t earn you any points.”

    So, if you have leftover points after ranking up, they carry over.

    “From B rank onwards, there is an exam for ranking up. This is to prevent unskilled individuals from teaming up with higher-ranked parties to accumulate points.”

    So they weed out adventurers who lack true ability.

    “To go from G to F, you need 20 points; F to E requires 40 points; E to D needs 60 points; D to C requires 80 points; C to B needs 100 points; B to A needs 150 points. To go from A to S, you need 200 points or to achieve some great feat. From S to EX, promotion is decided by a council meeting upon achieving a great feat.”

    Great feats, huh? I want to live freely, so that’s not for me.

    “Requests from B rank onwards vary in difficulty and consequently in rank points awarded. There are even requests that offer 5 or 10 points. Please note that the number of participants allowed varies by request, which is stated on the request form.”

    So, if I can get to C rank, I can start taking B rank requests. From there, advancing should be quicker, assuming I have the skills for it.

    “Rank points earned from completing quests are not divided among party members. That’s why many adventurers prefer to form parties and work together. Apart from that, there are also larger organizations known as clans. While reporting the establishment of a party to the Guild is merely recommended, notifying the Guild is mandatory when establishing a clan. The advantages of being in a clan include easy access to information, better cooperation among adventurers, and easier access to help in times of trouble.”

    Clans, huh? Right now, we’re just a two-person party, and it’s uncertain whether we’ll expand. We do have Lisa and Airi in mind, but we can’t say anything until we actually meet them. They said they’d wait, but who knows what will happen.

    “The Guild is an independent organization separate from any nation, and thus it is not subject to any national authority. However, if you willingly get into trouble with a noble, the Guild will not act as your protector. You will have to deal with it yourself. The Guild also has some deterrence; for instance, it may refuse requests from particularly troublesome nobles, or many adventurers may decide to leave the city.”

    Hearing this, I thought again of Alfred. Even if the national authority doesn’t reach the Guild, the situation must differ in each territory. Dan didn’t seem like he was consulting the Guild in Dallas. Dan is not stupid; surely he thought about relying on the Guild. The fact that he didn’t likely means that the local lord and the Guild’s top officials are colluding or something like that.

    “Adventurers are responsible for settling their own disputes. The Guild will not mediate. The Guild’s only involvement is providing an arena free of charge for duels between adventurers. Both parties must consent and agree upon the stakes. Neither the Guild nor the law will intervene in injuries or deaths resulting from these duels. The Guild can assist in collection of bets and miscellaneous tasks.”

    Duels, huh? Well, since both parties have to consent, nobody is forced. But adventurers tend to be hot-blooded, so who knows?

    “Monster materials can be converted to money at the Guild counter. If you have a small amount, you can process it directly at the counter. For larger amounts, please go to the disassembly area through that door over there. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

    “None in particular, thank you.”

    “Then let’s proceed with creating your Guild cards. Please place your palm on this magic tool. It will only read your name, race, and age, so don’t worry.”

    As instructed by the receptionist, I place my palm on the square magic tool. A “vroom” sound is made, and a card comes out from the back. The receptionist picks it up and checks it. Eleanor also places her palm, and another card comes out. The receptionist checks the second card as well.

    “Both cards are accurate and successfully registered. Please take them. From today, you and Eleanor are adventurers.”

    Receiving the white Guild cards for both of us, I stepped away from the counter. And so, a new chapter in Eleanor’s and my life as adventurers began.

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