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    Airi seemed genuinely happy to be with me, and from my perspective, her mood appeared to be more elevated than usual.  

    The journey to the library was uneventful.  

    At the library’s front desk is an elderly man. Airi went to get herself registered with him.  

    Meanwhile, feeling a bit idle, I took this opportunity to scout for books I’d like to read.  

    I quickly spotted a directory that could tell me where everything is, so I started memorizing the locations of the books that interest me.  

    Right then, it looked like Airi had finished the registration, as she came running toward me.  

    I said to her, “Should we go there?” and we move together.

    Upon reaching our targeted section, we started picking out books from the shelves.  

    However, given that I’m still just three years old, I can’t reach the books on the higher shelves myself. In such cases, I ask Airi for help. Although it makes me feel a bit pathetic, I remind myself that growth is yet to come!  

    After reading several books and gaining some knowledge, I first learned that this world is called “Earth.”  

    Hmm, isn’t Earth also another name for our planet? Maybe there’s some connection between the two Earths, and that’s why I was reincarnated here. There are no books about Earth, so it’s just a hypothesis for now. It might be worth looking into if there are any other places where valuable books are stored.  

    But would I even get the chance to go into such places? Who knows. That’s something to think about when the opportunity arises.

    I then learned about the currency. The hierarchy goes like this: copper coins, silver coins, gold coins, platinum coins, and mithril platinum coins. Each of them has a value equivalent to ten of the previous tier’s coins.  

    An average inn charges five copper coins for a single room for one night and two days. A typical family of four would need about twenty gold coins to live for a year.  

    I can’t really visualize it yet, but I’ll understand once I start earning my own money.

    Next is about races and nations.  

    The main races in this world include Humans, Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves, Demons, and Spirits.  

    The term ‘Demi-humans’ is used to collectively describe Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves, and Demons. However, this term is derogatory when used by Humans, so caution is advised.  

    Spirits are rare, evolved beings, usually invisible to the eye, who have moved into the spirit realm. They are ruled by the Spirit King.  

    These Spirits can form contracts, known as Spirit Contracts, which give benefits like increased magic power and reduced MP consumption.  

    The details are not fully covered, but it seems that forming a Spirit Contract is quite rare.


    As for the characteristics of each race:


    – Most populous and have the most territories.  

    – Some nations despise demi-humans.  

    – Statistically average in all ability scores.



    – Includes subcategories like Wolfkin, Dogfolk, and Catfolk.  

    – Strong sense of community.  

    – High physical abilities but cannot use magic other than physical enhancement.  

    – This is due to the underdevelopment of organs that release magic.



    – Highest average magical aptitude.  

    – Love forests and are generally skilled in archery.  

    – Many are visually attractive.



    – Skilled craftsmen, fond of blacksmithing and making magical tools. Also, they love alcohol.  

    – Males are usually bearded and hairy, while females are the opposite.



    – Includes Succubi, Oni, and Vampires.  

    – High physical and magical aptitude; highest overall average abilities among all races.



    – Evolved from lesser spirits.  

    – Primarily reside in the spirit realm and occasionally form contracts with individuals they like.  

    – Sightings are extremely rare.


    There’s only one large continent in Earth, and it contains eight countries.


    Ustenia Kingdom

    – Ruled by a Human king.  

    – Mostly populated by Humans, with a minority of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarves.


    Midogal Kingdom

    – Also ruled by a Human king.  

    – Similarly populated mostly by Humans, along with some Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarves.


    Steania Empire

    – Governed by the Human Emperor.

    – The majority of the population is human, but there are also other races who live as slaves.


    Erengard Holy Theocracy

    – Governed by the Human Pope.

    – Due to the exclusionary nature of Erengard’s religion towards non-humans, no other races are visibly residing here.


    Fermilan Kingdom

    – Ruled by the Beastman King.

    – Beastmen are the majority, but small numbers of humans, elves, and dwarves also reside.


    Foal Kingdom

    – Governed by the Elven King.

    – Elves tend to be exclusionary, so very few other races are visibly residing here.


    Getomiya Kingdom

    – Ruled by the Dwarf King.

    – Dwarves make up the majority, followed by humans. A very small number of elves and demons also reside.


    Iblis Kingdom

    – Governed by the Demon King.

    – Demons are the majority, and a small number of beastmen, elves, and dwarves also reside. Humans are not visibly residing here.


    I wonder what kind of magic book I should read next.

    Magic has nine attributes: <Light Magic>, <Dark Magic>, <Fire Magic>, <Water Magic>, <Wind Magic>, <Earth Magic>, <Thunder Magic>, <Gravity Magic>, and <Space-Time Magic>.

    There’s also a special kind of magic known colloquially as ‘Composite Magic,’ which combines these nine types to increase effectiveness.


    **Light Magic**

    – A magic that heals HP and various status ailments, as well as creates barriers to defend against attacks.

    – At a high level, even lost limbs can be restored. However, resurrection is not possible.

    – Known for its unparalleled strength against the undead and has a few offensive spells as well.


    **Dark Magic**

    – A magic that manipulates shadows and interferes with the mind.

    – The spell to apply the slave mark, known as “Slavea,” is also a form of Dark Magic.

    – The methods to create collars of enslavement are closely guarded secrets by slave traders.

    – Dark Magic users are often shunned due to these characteristics.


    **Fire Magic**

    A magic that manipulates flames.

    It possesses extremely high offensive power.


    **Water Magic**

    A magic that manipulates water and ice.

    Though it has high offensive power, the water produced can also be used for drinking, and the ice can cool various things, making it highly useful in daily life and during travels.


    **Wind Magic**

    A magic that manipulates wind.

    The wind can cut through various things and can also form barriers, making it excellent in both offense and defense. Many of its spells are hard to dodge due to low visibility.


    **Earth Magic**

    A magic that manipulates soil and rocks.

    It excels in both offense and defense.

    Additionally, it’s very useful in agricultural work and construction sites.


    **Lightning Magic**

    A magic that manipulates lightning and electric shocks.

    Due to its ultra-fast speed, it’s difficult to defend against. Weaker “Lightning Magic” spells may also have a paralyzing effect. Currently, there are few practitioners, making it a rare form of magic.


    **Gravity Magic**

    A magic that manipulates gravity.

    It can increase or decrease the weight of various objects and people. Like Wind Magic, it is hard to dodge due to low visibility. Currently, there are few practitioners, making it a rare form of magic.


    **Space-Time Magic**

    A magic that manipulates time and space.

    Famous spells include “Item Box,” which creates a space where time is stopped for the caster, and enchanted items like Magic Pouches and Magic Bags, which have larger capacities. Advanced “Space-Time Magic” allows one to teleport to a previously visited location. While teleportation circles with this effect are also well-known, they are rare and seldom seen. Currently, no one who can create such circles appears in public. It’s believed this is because Space-Time practitioners do not openly advertise their abilities.

    “Item Boxes” and Magic Pouches can stop time in a special space, but it’s impossible to stop time across the entire world or to reverse the flow of time.

    I’ve quite a variety of magic to learn. When I have some free time, I’ll try to “create” some magic skills. I’m definitely tired today… I think I’ve gained basic knowledge, so I’ll collect more information gradually.

    I then called for Airi to help me tidy up the books before heading home.

    On the way back, while talking to her, she continually marveled, saying, “Rui-sama, it’s amazing how you can read various books at just three years old.”

    I thought to myself that I’m not actually three years old inside, but I couldn’t say that, so I laughed it off.

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